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07/31/2009 - 8:45am could be good for recruiting etc...

The Big East the last couple of years have been playing some of their higher profile games on Thursday nights on ESPN with a national audience. Since we agreed to a return game there could be some positives if the game was played on a Thursday night.

1. Recruiting- National televised game, which you know the world wide leader would hype all week. Plus with the new SEC/ESPN contract we might get into recruits homes that now wont see our games on Saturdays. Also the game could open us up to highschool teams in the area that only see Big East games.

2. Respect- most would agree the national perseption on UM and the B10 in general are down. If this game was played on Saturday it could possibly get lost on the national level. However if its the only game on Thursday night and millions are watching it couldnt hurt our image and the B10's for us to go out and put a ass kicking down for everyone to see(not assuming we would)

3. Image- To fans outside the B10 were a slow and out dated conference. A big win on national TV when its the only game on would do wonders. Showcase the new UM with RR's spread and all the speed weve been recruitng the past couple of seasons. A big win could really help the B10 perception come bowl season.

03/12/2009 - 5:26pm dancing baby!

I hope we run far in the B10 tourney and build more confidence right before the big dance