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12/11/2010 - 2:33am Give him a chance..

Hi Folks!  I'm a huge Michigan fan, the Fab 5 etc.. In fact, my brother-in-law also graduated from Michigan University from its prestigious MBA program, which from my understanding, was ranked the number #1 business school in America over Harvard by the Wall Street Journal not too long ago! 

Truth is, I worked with Hunter, and in all my professional years, I have never met a more upstanding, caring, and intelligent person.  The announcement of his departure was devasting news and echoed through many corners of our company.  His passion and relentless commitment towards excellence and tradition will be surely missed.

I ask, give him a chance and get to know him, and in time, I am certain you will embrace him as a brother as we did.  He bled orange and blue for years, and I'm sure he'll bleed Michigan's colors real soon.