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06/06/2018 - 11:57am Same boat, I would help if I…

Same boat, I would help if I could.

06/01/2018 - 12:31pm Here we go:

QB - Tom Brady
FB - Khalid Hill 
RB -Tom Biakabutuka, Mike Hart
WR - Desmond Howard, Mario Manningham
OL - Jake Long, David Molk
TE - Aaron Shea, Jake Butt
DL - Brandon Graham, Mike Martin, Mo Hurst, Alan Branch, Rashan Gary on his way
LB - Jarrett Irons, Sam Sword, Devin Bush is getting there
CB - Charles Woodsen
S - Jordan Kovacs
ST - Steve Breaton
K - Hayden Epstein - guy was around for what seemed like 10 years
P - Zoltan Mesko
Athlete - Jabrill Peppers

This team also needs a coach - There is only one option - Bo

03/18/2018 - 9:25am Great!!

How can anyone downvote this?

01/10/2018 - 9:52am Why not both?


08/11/2017 - 8:52am Successful Login

I just successfully logged into the Scout site with my 247 credentials - have never had a Scout account.

08/01/2017 - 9:55pm Clinton, ON

Nothing yet. Starting holidays on Thursday and was hoping to have it for that.

03/15/2017 - 12:52pm My Greatest Moment at the Joe

I was there on March 26, 1997. I was attending the University of Windsor in my second year. By the time March came around I could barely scrub two nickels together. My buddy and I decided that we were going to head over the river to the Joe and try and find tickets. I gathered up all of the money I could and said if that wasn't enough it wasnt meant to be. We were able to find a couple of tickets that were what we considered a reasonable price - close to $200 each. To this day my girlfriend, who is now my wife has no idea what I spent for that ticket.

We made our way into the arena and found a place to stand as our tickets were not together. I have no problem in saying that was the night that the Wings won the cup, it just wasn't given to them until June. During the brawl the place was going absolutely crazy, and when McCarty gave Lemieux a knee to the head while he was turtling the Joe almost exploded. The best part was when McCarty circled around the Colorada net and put the puck past Roy. To make it even sweeter was that McCarty probably should have been kicked out of the game for his part during the brawl.

Great to read the story as told through Draper's eyes. I will remember every detail of that night for as long as I live.

02/24/2017 - 12:47pm Cheques

Now Brian, you know that there are never cheques that are given to the SEC & ACC recruits by the bagmen. Always CA$H

01/07/2016 - 9:57pm Acedemic Support Program

Wasn't Baxter the one responsible for the acedemic support program we heard so much about when this staff came on board a year ago. I might be wrong on that but if I am right that may be as big of a blow to Michigan football as losing him as our STC.

12/31/2015 - 11:47pm Not a captain

Remember how great of a leader Cook is that he didn't get selected as a team captain while a senior QB on his team. Says a lot. To me about the kind of teammate he is.

12/11/2015 - 12:18pm Home Whites

Actually back when that show was on the air the home jerseys were white and red was worn on the road.

12/29/2014 - 9:13am Scholarship QBs are pretty limited

While it is possible Bellomy decide to move on I don't think that he would not be given a 5th year. The depth at the QB position is less than desirable

12/10/2014 - 12:42pm Maybe

But if I recall correctly they were also the first to report Nussmeier to UM as the replacement for Borges.

10/31/2014 - 1:00pm Quick

Someone get on the phone with Harbaugh while we have all of this power.

10/31/2014 - 11:15am Get your wallets out

It looks like we might all need to be buying our favourite bartender a beer! At least if all of the tweets coming out are what we think they are.

10/31/2014 - 11:14am Get ready Moe

It looks like we might all need to be buying our favourite bartender a beer!

02/10/2014 - 2:20pm Explains M now Fourth

This to me is the most logical reason that M has dropped to fourth on the parents list. They think that he will be able to hang around with basically the same group whether at UM or MSU. The other options remove him from the proximity of that group.

02/06/2014 - 12:31pm Or...

Is it the RR coaching tree.


Sorry, I just had to.

01/07/2014 - 6:24am In Canada we say


11/17/2013 - 9:34pm Why?

Honestly, do you really want to watch that mess again? Just find the highlight of the last 0:18 of regulation and then the overtime. That is easy to find You will feel much better.

05/14/2013 - 8:16pm To HELL with Notre Dame

To HELL with Notre Dame

04/08/2013 - 5:58pm I am in

Let me know the date.

12/02/2012 - 9:26am Tide

To hell with Notre Dame!

08/30/2012 - 12:57pm Team may have paid already

Who says the team has not been punished?  When I played in high school we had a player skip classes one afternoon and have a few drinks.  He then decided to show up to practice after school.  Across the street from our fields was a set of hills.  We always ran those hills before practice but on that particular night the whole team ran those hills about 3 times as much as normal.  It did not take a genius to figure out why we were doing the extra running.  When the real practice started I think that everytime that player got hit there was a little extra effort put into it.  I am sure that the player didn't miss any game time that week.  I am also positive that nobody else showed up to practice after drinking again.  The coaches were quite effective in gettign their message across.  The player that showed up half drunk paid a little more then everybody else did because most of the team got to take their frustrations out on him at some point.  (The coaches did not put a target on him at all, he did it himself.)  The team did not suffer during the game by having one of the starters on the bench.  In fact, in the long term the extra running probably helped us some. 

