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12/02/2018 - 3:15pm FUCK THAT


11/21/2018 - 10:39am hey, same. my former high…

hey, same. my former high school is playing in the D7 state final (go hornets!). it's at 10 am so getting out of Ford Field without missing too much of the game will be tough, but it's a good situation to be in

10/31/2018 - 1:35pm boxer briefs

boxer briefs

10/11/2018 - 12:21am are you going to gameday? If…

are you going to gameday? If not, I may have to use this one!

10/10/2018 - 1:19pm the dorms most certainly do…

the dorms most certainly do not close this weekend

source: am an RA in stockwell

08/20/2018 - 11:49am also here

also here

07/16/2018 - 5:02pm They sure do. I worked at…

They sure do. I worked at Markley for the past two years and chicken broccoli bake goes just about as fast as we can put it out. It’s easy to serve though

07/16/2018 - 10:23am Four years ago, I became a…

Four years ago, I became a soccer fan thanks to the World Cup. I used to think that soccer needed more scoring, too. But there’s something magical about scoring in soccer that other sports can’t replicate. There’s something exhilarating about last-ditch defending or a diving save. There’s a sense of anticipation when you watch a team build through the midfield as they search for an equalizer. You can never know when the next goal will come. I agree that some games can be boring, but that can be said about any sport.

I also disagree that soccer plays “sixth fiddle” in the US. Yes, its TV viewership has a ways to go to match football, basketball, etc. but attendance and youth participation are way up. For example, Atlanta United drew 72,000+ to their game yesterday. 

06/20/2018 - 4:35pm maybe if we wanted to win…

maybe if we wanted to win the ohio state game instead of just play it, we would consider a night game to create a better atmosphere. just a thought.

04/17/2018 - 5:33pm i agree. it seems like

i agree. it seems like everyone has just accepted flopping ("simulation" as FIFA calls it). as far as I know, players can be fined in the NBA for flopping, and that flop might be worth two points in a game where scores in the triple digits are common. soccer referees are supposed to penalize for diving but rarely do, and that's a sport where the final margin might be decided by a flop in the box.

which brings me to the penalty in soccer. they're too damn easy for professionals to score. the penalty box is huge because in the early days of soccer, the game was more territorial and having possession that deep in the opponent's territory meant you were likely to score. not true anymore.

lastly, and I know this will never happen: get rid of extended baseball playoffs. banish divisions. american league and national league, like it used to be. baseball is a random-ass sport in which luck has a major role, so if you want to find and reward the true champion, you need to limit the number of single-elimination games and short playoff series. have the american league and natl league champs play a best of 15.

02/07/2018 - 11:21am I don't know what you're

I don't know what you're smoking, but Ross is not 11th. We are consistently top five for undergrad in the US. usnews dot com has us 3rd for business programs, based on "peer review"—all of the top business schools' deans rank each other.

Not trying to say NPF should have come to Michigan, to be clear.

02/05/2018 - 12:53am Brady did not and has never

Brady did not and has never had control over how his defense plays. Talking about a player's legacy in terms of how others perform their jobs is one of team sports' most celebrated fallacies. Conversations about rings and titles are meaningless. Who wins is ultimately decided by a dizzying number of variables and a considerable amount of luck. Use individual statistics over team stats like title wins.

01/09/2018 - 9:06am Double post

For double the emphasis, amirite?

01/09/2018 - 9:04am It seems to me that Harbaugh

It seems to me that Harbaugh would rather win a certain way than just have the best possible chance of winning. As another poster pointed out, you don't win titles with TEs and FBs. Or, at the very least, it's much harder, and it hasn't been done for years. Even Alabama this year relied on some clutch QB runs and big WR catches. Look at the best collegiate offenses year after year. None of them play smash mouth football.

Also, I think the team could be top five by advanced metrics next year and go 9-3 anyway, simply due to the schedule. Putting ND back on the schedule instead of keeping a rebuilding Arkansas looks like a dumber decision every day.

01/09/2018 - 7:47am Probably because fighting in

Probably because fighting in other sports will get you ejected instead of put in a box for five minutes

12/23/2017 - 10:38am Oops. 2018 class.

Oops. 2018 class.

12/23/2017 - 10:22am Tired of the idea that a

Tired of the idea that a poster is automatically a "troll" if they post any discontent about our 2017 class. Maybe stargazers are annoying, but do people realize how many blue chips it takes to win a national title? Oklahoma has probably the lowest number of these players, but they're the exception with a Heisman winner at QB.

