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11/09/2017 - 4:09pm That sounds great, but how

That sounds great, but how many kids with Ohio State offers do we historically pull out of Cleveland?  

10/24/2017 - 4:39pm I have no idea if their

I have no idea if their business model will be profitable, but their content is far superior to anything the other sport pages put out.  Rather than hot take-confirmation bias, the journalists go out of their way to get sources and data of multiple types to inform their writing.  Plus they have Brendan Quinn.  I think it is well worth the $48 bucks a year to get a broad selection (geographical and sport/league) of quality content that  informs and is pleasurable to read.

10/24/2017 - 4:37pm Never once had a pop up add

Never once had a pop up add or an auto-play video.

10/24/2017 - 4:37pm Never once had a pop up add

Never once had a pop up add or an auto-play video.

06/23/2017 - 5:12pm It won't hurt.

It won't hurt.

06/23/2017 - 5:11pm My heart thought it would

My heart thought it would happen after the "I shouldn't be in mop-up duty" comment followed by 7 runs in 4 1/3 innings, but my head didn't think Avila would pull the trigger.  Well done.

06/19/2017 - 6:54am "Minick, per Harbaugh, opted

"Minick, per Harbaugh, opted to leave his position after two-plus years to take a job with the military." Link to MLive  article

04/26/2017 - 1:15pm You forgot the third option

You forgot the third option and the source of ESPN's problems, neither.

04/13/2017 - 8:00am There was a pretty good

There was a pretty good article that came out last month about Jeter's development of TPT.  This is the relevant excerpt:

 The process of how a piece is created varies. Sometimes the contributor writes a first draft, which then gets developed with an editor much like it would at any other outlet. Other times, an editor conducts a long interview with the contributor then uses that to construct a first-person narrative built on the contributor’s words. The athletes get final eyes on whatever is published and only get paid if their pieces are part of a branded content campaign.


03/12/2017 - 11:08am The upside to his foul

The upside to his foul trouble is that Wagner should still be fresh. He only logged 17 minutes against Purdue and 18 against Minnesota.  His stroke looked pretty good against Minnesota when he was in.  Lets hope the back issue was a one day only thing and he can avoid getting baited into bad fouls by Happ.

03/08/2017 - 11:19am Apparently the ACC is run by

Apparently the ACC is also run by idiots.  You can see Syracuse v. MIami and Duke v. Clemson today or Vtech v. Wake Forest and UVA v. Pitt  tonight for $6.

Oh, and the PAC 12 (

BIG 12 ( and


are all run by idiots too.


02/27/2017 - 8:29am As a point guard, wouldn't

As a point guard, wouldn't assist to turnover ratio provide a better comparison?  Understanding sample size, X has a 2.0-1 a/to ratio with an assist every 8.13 minutes played compared to 1.9/9.3 for Walton's freshman year and 1.7/7.9 for Burke's freshman year. 

02/23/2017 - 4:44pm I opened this thinking the OP

I opened this thinking the OP was discussing BTT seeding and where we would want to be seeded to improve our NCAA tournament standing.  Discussing NCAA seeding now is tempting fate and Murphy a little too much.

02/22/2017 - 10:23am KenPom Blog Post on Maryland BBall and Close Games

KenPom had a pretty good blog two weeks ago on Maryland BBall and their "skill" in closing out close games. 

A mature discussion about Maryland


That leaves the Terps 14-6 in games decided by four points or less over the past three seasons. That doesn’t look as nice as 30-7 but it’s still quite good, tied for 17th in the country with the same record as Texas A&M – Corpus Christi, UNC Wilmington, Valparaiso, and Wright State. Right behind DePaul and Auburn. And everyone is chasing Houston Baptist, who is 10-2 over that time. It’s a weird list of teams ahead of Maryland. Some have been pretty decent – there’s Providence and Oregon and Miami FL – and some are completely random like those mentioned above and also Tennessee-Martin, Sacramento State and Fresno State. Which should tell you something about the utility of this particular stat.

02/15/2017 - 2:04pm The fouls reset in OT as well.

The fouls will reset in OT as well, however, the free throws are awarded beginning with foul number 4.

02/03/2017 - 2:22pm No, because he let a string

No, because he let a string of poor personal choices destroy him professionally and arguably personally as well. 

