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10/27/2014 - 1:06pm UM football is a train wreck

My Open Letter to UM Prez Mark Schlissel.

10/05/2014 - 2:04pm Time for Change

Invoking the words of President Harry Truman—“The buck stops here”—it is time for Dave Brandon to take responsibility. Mr. Brandon: You have made a mess for the school you claim to love. The program has declined (wins, attendance, esteem, relevance and reputation) under your watch. Admit to shortcomings, issue apologies, especially to the students, and step down without further delay.

To the next Athletic Director: Put dollars aside and make amends to the Michigan Student Body by cutting the prices of student tickets next year by (at least) 50%. Win back the students and you will have a huge win on your hands.

And to Coach Hoke: This may be your moment of truth. Winning is an intangible magic that occurs in one’s psyche even before the game begins. I suggest this is the place where you are failing as a coach. I further suggest that you find yourself in a far bigger game as the Michigan Football Head Coach than you may have bargained for…and that you cannot expect your players to attain the physical and mental excellence that are trying to instill in them until such time as you lead by example and demonstrate the same.

The spirit of Michigan football can reawaken. Victorious Saturdays should be the norm in Ann Arbor. It begins with putting a new leader in the office, and calling forth another onto the field.