Then, when you mention Mayfield, people say "Well he was a walk-on at Texas Tech." Okay then! Instead of trying to bring in high ceiling QB recruits, we should take under-the-radar kids with no offers. When we take a low three star, someone goes and lists all of the recent 3 stars who became great players. What about all the ones who didn't work out?

We can pull hard for every kid who decides to come here while still be disappointed in the class.

12/20/2017 - 7:38pm I received my acceptance

I received my acceptance emails for general admission into LSA and pre-admittance to Ross at the same time, a few days before Christmas. I didn't really realize how prestigious Ross was at the time so it was sort of anticlimactic, especially when compared to my other acceptance email. This was only two years ago, FWIW. Good luck!

12/19/2017 - 11:54pm According to Barton Simmons

According to Barton Simmons (from June), he's "freakishly athletic":

Also he can do backflips on skis. And if he commits and it works out, I'll be thrilled. But I can't say I'm excited about yet another project-type. Disclaimer, etc., Harbaugh's still the man for the job, etc.


12/14/2017 - 12:09am Maybe Beilein just really

Maybe Beilein just really likes playing tomato cans. Good for testing new lineups and building chemistry with very little chance of a loss? Idk, all I got

12/06/2017 - 11:35am A lot of people don't like

A lot of people don't like statistics and some say that "statistics lie," but in actuality it's that people just misinterpret them.

12/04/2017 - 9:21pm Thank you for your words of

Thank you for your words of encouragement. The long term outlook is much better than our current string of...whatever this has been.

12/04/2017 - 8:52pm That's my thing too. I'm a

That's my thing too. I'm a sophomore here at Michigan so I live our athletics every day. It's hard to escape even if I wanted to. I'm just so fucking tired of losing. I wish I didn't care as much as I do because it's not healthy. The losses suck more than the wins are great. Fucking sick of it. And no, I'm not going to walk away from our teams. I wish I could, though.

12/02/2017 - 8:54pm Seeing Urban frustrated makes

Seeing Urban frustrated makes my heart happy

11/21/2017 - 9:47pm Great stuff, LSA. I remember

Great stuff, LSA. I remember a few years ago when the quality of writing tailed off a bit on another Michigan blog (cough, MaizeNBrew, cough) and I just kinda wandered online for a while. Probably read a bunch of MLive or something. Then I found MGoBlog. Even though I don't post much, I'm thankful for all of my MGoBrethren with whom I can be disappointed with after losses and with whom I can be jubilant after wins. What makes me the proudest, though, is when we can all bond after a loss that's bigger than sports. If someone's having trouble in real life, this community will support you. It's a special place.

Oh, and beat Ohio State.

11/14/2017 - 3:17pm Ball control

I did a little research, and it appears that field hockey sticks are (seemingly) awkwardly short to provide more control over the ball. A shorter stick allows players to perform flicks, drags, and complete quicker passes than a long stick.

Decades ago, sticks were longer; however, they have gotten shorter over the years. The only benefit a long stick has over a short stick is better ball speed on passes/shots, which has gotten less important in top field hockey as players have become more skillful.

Finally, it looks like there's sizing charts and the like to ensure you don't play with a stick that's so short that it forces bad posture.

10/20/2017 - 6:31pm You think Michigan is going

You think Michigan is going to score 33 points? I think we're more likely to score -33 points

10/17/2017 - 10:36pm Damn it Toboggan

Trying not to get my hopes up for this Saturday night so that I might be able to study the next day, in the event of a Michigan loss…this combined with your comment in one of the earlier threads on the importance of the run game has me excited. Thanks for digging the numbers up.

10/06/2017 - 9:13pm What a fantastic, resounding

What a fantastic, resounding win!

10/01/2017 - 1:01pm Read what I wrote. I was

Read what I wrote. I was talking about Saturday's slate. Washington State played on Friday.

10/01/2017 - 1:28am Overall, a pretty terrible

Overall, a pretty terrible day of football. PSU and MSU both shrug off challengers (PSU emphatically) and no top 25 underdogs won that I'm aware of. Rutger doesn't count as a challenger. The only awesome game was Wazzu over USC on Friday night. Watching Clemson's defense shut down VT was disappointing, if unsurprising.

