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01/17/2011 - 4:52pm Dave Brandon is a Buckeye plant

Mixing truth with lies, claiming to unite Wolverine Nation while also insulting them and encouraging factions, and completely blowing the hiring process altogether?  He's a plant.

He nearly ran Domino's into the ground for years.  Then, just when Michigan is hiring an AD, he says, 'hey, let's make less horrible pizza!' and is heralded as a corporate genius, making him a viable candidate.

His plan is to destroy our program from the inside, whereupon Dave 'Bucky' Brandon can return to Columbus a hero, and receive his life-sized pair of gold pants (which I hear are being sculpted as we speak).

Well played, Buckeyes.  Well played.  Getting even for that whole John Cooper thing, I reckon.

01/17/2011 - 3:27pm It's all about the bowls

I agree with Blue in Seattle on this point.  College football nowadays focuses heavily on inter-conference matchups.  It's not enough to beat MSU, OSU and ND.  We *have* to win bowl games and games against AQ rivals.  Like Alabama in 2012.

Going 10-2 and winning the Big Ten may appease those whose football vision ends at the conference level, but the rest of us crave success at the highest level.

We need the graphic on Michigan bowl success and against which conferences over that same stretch.  Maybe somebody with time, inclination and smarts could post one in the comments section?  Unfortunately, I have no time, am lazy, and extremely stupid.