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06/13/2018 - 10:32am read the first page and…

read the first page and posted before I noticed the other pages.  

my bad on the rashness.  

06/13/2018 - 9:15am Greatest of _ALL TIME_ 

Greatest of _ALL TIME_ 

Reading through, not a single comment has Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant, Bogart, Olivier, Spencer Tracy, Henry Fonda, Peter O'Toole?!?!? 

If you don't respect the past, then your entire comment is invalid (you're not respecting the premise of the question - I'm not questioning your subjective view of the universe (though calling all acting before 1990 **** Mr. Toboggan, seriously?), I'm saying you're not working to the question.  

Look, few bad options I've read here, Denzel, Hanks, DDL, Robin Williams, Tom Hardy, few others here are worth putting in the discussion, but you all seem to be ignoring some very towering performers.  

10/12/2017 - 12:25pm Someone took issue - someone

Someone took issue - someone else took issue with that someone taking issue, and implied taking issue is inappropriate.  I'm defending the right to take issue.  People are not wrong for being pissed that Brian put up a whiny rant.  In fact, it is to Brian's benefit that they do so - if he ever forgets what people come to this site for, his site will lose readership much faster than they can be gained.  

I have no real skin in the fight, except to provide perspective.  I don't like when Brian is emotive, but then, very few people can write well emotively.  I didn't read the post, because I don't give a darn about what is Brian's opinion.    I poked the comments because well, I don't know, I usually ignore them.  Probably because I was looking for something to take my mind off work for a few minutes and there was no UFR.  

10/11/2017 - 3:07pm addendum to story

If I have a bad day at work, my coworkers are willing to give me some slack.  If I whine that I stayed up too late watching soccer, and my team lost, and I have a hangover ... their patience will -ABSOLUTELY CORRECTLY- be less than if I said nothing at all and just had a bad day.  

This is Brian's job.  He gets paid based on our clicks.  And to continue your analogy - people come here for the desSerts, and he gets paid whether we get dessert or not.  There's no sign saying "no desserts today", people showed up, and got Brian's empty cans dirty laundry on the table where the dessert usually can be found.  That some people are put off is not unreasonable.  

08/08/2017 - 1:04pm Well, no, I don't have to.

Well, no, I don't have to.  My perspective is based on his performance here, where he's responsible for the 3 worst defenses in program history.  Sure it can be argued that there were circumstances, but he's the head coach, which makes it ulitmately his responsibility, and doing it 3 times consecutively with worse results every time takes more than circumstance, it takes a LOT of bad decisions.  I thought several of his comments spoke to character traits which subjectively I didn't like. *Subjectively used intentionally, _I_ didn't like them, it doesn't mean he's a bad person, I just don't want to have a beer with him*.  

One game, which wouldn't have changed anything over the long term.  Let's say he wins, he goes on to glory that year.  The statistical outlier on his timeline is 2007 not 2010.  If he were "worthy" of winning against Pitt, it would have proven itself here or at Arizona, instead he's proven that he's not on that tier of coaching.  I don't feel at all bad for statistical reality working itself out.  When I look at character and what people deserve, I'm interested in the whole line of inputs.  2007 was an anomaly for Rod, not the norm.  So no, not even a little.  

08/08/2017 - 12:40pm More that I think Rod's

More that I think Rod's results are the making of Rod, not circumstance, and I don't feel bad for his being proven a less-than-elite head coach.  He had a great offensive innovation, is a good offensive mind, and he's worth his paycheck, but give him equal talent to the Harbaugh's or the Meyer's of the world and he'll lose.  Not every game, but most of them, and in some cases by a wide margin.  In my eyes. he's received exactly what he deserves, he's in one of the top 100 positions in his field, he's well paid, and for-his-accomplishments well regarded.  Sure, his legacy may have been less bumpy if he'd stayed at WVU, but he chose to reach, that's his decision, not a failure of the universe.  

08/08/2017 - 12:02pm Poor?

He makes two and a half million dollars every year for doing what he loves to do.  Let's try that again for emphasis - HE MAKES $2.5 MILLION/YEAR!!!!

