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07/07/2011 - 9:37pm The whole reason I wrote the

The whole reason I wrote the bot for Nebraska was to troll the idiots posting on the espn comments in the first place.  Trying to be sneaky about botting votes in doesn't do that.


Lets just put it this way:  if an online poll allows you to vote more then once by deleting a cookie or switching to private browsing someone can write a program that does essentially the same thing.  It's been going on on espn's site for years.  I guess it finally became so obviously widespread that it crossed the threshold where espn realized it wasn't just goofy college kids rigging a poll but instead a giant self-created DDoS.

07/07/2011 - 6:56am This. And If I just

very true, but since since we broke the poll:

the source:…


07/07/2011 - 5:26am well considering it was 50/50

well considering it was 50/50 for an hour before it stopped and michigan was gaining the whole time.  If I had to bet money on who wins, it'd be you guys.  That'd be a fairly confident bet, considering the momentum in the poll.  Really though, who knows.  It could not have ended better as far as I am concerned.  Fun competitions, Alex Rogan'd the game while it was a tie, it has been a blast.

07/07/2011 - 4:23am Doesn't matter if you believe

Doesn't matter if you believe me or not anymore, since we hit the max on the poll and it stopped counting.

Amused, but kinda sad cause the nebraska poll was only an hour away, we could've gotten there last week If I'd have released my bot earlier.

07/07/2011 - 1:57am Find me the private forum

Find me the private forum where you'd all discuss this and you can have a look at my source code for yours.  I'm pretty sure they use the same librarys, but mine is compiled.  I've got no problem with that. beyond that /shrug.

You gained another percent in the last hour.

07/07/2011 - 1:43am The really sad thing is,

The really sad thing is, after FSU decided they would impersonate me I made an FSU version that votes for Michigan (fair is fair, but who resort to that first besides the scared?).  So you've got somewhere around 1/3 the downloads on this bot going to FSU fans, but voting for Michigan.  Assuming they actually run it.

07/07/2011 - 1:21am You raise a good

You raise a good point.


Well besides Nebraska not being in this round I cant really guarantee anything.

I've posted it here too:…


And beyond that you'd have to know how to check the program to verify it is legit.  I can't really  prove it beyond providing source code and I won't do that in a public forum.  Maybe someone will do that for me, but who knows.  In the end unless some Michigan grad pops up who has an impecable repuataion and can verify if votes for who I say it does you'd have to take me at my word.

I can't do anything about that, maybe other michigan fans who have been watching the vote count go up can give reports that they think it is working.

07/07/2011 - 12:59am I'm pretty sure the actual

I'm pretty sure the actual Michigan bot that won the last round hasn't decided to turn on yet.  It is tough to tell from the massive amount of votes going in.  But FSU decided to turn there's on full blast this evening and to stem the tide I released mine from last round set to vote Michigan in this round.

But the one I posted was why the Nebraska Michigan poll got as close as it was and wasn't a lopsided 80% victory for michigan, so it can't hurt to run it.

The other guy that posted it did the same link, but you should be suspicious before downloading and running anything off a message board or the internet.

07/07/2011 - 12:25am FSU was trying to be sneaky

FSU was trying to be sneaky with theres, constantly adding a few thousand votes an hour.  So them.

I'm not from mich (just have an aunt that lused to ive in AA, nice town).  I was the Husker bot creator and I posted a modified version for Michigan votes in the other thread.  For windows, if you have linux, I'd imagine just say so and someone more reputable may find you.


Beware though there is an FSU fan running around trying to impersonate me to get Michigan fans to use their bot.  So I broke my earlier rule of one link, but it is actually from the same account.

07/06/2011 - 9:53pm This is not me, it is an FSU

The post above is not me, it is an FSU fan trying to get you to download godknowswhat.


My post above where I actually say I recompiled it will be the one and only link.

07/06/2011 - 8:20pm Apologize I missed a

I apologize I missed a library.  I tested it on another windows box and got the same error, recompiled, and tested again and it was working with the recompile:


Try this:


How can I edit my original post?


07/06/2011 - 6:59pm Here you go.  From me to

Here you go.  From me to you.

Devastator Michigan Edition, for the windows users.


If you don't have something else already being distributed for windows feel free to use this.  It will only work on this poll so once the week is done, you can just delete it.

07/02/2011 - 5:52pm Yes they are, quite well

Yes they are, quite well might I add.  Although it's just me and as I said before I stopped running it...  There was no nebraska botnet, just one guy and a linux box.  Nor am I an alumnus of well anywhere, yet, I but I didn't attend UNL.  I'm just a fan, and a nerd who was getting a kick out of all the ridiculous commenters and people taking those polls seriously.


Apologies for the downvote thing, I just had posted 2 replys that were downvoted for trolling, when that was not my intention at all.

07/02/2011 - 4:55pm no, they aren't, I sent mine

no, they aren't, I sent mine after that poll for 15 minutes because of all the fsu nerds claiming they were winning legit...  I had seen them use a bot earlier in the week a few times when I was testing some things and pointing it at a poll that didn't already have a few 100,000 votes. I knew they'd go ahead and use it to make up the votes.  It took them an hour, but they did, they are going to just get decimated in the finals.

look its someone not michigan posting on your boards, better downvote me quick!

07/02/2011 - 3:21pm you too.

you too.

07/02/2011 - 2:47pm Impressive, how many you got

Impressive, how many you got running? 

I turned mine off, you'll see the husker votes stop, I'm not about to distribute it.  Nobody'd know what to do with it.  Nor am I going to spend the 4th weekend messing with this.

Edit: wow nice (half assed) slashdot moderation system you got here... trolling? Um no, I was paying the UM guy who wrote the bot a compliment and telling him I was bowing out of the competition we had been having. 

Get a real forum.

07/02/2011 - 10:20am It's a linux distro, for the

It's a linux distro, for the computer geek who is not quite ready to be a real computer geek.


I have 2 linux boxes, but Im guessing that I won't be seeing a copy of that script though.  Too bad.

07/02/2011 - 4:58am I'd like a copy of that

I'd like a copy of that script, sure. ;)

06/30/2011 - 3:30am really? that wasn't the score

really? that wasn't the score when I got home friend.