10/03/2016 - 2:32pm I agree with the "very

I agree with the "very liittle" assessment.  Pitcher management is always what people seem look to as the Rosetta Stone of in-game decisions.  538 Sports put out an article a couple of  weeks ago trying to put a number on it.  Anectdotally, the list seems about right.Torre, Guillen, Girardi on top since 2000 and Acta, Hurdle, Narron  on the bottom.  The conclusion was that upgrading from the worst to the best bullpen manager would result in about 1 win a season.  The article also notes that general personnel management is much more important. 

I know I am in the minority, but I thought Ausmus did a decent job given the circumstances.  You can fault him for overthinking splits when he pinch  hits a lefty .220 hitter for a righty .240 hitter, but if you do that, you have to give him credit for Norris, Fulmer, Boyd and Farmer in the rotation and Greene and Rondon in the pen while demoting Lowe and J. Wilson when they proved they weren't up to it.  You also have to give him credit for the team being in it and playing competitively until the last game of the season.  You probably also have to give him some credit for nursing Upton's mental state.  Hoke rightly gets blamed for not developing talent. Getting a serviceable season from one rookie pitcher is a pleasant surprise.  Ausmus gets good seasons from two rookies and a ROY season from a third and he is a goat?


07/28/2016 - 4:56pm Golden quote from the Hamilton SI Article

“Everyone has critics, but screw them. They’re irrelevant.” -James Joseph Harbaugh

04/30/2016 - 5:45pm Congratulations to Jake. He

Congratulations to Jake. He and Graham may actually get me to watch the Lions again. Love it.

04/18/2016 - 7:18pm I am a runner. When I stayed

I am a runner. When I stayed in Downtown LA last year (same situation, no car) , I chose to run on the treadmill. It was the first time in 10 years I ran on a treadmill. Just sayin.  There are some pretty cool things to see within walking distance if you have the time. Bradbury Building, Last Bookstore and the Biltmore topped my list. 


HIstoric Downtown LA

02/03/2016 - 8:20am Other Player

The other player was Chris McLaurin.…

01/27/2016 - 6:57pm Classic Line

"At first it sounded kind of cool but then I realized it's kind of like saying you are from the 'nice part' of Ohio, or that you were the most important member of Bobby Jindal's presidential campaign.  I mean, it may be factually accurate, but in the broader scheme it is actually pretty unimpressive."

Keep up the good work.

01/27/2016 - 12:21am I think the most reliable

I think the most reliable pattern that we have seen is that Harbaugh has no inclination to consider how outsiders with no stake in his program perceive his program (read Teddy Greenstein, the Freep and other editorialists). I would venture to say his  top priority is to get the best players with the best fit into the program. We can discuss all day long whether it is ethical for Harbaugh to back out of his verbal agreements, regardless of the convenience of those decisions, but the reality is both parties are free to back out of the agreement at any time prior to signing the  LOI. I know I would be skeptical of any job offer that I received 10 months before I could actually accept the offer, especially if I knew other, more qualified people were also considering that job. Likewise, as the employer,  I would be skeptical of anyone who accepted such an offer, especially if I knew that other companies were also offering similar jobs with potentially higher salaries.  In this situation both parties are wise to pursue other options Harbaugh (like every other BCS coach who offers more than his allotment of 85 scholarships)openly pursues these other options, and unlike Hoke, he has no problem letting recruits pursue these options he as well. 

I also don't understand the moral difference between extending a non-commitable offer (which alum96 seems to prefer) and a commitable offer that may be retracted. The endstate for the player is the same, a chance of a scholarship at the school of choice dependent on the decisions of other recruits and his own continue development. The tradeoff is situational clarity (non-committable offer) for the networking value that comes with "Michigan commit" and a guarantee of a position, albeit a potentially reduced role (it seems that every decommitted player has been offered at least a medical/grayshirt/PWO). In most situations, the retractable, commitable offer appears to offer more value, especially if accepted with appropriate skepticism.

