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09/10/2018 - 3:28am Hey, your map is looking a…

Hey, your map is looking a little light on Asia. 

Our place in Hong Kong is Forbes 36 in Kennedy Town.  We should be there for any noon (midnight HK time) starts or night games and for OSU at 1am of course.

05/11/2018 - 12:46am Not sure how much longer this one will work

I think it will be taken down soon:…

05/10/2018 - 10:45pm There are many different methods - none of them perfect

Longtime expat here and someone who never misses a game.

Your best choice is to set-up a Slingbox in the US before you leave, but it needs to be set-up where someone can monitor and fix it if needed and where the person will also always watch the game.

Other options are:

1) BTN2Go International - this is a pay package and is excellent, but only shows the BTN games live.  Non-BTN games are available for streaming usually after midnight ET.

2) US Cable Package + VPN - if you have a login for a US cable package you will need a VPN with a US server to access the streams as they block from non-US IP addresses

3) USTVNow - is a free service for games on CBS or NBC, you can pay extra to get ESPN and to get a record function

4) ESPN Player -  is another pay service for games on ESPN.  It is not available in Asia, but maybe in Guam?  I pay for the services and then access it via the VPN from a server in Europe

5) Armed Forces Network - I guess you will have access in Guam and they will show most of the bigger games

Hope this helps and watch out for those hilitai down there!  



10/13/2015 - 12:07pm Cumong man

Have some imagination. Harbaugh is Daenerys Targaryen. Clearly he has given birth to dragons. And the conquests start this weekend.

I prefer Emilia Clarke in her usual blue gowns as opposed to khakis though.

10/13/2015 - 10:32am Yes a great book and a terrible movie

But like a BYU victory the movie is totally redeemed at the last possible minute by the appearance of Alicia Witt as Alia Atriedes.

My brother is coming

My brother is here

And David Lynch and Sting

02/19/2015 - 6:03pm Get your swears in now Brian

Pretty soon Google AdSense will ban these too. Your content is not family-safe.

PS: And another reason this was needed: the catharsis

02/15/2015 - 8:43am 4 glasses of wine & a Cointreau

Had some leftover coq au vin for dinner, watched 100 Foot Journey and now some 75% dark with the Cointreau.

Course it is nearly 10pm here in Asia.... 

12/01/2014 - 4:30am Antonio Whitfield

For the block in the back that cost Hoke his job.

11/21/2014 - 8:52am 88 degrees here in Singapore

At 10pm. 3 beers sunk. Soon will be time to move on to the Glenlivet 18. Got about 6 hours of drinking in front of me.

Enjoy the snow and cold!

09/26/2014 - 11:18am Well done to you sir

A great read.

And since I almost never ever post despite being a reader (a.k.a. lurker) since haloscan days as I am severely time zone challenged, can I just say a big thank you to all the writers on this site?

Collective angst is so so much better than individual angst.

Our coaches suck, our AD is a tool,. our QB is broken, but we have the best writers anywhere right on this here blog.



06/25/2014 - 4:40pm This opens up a lot of possibilities

It could be that Pirate of the Mediterranean Hayreddin Barbarossa or sticking with the theme (Edward) Barbarnegra.

06/25/2014 - 3:31pm Must point out

Sorry for the pedantry, but it is Barbarossa (red beard) not Barbosa (Geoffrey Rush character from Pirates of the Caribbean)

07/07/2013 - 10:44pm Try contacting the Madrid alum club

They might be having an event for a big game like MSU:

If you need to get the stream, there is usually an ESPN stream for Europe that you can sign up for at cost which should not be too much for one game.

Also, you might find a bar that has Armed Forces Network since Torrejon airbase is not too far from Madrid and the game will likely be on one of the AFN stations.

Good luck!


11/19/2012 - 12:42am We have a pretty good chance....

so long as we beat Ohio this weekend.

There are 10 BCS bowl slots. 5 go to conf champs and one to ND.  This leaves 4 at-large slots and none will go to a non-AQ (thank you Utah State) this year.

The SEC gets one at-large fo certain.  The Big 12 will also get one as both Oklahoma and Texas are huge draws - both might go to the BCS if both win this weekend and OK is conf champ.  The ACC should also get one at large as Clemson is a big draw and will have at most 2 losses.

This leaves one slot for the PAC-12 and B1G (Big East is a non-starter for the bowls), If UCLA beats Stanford this weekend and Oregon beats UCLA in the championship then it is a 3 loss Michigan versus and 3 loss Stanford or 3 loss UCLA. I think Michigan is the more attractive candidate for the bowls especially if it is the Sugar or Orange.

nb God do the computers hate the ACC!  FSU not even in the top 25 in one ranking??? 




