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11/06/2012 - 5:17pm Thanks so much for the post

My grandfather bought season tickets at Memorial Stadium when it was built in 1923.  In fact, the first game at Memorial Stadium was when the Huskers defeated the Four Horsemen of Notre Dame when they were sophomores and Nebraska won the next year as well.  So we have a bit of history as well as the Blue.

Congratulations on your 900th win.  We'll be there soon, I hope.

I so appreciate your post about the Husker fans.  It is a tradition about which we are as proud as the history of our team.  You aren't the first to write such a blog/story, nor will you be the last.  I'm attaching an article about an open letter Bobby Bowden wrote to the Nebraska fans, when FSU beat us in Lincoln in 1980, which essentially started the elevation of FSU to an elite program: 

Also the following article was taken from an Oklahoma blog: 

I had hoped to take my law partner, a U of MI law grad to the game this year to see the game in Lincoln but, alas, he was out of town that week.  We have an agreement where he will host me in Ann Arbor and I will do the same in Lincoln.  I've been to the Rose and Orange Bowls but am really excited to experience the Big House.  I hope to be treated as well as he most certainly will.

This blog was passed on the the MN for NE group and we most certainly appreciate it.