12/28/2015 - 3:55pm Kevin Wilson landed the #2

Kevin Wilson landed the #2 JuCo quarterback to replace Sudfeld

Richard Lagow-Crimson Quarry

6' 6" 240 lbs

110/189 (58.2%) 

2121 Yards (11.2 YPA)

17 TDs/7 Int


12/19/2015 - 2:59pm I lived in Yuma when he was

I lived in Yuma when he was coaching Randy Gregory at Arizona Western. (My sons' first football games were Arizona Western games.) It may only be Arizona JuCo, but those teams dominated their opposition on both sides of the ball.  I am glad to see him follow his dream back to Michigan and graduate. Best of luck to him. I am sure he will land a staff position soon somewhere.

12/13/2015 - 9:50am Buffalo wasn't inept because

Buffalo wasn't inept because they lost four in a row.  How many teams have made it to four straight Superbowls? One. The fact that they did that says a lot about the talent, drive and dedication of Levy, Kelly, Smith, Thomas et al. If you want to see ineptitude, look no further than the Lions. Our beloved organization set the bar for NFL ineptitude.

11/30/2015 - 6:34pm (No subject)

11/28/2015 - 5:43am 24-7 Michigan. Go Blue.

24-7 Michigan. Go Blue.

11/18/2015 - 6:54pm 24-21 Michigan  Go Blue

24-21 Michigan  Go Blue

11/15/2015 - 6:35pm I am having issues posting

I am having issues posting the scatter, but the correlation between OT Win % a Overall Win % between 1996 and 2014 is about .32 (R-square~=.105). Not huge, but definately a relationship. I ran a simple regression of OT Win % on OT Opponent Win % and Own Overall Win %. The p-value of Own Overall Win % was .000006 which implies that overall win % almost certainly affects OT Win %. Using just OLS with the two independent variables to estimate the effect of Own Overall Win % on OT Win %, on average, a 10 ppt increase in overall win % increases OT Win % by 5.5 ppts holding all else constant.

11/15/2015 - 4:48pm The only time I have ever

The only time I have ever heard of overtime being a 50/50 proposition was when discussing NFL games. But that assumes greater parity among a smaller pool of teams and the OT format itself makes for a more equal proposition, especially before the recent modifications. . I have never heard NCAAF OT referred to as a even proposition. I would venture to say a teams OT winning percentage is highly correlated to it overall winning percentage during that same period.

11/13/2015 - 8:33am 41-28 Go Blue!

41-28 Go Blue!

11/10/2015 - 1:44pm So what you are telling me is

So what you are telling me is that Michigan is undefeated on the Birthday of the Corps and the Lejeune's Corps managed to hang 6 on a Fielding Yost squad. Outstanding knowledge. Semper Fidelis.

11/09/2015 - 3:53pm I thought the same thing

I thought the same thing about Leidner's targeting call against Ohio State.on the pick-6. The hit was called targeting. It goes to review and is overturned because there was allegedly no contact above the shoulders. The only review shown on ABC was from the back of the endzone, but his head snaps back on contact. I told my son that there was no way that was not targeting. The only way his head could move back at a speed greater than the rest of his body is if the hit was to the head/helmet...

11/07/2015 - 7:20am He was in high school in

He was in high school in 2009. He was at Weber State from 2010 through 2012.

10/21/2015 - 6:19am The word business is a very
The word business is a very general term. Webster defines it as : 
a :  a usually commercial or mercantile activity engaged in as a means of livelihood :  trade, line<in the restaurant business>
b :  a commercial or sometimes an industrial enterprise; also :  such enterprises <the businessdistrict>
c :  dealings or transactions especially of an economic nature :  patronage <took their businesselsewhere>
Investopedia defines it as an organization or enterprising entity engaged in commercial, industrial or professional activities. A business can be a for-profit entity, such as a publicly-traded corporation, or a non-profit organization engaged in business activities, such as an agricultural cooperative.
Cambridge defines it as the activity of buying and selling goods and services. 
I would say Michigan's athletic department meets those criteria. Just because it is a government institution does not mean its agents don't have a responsibility and personal interest in maximizing the utility derived from the business (as defined above) they engage in.
10/06/2015 - 4:02pm From Section 8

From Section 8
Valid Signal
ARTICLE 2. A valid signal is a signal given by a player of Team B who has obviously
signaled his intention by extending one hand only clearly above his head and waving
that hand from side to side of his body more than once.
Invalid Signal
ARTICLE 3. An invalid signal is any waving signal by a player of Team B:
a. That does not meet the requirements of Article 2 (above); or
b. That is given after a scrimmage kick is caught beyond the neutral zone, strikes the
ground or touches another player beyond the neutral zone (A.R. 6-5-3-III-V); or
c. That is given after a free kick is caught, strikes the ground or touches another player. [Exception: Rule 6-4-1-f]

10/01/2015 - 4:40pm 38-9 Good Guys.

