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11/27/2013 - 7:14am you might guess that i'm not

you might guess that i'm not entirely sympathetic, and that's true, but i think there's a pretty clear reason a person like you is seeing his buying power go down:  the new undergrads are overwhelmingly from out of state.

i went to Michigan for the last two years, and taught undergrads the second of those.  SO MANY of them are from the NY/NJ area.  many more now than ten years ago.  and out of state tuition is EXPENSIVE.  this is why Ann Arbor has (arguably) the best restaurants in Michigan, with more on the way, and it's why they can't build highrise apartment buildings fast enough.

so, i'm not saying you can't afford it - you may well be able to - but things are going to keep getting more expensive in Ann Arbor, and especially for campus things, in the near future.  it probably doesn't matter how bad the football team gets.

(meanwhile, i revel in the fact that the most meaningful game in the big ten this year is MSU and OSU.)

11/27/2013 - 6:54am i hope i run into you over

i hope i run into you over here some time.

i hate ohio state, you guys.  the whole state of ohio's terrible.  but i'm looking forward to the inevitable Saturday; if the outcome is obvious, it might as well be as ugly as possible.  a little humility on the part of Michigan Fan would be fine.

go green.