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01/20/2011 - 12:42am David Harris

David Harris from Grand Rapids Michigan (Ottawa Hills High School). Truly was and still is a man amongst boys

01/08/2011 - 2:49pm Bronco Mendenhall

I posted something about Mendenhall a few days ago i think he is a great football coach but do not know if he would be a good fit at Michigan. He is a super conservitive guy who is very religous/spiritual guy and open about it (BYU firesides), which is a positive in my book, but he is also a soft spoken guy who i don't think could attract a lot big time talent. I think he is a perfect fit at BYU, when he signed the contract extention/ raise he talked about money not being important to him ( i still eat raman noodles etc).

01/08/2011 - 1:48pm "carr esque"

 Michigan need a coach who is "Carr-esque" in the way he handles the media.  The way RR handled the media was one of the reasons there was so much bad press. Michigan can't have a coach who will cry in front of the media. The Mid west culture is primarily a blue collar shut up and do your job, i don't want to hear you b*%$ type of place. Bring in a hard [email protected]# when it comes to the media. Gruden fits this mold,, look at how he handled the Cato June DUI his last year in TB, He wouldn't give them any details and it was all handled in house. Les Miles would be an improvement in this area and i have no clue about Hoke.

01/05/2011 - 6:07pm 3 other options?

A list of a few young up and coming head coaches in my opinion. Doubt they will be considered but thought i would add them to the debate.

Todd Graham- Tulsa age 46, head coach for 4 years, won 10+ games in 3 of those years. They beat ND this year if you remember that. seems like a good coach. negative no Mid west ties that i know of.

Butch Jones- Cinncinati age 42, strong ties in the state of michigan, CMU  assistant from 1998-2004 and HC at CMU from 2007-2009 with an overall record of 27-13, and mac record of 20-3. 1st year at cinncinati was rough, but watched them play oklahoma and that game was better than i expected. negative, he has followed Kelly from CMU to Cinnicinati, can he build and sustain a program of his own? as well as west virginia ties to RR (2005-2006).

Bronco Mendenhall- BYU age 44, head coach the last 6 years, overall record of 56-21, has made a bowl game every year. 4 seasons of 10+ wins. Was a DC before being a HC. negative he is a west cost and mountain guy no mid west connections.

stats from wiki 

12/07/2010 - 12:38pm former jax resident

I lived in jax a few years back, if you want to stay in jax i would suggest the beaches area (my parent always stayed in the baymeadows area which is ok). The west side of jax is kind of ghetto in areas, and there is not much to do downtown. i have not been there in six years, but the lighthouse grill used to have six dollar pitchers of long island ice tea on friday nights, and the talent was always top notch for the single guys. 

12/03/2010 - 11:35am state of Dee Heart

According to Dee's facebook page he's a horses ass!! LOL…

10/19/2010 - 1:42am list of uncommited kickers per ESPN

I looked at scout and rivals as well but most of them are not rated.

*** 79 Kristopher Albarado LA

***  78 Mauro Bondi FL

*** 78 Drew Kaser OH

*** 78 Spencer Roth TN

***  77 Taylor Zalewski IL

*** 77 Ryan Felix CA

*** 77 Michael Rasmussen FL

*** 77 Riley Lyons GA

*** 75 Tyler Wedel WI

After that about 80 two stars and 60 NR prospects still out there.

Honestly i don't think there is anyone on the coaching staff who knows what to look for in a kicker. They should hire Chuck Priefer as a consultant if not a coach, the lions old Specal teams coach (97-06). He retired after 2006. 

According to wikipedia jason hanson had his best years under him (pro bowl 97,99) as well as Nick Harrises finest year (2005) with 34 punts downed inside the 20. from 02-05 the lions had more returned touchdowns than any other team in the NFL (returners durring 02-05 terry fair,desmond howard, az-zahir hakim, eddie drummond, and reggie swinton).