06/24/2012 - 3:33pm best half of the tourney so far Loved the (non) officiating
06/24/2012 - 2:24pm Thinking Giovinci at '88. 1-0 Italy Assist to Pirlo of course. No way England scores unless there is a massive defensive breakdown.
06/24/2012 - 2:08pm awaiting the 2:45am kickoff here in Hong Kong... drinking Leffe listening to NWA Straight Outta Compton at Players in Wanchai. Anyone wanna join me? Like Italy in this one. Pirlo too much quality.
09/29/2011 - 12:18am Hong Kong

For Hong Kong, you can list:

Amici, 1/F, 81-85 Lockhart Road (corner of Lockhart & Luard), Wanchai

We watch all the midnight (noon ET) starts there.



03/18/2011 - 12:40am Not by the media or many of the UM fans in NO

I don't know what the Vegas line was, but until the Kentucky game they had played a terrible tournament.  They beat 9 seed UCLA on a last second shot and barely got by Temple and GW.

They had beaten NC in the Rainbow Classic 4 months earlier (also on a last second shot), but NC wasn't playing Donald Williams much at the time.

In the tournament, NC had beaten a very good Cincy team and crushed Kansas.  And we had watched the Kansas domination first hand. 

Also, the Fab Five were a team without a center and Montross was one of the best in college that year (and NC had another 7 footer on the bench).  Michigan was very susceptible to being beaten by teams with good big men.  


03/17/2011 - 3:07am Was there that day too. . .

but the thing I remember the most was the win over Kentucky (and the awesome party on Bourbon Street Sat night afterwards).

They were never expected to beat UNC and they were never really in the game. Although they could've had a chance at the end, it didn't feel like it was going to happen.

I didn't mind so much.  I was still in the glow of the run in '89 and especially the epic Final Four game against the Illini.  That and the wipe-out of Virginia with Rice and Higgins draining 3s from everywhere.



09/30/2010 - 2:19am ESPN Player will show Michigan at Indiana

But it's not available if you have an IP address in Asia.

If you are in Okinawa, you can sign up for it if you have a VPN and use an IP address in Europe.

09/29/2010 - 6:11am Don't Forget...

the (in)famous Eugene Germany - transferred from USC

11/27/2009 - 9:45am 24 Years?

Great diary and I don't mean to quibble, but I seem to remember one Robert "Tractor" Traylor (before going on to fame and fortune in the Land of the Hittites) leading the Blue to a win in the inaugural B10 Tournament a scant 11 years ago.

Not to take anything away from the '85 Tarpley-Wade-Rellford-Joubert-Grant team that cleaned up the B10 my junior year before getting dumped out of the tournament in the 2nd round by Villanova. Oh, if we had only known then that Villanova would go on to upset Georgetown for the crown, maybe we would not have drunk so much that night?

Or the Big Ten champs of 1986 which lost to Johnny Orr and Iowa State in the 2nd round.

10/19/2009 - 12:31am Not sure about Penn State

I think they are a different team with Navarro Bowman and Sean Lee back. They just held one of the best passing attacks in the Big Ten to 138 total yards and 7 first downs. Decker had just one catch.

I think we may fare better against OSU.

And is it duckets or ducats? Or is this going with the Cabrini-Green theme?

09/19/2009 - 1:10pm SSIFS

Thanks for the picks.

Does evaluating a player's peformance = hating?

I don't think so.

I may be crazy, but I am thinking it may be the annual SSIFS (Shoot-Self-In-Foot-Saturday) for the Trojans.

2 Off-Topic Comments (since I don't get a chance to comment much):

1) Would Stevie Brown be a LB if Carr is still coaching?

2) How nice is it to watch and not know whether a given play is a run or a pass?

Finally, 2009 = Season Shootout (or maybe Rod-emption Year?)

08/29/2008 - 11:24pm Illinois?

Brian, I think you are underrating Utah and ND and overrating Illinois and PSU (and maybe Wisconson too).  I think the hardest games will be the early ones and that the team will improve significantly as the season progresses.  Illinois is simply not good and by PSU the O-Line/QBs should be better.

I think we open 1-3 and then run the table until OSU.  I just pray we don't drop one of the early games to the MAC.  That is possible and would make for an ugly season. 

08/29/2008 - 5:40am In the immortal words of Mr T: I predict pain

My warmest hopes and dreams:

-- no more than 4 turnovers

-- no more than 10 sacks

-- no more than 0 OL injuries

-- no more than 2 QBs

08/29/2008 - 2:47am Japan

The GamePlan is now via ESPN360 and it is not available in Asia.  It is not clear how many (if any at all) Big Ten game they will show this year.  I have not even seen a schedule for this weekend yet.

For you guys in Japan, you should be able to find the game on Armed Forces Network (if you can stand the commercials).  It is shown in real-time on AFN/extra. 

You just need a friend on-base or a bar with a AFRTS decoder.  I watched most the games via AFN at a sports bar when I lived in Belgium. 

08/29/2008 - 1:44am Actually, this is really helpful for us in HK

We need to know what channel to access on the slingbox you know.

Thanks Tim.