Has he had the success he'd like?  no,  Does anyone "deserve" the success they want?  If anyone considers any answer other than "no" to that question, they need to take a course in reality.  

There's a lot of ways to look at people's outcomes relative to their inputs, and it's highly subjective, so if you want to consider Rod on the "deserving of better" part of life's equation... that's your call, but you'll forgive me for saying I think there's about 7 billion more people in the world who are more worthy of sympathies than a guy who gets paid $2.5 mill doing what he loves.  Accolades are garbage, be a good person.  

08/02/2017 - 2:08pm The SoE article is crap

In the etc. was linked Matt Brown's worst 10 games, and related the best 100 games.  The worst 10 loses all meaning when the best 100 has M going 0-8-1 overall.  M-OSU's best games were NOT '06 and '16.  M-PSU in '97 can't be outside the top 100 games all time - can.not.  Given that the #7 and #4 on the list (just very quick glance at top 10) are really mediocre games with amazing finishes - then M-ND from '12 should be in that group.  

Sure, I'm biased.  I'm also objectively smarter than Mr. Brown; M can't be listed as, "one of the establishment titans of college football" and not have a single win listed in the top 100 games all time.

Fail, Mr. Brown.  Brian, don't give credence to such nonsense.   

07/27/2017 - 9:42am No, he can't post anything

Sorry, but no.  

If Brian wants to make a website and post anything he wants, he is, of course, able and encouraged to do just that.  MGoBlog isn't his to do with entirely as he pleases, though.  It is a commercial enterprise, and we, the readership (and those who buy tshirts and all the other stuff) allow Brian (and his staff) to spend their professional time focused on M Sports (something for which probably just about everyone reading this site is at least a little bit jealous).  

He is therefore beholden to us, not the other way around.  Your comment is correct, he can do what he wants, but if he posts up crap no one wants to read, he will (a lot quicker than you'd think) find himself back writing, "Brian's UofM" with a readership of Brian's mom.  

So, if he wants to post up politics, that's his business.  He's got to make the decisions on which his small business runs.  I think it's a bad call, personally (make a personal blog for that stuff, and advertise it here Brian - imnho), it smacks of hypocrisy to say "no politics" and then post up a front page post entirely about politics.  But hey, I'm just a guy who's watched lots of businesses die (and for my mistakes helped killed a few), what the hell do I know?

05/17/2017 - 3:46pm Just to be sure -

I just want to check to make sure I understand this right - 

MGoBlog is one of the more popular college athletic blogs in the country, yes?
Michigan has a successful Baseball and a not-as-successful-as-we'd-like-but-still-successful softball team about to head into their sport's tournaments, both worth at least looking at during spring doldrums.
Michigan has other spring sports.
MGoBlog has multiple staff writers.

Yet the only article of the day is a piece that beats a horse that died two and a half years ago, that this site beat to death six months before Hoke left, and has beat the carcass unrecognizable since then?

What happens to those receivers if Rodriguez had recruited even the basics of an offensive line to protect poor shattered Gardner or a run game?  

I get that late spring is a slow time, and I get that you guys hated Hoke (not wholely unjustifiably), but if you need some ideas, what about a quick run-down on other spring sports, do an article on what it's like to be a grad assistant or a scout player or you did your tickets to the team, what about a quick rundown of the players you're sure we're NOT going to see until next year.  How about instead of articles that crap on former players/teams you find a few topics that celebrate?  Rank top receiving corps and compare them with the incoming freshmen, compare 97's defense with last year?  I gotta get back to work, but I was really hoping for a distraction, and all I got was a maggoty pile of festering chum. 



08/25/2016 - 3:46pm example

Let's move you to a new company.

Same job as you do now, but bigger company. 

