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01/11/2017 - 5:34pm Football and basketball uniforms

I do not care for the Jordan numerals, particularly on the football uniforms. I suppose that goes along w/the AirJordan branding. I had hoped when Coach Harbaugh came home that he'd have us wearing the same road uniform he wore during his playing tenure. I also thought we'd only wear white pants for 1 year (Bo did the same), before reverting to maize pants on the road. That's his decision, and has nothing to w/Nike.

The basketball uniforms are poor. The size of the letters "MICHIGAN" on the front of the jersey are ridiculously small, and the size of the numbers don't work well w/the print right above. Perhaps I'm too old school, but in my dreams I had hoped the Cazzie Lee uniforms, albeit "updated", would be what Nike came up with for this season.


01/04/2016 - 12:49pm Why the road pants were white this year.

My reading/understanding is the road pants were white this year as an ode from Coach Harbaugh to 1974, the first year his dad Jack was an assistant to Bo. Michigan wore white pants on the road during the 1974 season. I'm hoping they go back to wearing maize pants, and wear the same road uniform JH wore.


03/25/2015 - 7:22pm There's really little to think about.

Between Harbaugh coming home and the inherent class/tradition of the uniform, this should be the one.  Adidas (or whoever down the road) should have little, if any problem, compensating for the shorter/non-existant sleeves.

02/25/2015 - 11:14am Definitely a new hat....

because New Era bastardized the classic hat by putting their logo on the side.  I haven't bought one of those since the change years ago. And as the previous post correctly notes, it's not the Adidas hat sold last year because the "M" is way too large.  Perhaps Adidas has toned down the size of the "M" to mirror the classic hat.  There is a logo on the back of the hat Harbaugh is wearing; just can't see it.  I doubt Adidas would be pleased if he wore a hat other than theirs. If it's a new hat it's not on the MDen website.

01/06/2015 - 3:36pm Which piece of "Michigan Tradition" would you like to see return

1. Blue leggings worn all the time, and white socks worn home and away.

2. Descendent of Whiskey:


3. This road uniform:

01/03/2015 - 6:29pm Stickers

The numbers that first appeared a few seasons ago were in fact traditional, i.e. worn by Michigan pre-Bo/Bump Elliot years. For some reason when they reappeared for a second time the following season the font changed to something never used before. When they first reappeared the font mirrored that worn on the helmets decades ago.  If numbers are put on the helmets let's at least have the correct font if staying true to tradition is important.

I'm more concerned about fixing the road uniforms.  The current version is just horrible.  Get rid of the apron strings, and go back to the road uniform worn during the Harbaugh years. Of course when I wrote to Brandon about this he scoffed; typical. In the process "remind" Adidas (as long as they have the contract) we decide what we're going to wear; not them.

12/06/2014 - 3:40pm Yawn

I don't question Willingham is a good coach.  That said, he's not the proverbial "home run" Michigan needs at this point in time.  Like many, I have set myself up for a major disappointment if Harbaugh doesn't come to Ann Arbor. Absent some name "no one" has mentioned  to date (where is that mystery name promised for this weekend Colin Cowherd?), I pretty much view the balance of the field, including those who won't consider coming, e.g. Stoops & Patterson, as sloppy seconds.  If it's not Harbaugh, I'm resigned to being comfortable w/Mora.  He's resurrected a morobid UCLA program after Neuheisel left it in shambles.  He's recruiting on par, if not better, than USC.  UCLA plays w/a swagger it hasn't shown in decades.

01/07/2013 - 5:09pm DB says "no way" to "old" road uniforms

I actually exchanged e-mails w/DB regarding old road football uniforms, and in particular, bringing back the "Harbaugh/Lytle" road jersey.  I dissed the "apron-spring" pinstriping we have right now; just not a real Michigan look to it (more West Virginia).  Either I wasn't clear or DB misunderstood.  He said in no uncertain terms that Michigan would never wear uniforms it wore "25-30 years ago" because of technology; safety; etc.  I replied that I didn't expect Adidas (or whoever down the road) literally make the "same" uniform, but rather, that while incorporating changes in materials, etc., the uniform "looks" the same (it doesn't matter that both are Nike schools).  As I pointed out, USC and Alabama to name a few wear the "same" jerseys they wore decades ago.  I assume however that the materials and such are modern-age.

04/10/2011 - 3:42pm Yes, and it still hurts so much.

The post does indeed put a lot of things into perspective.  That said, I'm just sick over this loss.  We played so well on Thursday night against a team supposedly superior to the newly-crowned national champions.  On Thursday we played with great discipline; focus; and calm.  That can't be said about last nights, Red's justifiable comments about the referees aside.  The most casual college hockey fan knew going into this game that staying out of the penalty box was a key for Michigan.  We just took too many "stupid" penalties.  This drained the forwards because they were chasing so much, and prevented us from doing any sustained cycling of the puck.  Why do you think Melrose kept yapping about Hagelin and Louie not doing anything insofar as scoring?

My son is a fifth-year senior at Michigan; he's going to graduate the end of this month.  The last time we won a national championship he was in fourth grade.  That's my frame of reference for how long it's been since we won the whole thing.  Too many great players and great teams have come and gone without getting the ultimate prize.  In no way does this fact doesn't diminish their accomplishments.  What it did do was to get on You Tube this morning and watch Morrison's OT goal in '96 and Langfeld's OT goal in '98.  For a moment I again remembered/felt what's it like when it turns out like we all wished and hoped, and perhaps expected, having gotten this far only to fall short. 

01/18/2011 - 9:51pm DL coach?

Glen Steele?  Makes sense given his history with both Hoke and Matty.

01/18/2011 - 9:48pm DL coach?

Maybe Glen Steele, having played for Matty and Hoke?