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06/16/2018 - 9:02am For those on chrome, I made…

For those on chrome, I made an extension that removes some of the clutter in the new design: MGoExtension

Specific changes:
- No more banner or story tiles at the top of the page. The first thing you see is the latest post.
- Comment threads are more condensed and less cluttered.
- Board threads listed above diaries in the sidebar.
- Board threads default to 100 comments per page.
- Fewer diary titles in the sidebar.

If anyone installs it and has feedback, let me know. It's much easier for me to make fixes to this extension than for Seth & Co. to makes fixes to the site. (I used to work for a shop that did a lot of custom Drupal work so I sympathize with the situation they are in.)

06/12/2018 - 8:37am Just testing... Just testing...