Your new company got to see your work, but they handle much more complicated cases than you did at your old job.  They have high hopes for you, expect bright things, but again, you've never actually worked at this level.  (near 5* freshman recruit)

They let you get your first week of work in, so you know where the bathroom is, you've met the team, found a decent place to have lunch, etc. (summer camp) 

Day 1 week 2 you're handed the lead role on one of the key clients of the company - on what is one of the most complicated positions in the team.  (starting offensive lineman)

I don't care how good your training has been - some people, even if they "could" handle the workload, can't handle that pressure.  (% of freshmen, even near 5* freshmen, even with current training, who just can't handle the college game, much less those asked to start, much less those asked to start on an offensive line, much less those asked to start on an offensive line for a team who has - if not a mandate - certainly an eye on the playoff) 


Santa, I feel comfortable saying all of us would be very happy with our stockings if you could deliver this young man 2 years of seasoning as an early Christmas present.  


01/08/2016 - 2:40pm eyebrow pop

All of the good things here, they are good.

What does it say about this defense when the best athlete on the team is the THIRD most important piece coming back, and I can't even argue the assertion?  

I admit I had to read the post twice before that really sunk in.  Then I got all warm and fuzzy inside, followed shortly by visions of the carnage and destruction that shall be wrought upon our foes, and my warmth only grew.  

Go Blue

10/28/2015 - 4:20pm ... when compared to the

... when compared to the species and what makes us different than goldfish, I don't guess at all, one life is definitely silly.  There's a reason parents sacrifice for children, why soldiers sacrifice for each other.  Why we bother to teach.  You and I are important only insofar as the whole is important.  If our whole is crap, our individuals are less.  If our whole is strong, our individuals are more.  

Humans have been humans for something like 50 thousand years.  Any one individual life is less important than all of us together.

There's a reason Sparty is little brother, because as a whole they have the attitude of little brothers, not as confident self-actualized adults.  Sure, individuals within Sparty nation are grown-ups, but the fan base as a whole?  Little brother.  

Yes Matty, if you and I are in a room during The Game, and you start choking right as Jabrill breaks the game winning touchdown, it is right and proper that I stop watching and save your life, because your life is more important than a game.  But - when we're discussing whether talking about society or talking about the value of one life - we're in it for the species, boys and girls.  

10/28/2015 - 11:06am As Coach Kill stated, he's

As Coach Kill stated, he's done nothing else for 32 years.  Calling a man's life's work "silly" is shortsighted.  These coaches do more than entertain us, they commit their lives to finding ways to teach young men about the traits of excellence.  They demonstrate to all of us that with commitment, discipline, and teamwork, that any endeavor, no matter how seemingly impossible, can be achieved.  

Sure, there's coaches (and leagues) who see only wins and losses.  Whose graduates see nothing but dollar signs and celebrity. However, the majority (even at the top ranks) really do have programs that seek to give a sense of direction and purpose to their players.  They seek to inspire us all to greater heights.  

The modern world doesn't generally require us to be at our peak physically.  Despite the impressive paychecks of modern professional athletes, their pay pales in comparison with the top intellectuals and businesspeople.  Still, athletics is a very distinct and visual experience which - when looked upon with a grasp of all the work and effort that has gone into making the entertainment in front of us - leads us to drive ourselves within our talents to set ever higher standards, and push our collective world ahead.

Athletics isn't silly, it's metaphor.  The statistics and results themselves may not be individually important, but remember, it's the first step which leads to the second which leads to the third... On Saturdays, we get to see the results of all the details to which the team has already dealt.  Those details are not silly, nor is discussing that minutiae.  It ought to give us a greater perspective of what we're seeing - the payoff at the end of a long road.  

We don't discuss life and death of individuals when we talk sports, we discuss that which drives us forward as a species.  

08/07/2015 - 11:38am Rudyard Kipling's response -
If you can keep your head when all about you   


    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,   

If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
    To serve your turn long after they are gone,   
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,   
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,   
    And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!


I agree with you Brian, you're a lot more like Rod than Hoke.    

07/25/2015 - 3:51am 2. Armada by Ernest

2. Armada by Ernest Cline (author of Ready Player One)

Haven't read it, don't trust the author.  Just finished Ready, Player One last week.  It had only 1 redeeming factor, quality respect to the references.  Even there, he was pushing so hard to get them in, that he didn't truly give any of the references ENOUGH respect.  It's fine to mention all these great games, etc.  but give them some guts!  

