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10/03/2013 - 4:48pm it's the old AD

The old athletic director/president didn't like to focus on revenue sports, he was pretty oposed to opening up the wallet.  the new president and new AD have both vocally supported the big 3 sports as revenue oportunities and seem to want to emphasize them more.  So hopefully good things are coming.

10/03/2013 - 12:40pm being minnesota sports fans,

being minnesota sports fans, most of us are just happy that he seems like a nice guy.  His contract goes through 2018 (I believe) so hopefully by then Minnesota is in a much better position and can be consistently relevent with the right hire.

10/03/2013 - 12:08pm I think the praise is more

I think the praise is more based on him begininng the tournaround in culture more than on the field results.  Kill doesn't call plays on offense or defense, the terrible gameday coaching is more a result of his terrible coordinators.

As bad as the Gophers are now, immediately prior to Kill they were a dumpster fire in every sense of the word.  Fan support completely evaporated, discipline problems were constant and we saw an awful on the field product.  Kill solved the discipline issues immediately and fan support is returning fairly fast, now he just needs to field a team with a little talent.

Programs like Minnesota's that have been awful for a long time (barring a short period under Mason) don't just go from bad to good immediately.  i think most of the fans really like Kill personally and view him as a great way to right the ship before pursuing coaches that look to bring more success.  Plus, nobody really wanted to coach in Minneapolis for whatever reason as evidenced by both the search post-brewster and the basketball search post-Tubby Smith.  If the administration gets tired of Don Lucia's annual playoff flops and the Gophers fire a coach who won back to back national championships Minnesota might never be able to find an established coach again.


Disclaimer: Minnesota native and Alum, grad student at UM. Might have some bias.