09/07/2017 - 6:41pm Thanks, although I borrowed

Thanks, although I borrowed it from the shitstorm "Sam Darmold" post. Not original work ;)

09/07/2017 - 6:27pm Has anyone really been far

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

08/27/2017 - 2:15pm I guess it shouldn't really

I guess it shouldn't really come as a surprise that the four toughest games on Michigan's schedule all have the best (least terrible?) offensive lines. How much those four lines improve this year will be interesting to follow

08/25/2017 - 9:48am I know this is a joke thread but I'll play along anyway

I absolutely hate (YTM) and (NTM). We fucking know which Miami you're talking about, every time.

08/24/2017 - 7:10pm Username checks out

Username checks out

08/14/2017 - 4:02pm Actually, NBA Twitter is the

Actually, NBA Twitter is the worst, and it's not close. Check it out sometime. Or don't.

08/11/2017 - 12:31pm Solomon is the correct answer

Solomon is the correct answer

07/26/2017 - 8:57pm 35th in the world IS

35th in the world IS embarrassing…however, it's good to remember that those are official FIFA rankings, which are notoriously inaccurate at times.

FIFA's ranking formula incorporates the average number of points earned in competition over the last 12 months, plus the average number of points earned over the last 4 years (depreciating yearly). Importance of the game impacts the number of points in a competition, so doing well in the World Cup means more than doing well in a series of friendlies.

The issue, IMO, with FIFA's setup is that teams can game the system and actually move up the rankings by playing few games. Likewise, a team that plays several games (and wins) may find itself falling lower in the next rankings due to the "averages" system.

A more accurate system is probably the World Soccer Elo Ratings. Anyway, it doesn't really matter where the USMNT is on FIFA's rankings, except that the top eight teams are the "seeded" teams in the World Cup. Which, since the FIFA rankings are such a mess, is total bullshit.

07/22/2017 - 11:30pm Second half underway! USA

Second half underway! USA dominating possession and with more active play in the final third, especially Morris. Breakthrough to come shortly. Probably.

I'm not a fan of the KO games going straight to penalties after 90 minutes when tied. Eliminating extra time just introduces more randomness to a game that already has plenty. No thanks.

07/21/2017 - 5:25pm I'm extremely excited for our

I'm extremely excited for our offense, young as the receivers may be. Secondary and DL depth though...

07/15/2017 - 1:14pm Anywhere from 0-12 to 15-0.

Anywhere from 0-12 to 15-0. Am I doing this right?

07/07/2017 - 10:47pm Even with a B squad, the

Even with a B squad, the United States has literally no excuse not to reach the final and should win the tournament. The Gold Cup is traditionally won by only the US or Mexico, with one Canada win in 2000.

I love international soccer and will watch most of the Gold Cup with interest, but it's always hard to shake the feeling that it's a second-rate tournament, especially when compared to the Copa America and the European Championship. I think CONCACAF should change the format to every 4 years instead of every 2 years. Might make it more special. Adding VAR and goal-line technology wouldn't hurt, either.

The USMNT seems to be on an upswing in Arena's second tenure thus far. Klinsmann once said that the goal for the US was to make it to the semifinals in the 2018 World Cup. While that may have been ambitious, I have no doubt we can break through to the quarterfinals next year with the current form and trajectory of the team. And the trajectory can continue with a comfortable and disciplined showing in this Gold Cup.

07/01/2017 - 7:56pm A little lucky to get the

A little lucky to get the bounce on Dwyer's goal, but a superb finish. And I love having a free kick maestro (Acosta) in the squad. Still undefeated in Arena's second stint as manager!

05/23/2017 - 2:21pm Reading the freak out

Reading the freak out comments from the Bonjour post is hilarious

04/30/2017 - 9:59pm I have a thing for impact

I have a thing for impact fullbacks

04/27/2017 - 8:17pm You typo'd the word

You typo'd the word "because"? Unforgivable! Awful first post. Mods please delete


04/25/2017 - 1:08am 3 point shooting not a strength?

3 point shooting not a strength? Beilein will help this guy find his long range stroke. It will be interesting to see what Simmons can do in a specific role instead of "be the entire offense"

04/23/2017 - 7:01pm Boy do I hate "cawlidge

Boy do I hate "cawlidge hawkey" give it a rest buccigross

04/23/2017 - 2:22pm Doc Emrick

Doc Emrick, and hockey announcers in general, would like to have a word with you