Further, I hate Wade.  He's a jerk.  You've heard the saying, "if you're having dinner with someone, and they're nice to you but not nice to the waiter, they're not a nice person"?  It's true, and look at how he acts when he (twice) does phone support.  Say what you will about phone support callers, his attitude shows that he doesn't respect them as people, much less worthy of his time.  

I'm not a cuddly person, and I have no problem telling an idiot they are an idiot, but Kline writes so much over-the-top crap in to make us think that Wade's such an open-minded, good, wholesome, respect-all-people, vomit-inducing sweetheart that his writing that particular character flaw in (as well as the white-hat/black-hat 1 dimensional writing) makes R, P1 at best an inferior novel, and unless Armada is somehow orders of magnitude better writing, then it's not worth the trouble.    

11/11/2014 - 3:56pm Brian, are you a buckeye?

Today on your blog, Seth wrote about the death of Al Renfrow.  A man who when his team was down didn't go into a pathetic teenage huff and stop supporting them.  A man who decided when his team was down to GET UP AND CHEER THEM.  

You guys decided to stop handing out stars to the football team because you don't like things.  You whine in every article about "the mercifully short Hoke era."  Instead of paying attention to the realities of what's wrong, you note them - YOU ACTUALLY SEE THE PROBLEMS, and then ignore them, and instead go on to do your pseudo-statistical blahblahblah "proving" that your way is the right way and to hell with the program.

You're fairweather fans, and should ALL be ashamed.  YOU, gentlemen, are what's wrong with our program.  Far more than Hoke, far more than Brandon.  At least they actively want the program to succeed.  You get more readers because you've gotten so damned good at whining and crabbing and OMG WHOA IS BLUE, whatever shall you do you helped run off a coach you didn't like to get the coach you wanted... who then proceeded to explain to you why he couldn't succeed instead of doing something about it ... and then got replaced by a good man who's a better coach than you give him credit for - who doesn't whine to you and you hate him for it - who actually is trying to fix the embarassing debacle that was Rod's offensive line recruiting.  But no, he can't fix it fast enough to save himself from the anti-Blue on this site.   

Grow up.  All of you,  I'm avoiding using a lot of the words I'd like to use, but then you could too easily take the pouty children's way out and delete the post "for cause".  I assume you will anyway, because you're cowards who are so full of your own hubris - arrogant assumption that you're right to the point that you're blind to other perspectives - that anyone who challenges your Henri the Otter routine must automatically be wrong. 

Go Blue, gentlemen, hope some day one of you actually sees the gaping chasm that is between all of you and Mr. Renfrow, RIP.  

10/24/2014 - 1:15pm "I want more than B1G

"I want more than B1G championships--I want CoFoPo appearances, All-Americans, Heisman contenders, and coaches that are the envy of the nation.  That's what it means to be the Leaders and Best."

You want pipe dreams.  You're not entitled to pipe dreams.  By the way, guess what, you HAD this coach.  He got run out of town with a lot of help from this here blog in '07.  

Control what you can control.  Let the subjective nonsense happen.  Guess what, win your games, CFP appearances will happen.  Play good sound football, All-Americans will happen.  Coaching consistency (which even this site has discussed as a net positive) breeds Heisman contenders.  

Give me a coach who helps create young men who actually thrive in the NFL, who creates young men who leave here and become good quality people.  THAT SIR, is what it means to be the Leaders and Best.  To hell with the cheating worthless nonsense that is the SEC.  They are what's wrong with the system.  Do you want to be what's wrong, or do you want to be Michigan?  Subjective nonsense does not a program make.  

I want a program, not an insult.  Control what you can control, ignore the bs.  That's what men do.  

11/27/2013 - 11:58am Why are fans down on Hoke,

Why are fans down on Hoke, cuz the offense is getting worse.

Why were the fans down on RRod? Cuz the defenses started abysmal, got worse every year. Because he was paid to give us wins and instead gave us excuses. Because he said deliberately he didn't care what came before him at one of the most tradition rich program in all of sports. Because his teams got weaker as each year went along.