I think that Hoke knows what he is doing and I also think that the whole team will likely be aware of what might happen if they step out of line.

08/22/2012 - 6:06pm Maybe not fact

It might not be a fact that RichRod got a raw deal but your arrogant comment about how many people felt he was not the right guy for the job right from the start does support that argument some. If he had been given a chance by those that didn't think he was the right guy then things might have been different.

For the record, I wanted him to, and thought that he would succeed. I also agree that it was time for him to go.

04/16/2012 - 12:36pm Shaw Direct

I have Shaw Direct satelite and they carry the BTN in both SD & HD.  For that reason alone I would reccomend that you switch.

03/04/2012 - 12:25pm I am sure they are...


11/25/2011 - 10:32am No way

We have had to listen to people calling for Gardner to replace Denard at QB. Just imagine having to listen to people calling for Hagerup running our offense from the super shotgun formation. I can see the meltdown now.

11/23/2011 - 4:29pm Beautiful forecast

If the current forecast holds true then it will be a great day to be in short sleeves. These reporters are just trying to make up a story instead of reporting on what is there.

11/08/2011 - 9:13am Reaction

I think that kicking 30 players off of the team actually gives support to the argument that they are a clean program. Looking down at OSU we see the exact opposite reaction and we argued all summer long that made them dirtier. Therefore 1951 Army kicking players off the team makes the program look cleaner.

11/08/2011 - 6:58am Hayden Epstein

Seemed like he was kicking for us the entire time I was in high school and college.

09/29/2011 - 12:33pm I Second That

I was going to ask for something like this as well.  I think it would look a little weird after we lose a game if there is no way to quickly distinguish between a win and a loss. 

With that being said, maybe Heiko does not have a plan to distinguish because he expects we will be undefeated. Maybe???

09/21/2011 - 11:47am Kalis

Aren't there some posters over at Bucknuts that think Kalis is going to come back into the fold for them?  Just sayin'...

09/19/2011 - 2:40pm Awesome Work

Please let us know when each piece is out there to see.

09/15/2011 - 6:21pm My Illusions Have Been Shattered

And her I though T everyone that read and commented on this board was intelligent. Thanks for ruining that for me OP.

09/11/2011 - 3:38pm No Way That Score Changes

With the new rule that they brought in this year I am pretty sure that if they did rule it a TD that we would have been flagged for excessive celebration and the points would have come off the board.  Still get our dramatic 35-31 score.

08/31/2011 - 5:28pm posted from iPhone
08/26/2011 - 8:32am Periods

They can be your friend

06/10/2011 - 9:32am Fair Market Value

"Experience, training, professional development" are what I would call an education.  By your description the only thing more than an education they are receiving is free medical coverage.  To me that is a small price to pay, beyond their education, to have these kids represent the universities and pu their bodies in physical danger.

06/09/2011 - 11:22pm Pandora's Box

I think that if TP sues the NCAA and he goes witht the arguement that the NCAA and the member institutions are making millions upon millions of dollars off of his(and others) talent then it could have a huge impact on the future of college sports.  The OP used teh word slavery when talking about suing the NCAA.  A sympathetic judge may see an arguement here and the end result may turn things upside down.  If a lawsuit comes to be may take us places that we never thought possible. 

BTW - I am of the opinion that, as a general rule, the student athletes across the country are compensated nicely withn education.  That is what 99% of the student athletes in the NCAA are after.  With that being said, I think that there might be some merit to some of the "opay for play" talk that we have heard coming out of the B1G offices lately.  To me, the problems in Columbus, SEC country, USC, etc stem more from the fact that these schools have been breaking the rules instead of campaigning to have the rules changed. 

05/02/2011 - 8:54am It runs daily

If I remember correctly he said that the script would now run daily. For some reason it had not run in quite some time. I think he meant that there would not be another massive purge of points in the future.

04/28/2011 - 2:21pm posted from iPhone

The Internet is a wonderful thing. You can find all sorts of info if you look hard enough.

04/28/2011 - 8:24am Yes.

For the most part anyway.

04/20/2011 - 2:52pm Have you got a link available?

Have you got a link available?

04/06/2011 - 3:22pm $5.09

Actually, if I walked into my local bank right now and gave them a $5CAD bill they would give me a $5USD bill as well as a nice shiny Canadian dime to go with it. This is a really big part of the reason that the company I was working for a couple of years ago closed up shop and moved to PA.

04/02/2011 - 10:02pm posted from iPhone
03/21/2011 - 3:23pm Solution

Just go and download the torrent. Works every time.

03/10/2011 - 12:12pm MSU AD

Not to defend Izzo or anything but it was the MSU AD who sent out that tweet.  I guess that just makes the whole administration at MSU asshas.

02/24/2011 - 9:33am Michigan Man

I think Chris Whitten qualifies as a true Michigan Man.

02/13/2011 - 10:56pm More then Blue

There was an article in the Freep this past week about a signing event that was held for all players from the DPS league.  In the article it talked about 10 Cass Tech players heading off to college on scholarships. 

Here is the link to the article:

For those that don't want to click the link they have players going to Michigan, Illinois, Western Michigan, Toledo, Wayne State and Saginaw Valley State.  While it looks like the cream at Cass Tech ends up at Michigan I think that the coaches there are willing to send their kids into a situation that best suits them.  As a parent I would want my son to have  a coach in high school that does this.