38-9 Good Guys.

09/30/2015 - 3:13pm There is a second system that

There is a second system that is moving in from the west that is interfering with Joaqiun predictions. This second system will likely dump on the NCR for the next 3-4 days, even if Joaquin stays offshore. The rain being predicted for Saturday is mostly unrelated to the hurricane.…

09/28/2015 - 6:39pm Same thing in the National

Same thing in the National Capitol Region. I live in Northern Virginia. #1 university (as rated by apparel spotted in non-sporting venues): Virginia Tech. #2 Michigan. I moved here after Harbaugh, however, so I cannot complete an effective difference-in-difference.

09/21/2015 - 11:55am Glad you mentioned O'Neill. I

Glad you mentioned O'Neill. I swear I am not Kirk Ferentz, but that punt from the 35 was awesome. I don't know if I have ever thought a punt from the 35 was a good decision, but I also don't remember ever being confident a punt inside the 40 would be downed deep. It is so refreshing to see the gunners waiting for the ball in front of the goal line and the ball kicked exactly where they are waiting. The fact that this now occurs regularly smacks of competence and superior coaching.

09/19/2015 - 6:53am This is exactly what I would

This is exactly what I would have said. If this is an interview or a realistic job preview as the HR types are calling it now, underdressing is inexcusable. If it is a job you want the job, how would you feel if you didn't get it because of your wardrobe selection.

No one ever failed to get hired because they made a professional first impression.


09/19/2015 - 6:37am channelpear is a private roku

channelpear is a private roku channel that allows you to stream different feeds. You go to the website on the interwebs, create an account, add the private channel to your roku from the website, pair it with your roku via a code and select up to five feeds to your library. When you reenter channelpear on roku your feeds are available to stream. No charge for up to five feeds and two devices. 

09/18/2015 - 6:12pm I couldn't agree with you

I couldn't agree with you more. I started with a chromecast and then went to the Roku 2. The difference in responsiveness was so great and the surfing experience so much better I bought a 3 as well and went all in on the cable cutting. The small box is definately worth the extra $50. With Sling (upgraded with the Sports extra package during FB season) there is almost no reason to have cable for sports now. The sports extra package is an extra $5 a month and gives you ESPN2, ESPN News ESPNU and GoalLine. If you have a Paul Finebaum hankering SEC Network is included too.

09/18/2015 - 5:58pm Upvoted you for the chuckle.

BTW, if you were to go to channelpear, you may or may not be able to subscribe to a Roku channel that may or may not enable you to stream BTN2Go. 

09/18/2015 - 5:16pm Based on the link and what I

Based on the link and what I know of BTN, I don't think it is stand alone. You still need to be tethered to cable to stream BTN2GO. 

09/18/2015 - 8:55am DP


09/18/2015 - 8:55am Just for some perspective,

Just for some perspective, Michingan's average opposing S&P+ rating is 2.05  (32d nationally). Average opposing S&P+ for FBS is -.45. Ohio St opposing S&P+ is -.2 (37th) and MSU is 9.50 (12th).

09/17/2015 - 6:19am 55-3 Go Blue

55-3 Go Blue

09/13/2015 - 6:25am I couldn't help but think the

I couldn't help but think the same thing about these teams being overrated. MSU's running game looked great, all three running backs were running through huge holes most of the night. This scares me.  Their front seven held Oregon to 123 yards on 40+ carries. This scares me too. However, they gave up 7.9 (7.5 sack adj) YPA to a FCS quarterback who never seems to plant his foot and 7.3 YPA (6.5 sack adj) to Western. I think this is a vulnerability that can be exploited. Cook, on the other hand, manages 6 YPA against Oregon who allowed Eastern Washington 8 YPA. It still seems early, but Cook does not scare as much as the hype train dictates I should be scared. I still believe MSU is better than UM, but I think it is far to early to write off UM.