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11/22/2015 - 10:45am Diggs and Kamar - I see the

Diggs and Kamar - I see the Det playing this one fairly close being that it is a 1:00 game in Det.  West Coast teams tend to come out flat in early games.

11/22/2015 - 10:03am I like Melvin coming off a

I like Melvin coming off a bye and figure that he will be a bigger part of the offense due to their WR situation and I would take Hill over Bell due to red zone opportunities.  

John Brown as the 2nd option is better than Marvin as a 3rd, 4th or 5th option plus the Zona pass D is top notch.  

Carr against Det all day long.  He has been consistently putting up over 20 pts a week and Romo is bound to be rusty after the long layoff.  Carr is an every week starter regardless of matchup imo.

09/21/2015 - 7:19pm Caleb Kelly not likely

I was at the game with my brother on an unofficial visit sitting behind Antjauan Simmons, Donnie Corley was sitting behind me and Caleb Kelly was two rows back.  I can tell you that Caleb Kelly was very disinterested from the 2nd qtr on laying back on the bleacher looking bored like he didn't want to be there, so I would be shocked if he came to Michigan.  Now with Corley, he was a surprise visitor as they had to hand write his pass on his lanyard and he was definately watching the game.  I talked to his parents quite a bit and they were very in to the game and genuinely seemed to be Michigan fans as they would get up and cheer.  I talked to Donnie's mom quite a bit and she kept talking about Michigan being on the right track with Harbaugh and his recruiting.  Antjuan Simmons was a great kid that I asked if he would come to Michigan if they offered and he smiled and said he would for sure, so we'll see.  I think we have a great chance with Corley especially with the interest his parents showed.   

06/20/2015 - 6:47pm Details

The amount of ex pro QB's was crazy. Ken Dorsey, Kyle Boller, Todd Collins, Grbac and Denard and devin. It was real cool sitting in the first row on the 48 yd line listening to Harbaugh and watching my brother throw with Peters Joshua Jackson. Would love to have those seats on games day. Harbaugh was the first baseman in the SS fielding drill where he had a coach hitting to the players and they get a point for the scoop and a point for the throw. He was yelling out their point totals for all 170+ QB's. I've never seen such an enthusiastic coach, you can tell he loves coaching guys. He and cutler were participanting in the events too.

Oh yeah, and Peters won the 30yd dash which was quite a shock to me with all the athletes there.

06/20/2015 - 4:06pm Dodgeball

I'm just heading home from the camp. My brother was in pod 1 and it was unlike any camp I've went to. It was a competiton with over 30 events and one of the last ones was dodgeball. It was pod v pod for dodgeball and pod 1 killed pod 2, the guys had a lot of fun playint dodgeball. My brother had jay cutler working with his pod all day and said Jay was real cool. Harbaugh is a character, can't wait for the season.

06/17/2015 - 1:11pm Trishton and Bailey

My brother was throwing to Trishton all day yesterday at the camp and talked about how explosive he was and that he was a great playmaker.  He also threw to Trishton, Bailey and Gray and said Bailey was alright but nowhere near the level of Trishton.  My bro had a couple one on one sessions with Fisch and Trishton as well.