Because there's NOTHING about his tenure here to suggest that he'd have done better than Hoke. NOT ONE THING.

I don't care if he fits in elsewhere, and I don't wish any ill upon him, but I will never EVER regret that he is no longer at the helm of this team.

11/26/2013 - 6:20pm History

One of the most common whines from other teams fans and *cough* ESPN bloggers regarding Michigan fans is our propensity to point at history. That we all know we won the first Rose Bowl and got it cancelled (temporarily). That we know we are the winningest program in history. That we all talk about our past - and these same people use it to mock us when we're down.

Get some perspective, people! This is a crappy season. Lloyd had crappy seasons, Moeller had crappy seasons, BO HAD CRAPPY SEASONS! Even the best teams have down turns. Bama was a laughingstock, Florida is a laughingstock. Texas missed a bowl. I hadn't heard a peep out of USC when I became a fan up until Caroll came along.

History is on our side! This too shall pass!!! We didn't become the winningest program in history by panicking and throwing in the towel on this team.

Go Blue

11/17/2013 - 12:00am It's progress

No one is going to suggest this is anything but a team with deeply exploit(ed)(able) flaws. Still, what's the one thing you look for in a great kid? Grit. Willingness to keep going. This team has had a number of opportunities this season to fold up - and they keep fighting.

I get it, Brian and the staff are Henri the Otter time, fine, whatever. The point is, they should have been smart enough at the start of the season (not going to go look but I think they were) to say 8-4ish season back in August...

Hopefully this win helps them regain some confidence, and go beat a very beatable Iowa, and then, well, another game will happen. Then we go to the bowl 8-4! And better yet, we go to the bowl with the worst case scenario being "still better than Rod's best year".

This team has flaws. They're flaws that should have been obvious all along - we haven't had a consistent run game outside of our QB's since Lloyd...

Regardless, these boys and these coaches ARE BUILDING. It's painful, it's slower than we'd like, and we the fans are taking a beating on the way, but I for one am proud of these young men.

Go blue, beat Iowa!

11/12/2013 - 5:21pm Lets get rid of Hoke! It

Lets get rid of Hoke! It can't be worse, right? We can't end up with a guy taking us sub-.500 instead of over .700 for 3 years, right? We can't find ourselves in an even bigger hole, right?!?

This is how REAL transitions go. Coach comes in, fixes obvious flaws of previous (loser) coach, wins. Recruiting must change - opponents start adapting - things get worse. New coach who isn't a moron starts building. Good things happen.

If you're too short-sighted to understand that, then you're never going to be happy - stop reading fan sites, they will only make you angrier. Better, just go hide in a cave until Shane brings us a crystal ball in '17

11/10/2013 - 12:32pm Bo had 100 scholarships.

Bo had 100 scholarships. Hell of a lot easier to dominate when you can take that many kids off the board.

11/10/2013 - 12:29pm Lets try this again ...

Lets try this again ... WORST. DEFENSES (plural). IN. SCHOOL. HISTORY.

Rod would not have been better, would have ruined Robinson's career by breaking him, would have been lucky to make a bowl game last year, and would leave us in truly a tire fire recruiting situation now rather than merely an embarrassing mess. We'd be putting MAC players out there as our stars now.

11/10/2013 - 7:14am Worst team in history

So wait, is this the lowest technological state in human history? Is this the worst economic year in US history? Is M the losingest team in FBS history?

Or are you just the stupidest troll on this site today?

11/10/2013 - 7:05am RichRod recruited us into the

RichRod recruited us into the O-line debacle we see out there this season.

RichRod's defenses got WORSE season after season.

Rods right now building a middle of the pack Pac12 team out of a bottom of the pack team. That is... Not a remarkable feat.

Hoke has made something (if not yet enough) out of the, lets say it together boys and girls, WORST DEFENSES IN SCHOOL HISTORY. Hoke is now feeling the pain of a severe lack of talent on the offensive side. I'm not saying Hoke's spectacular, and I'm not 100% convinced he's the right man for the job, but do have some perspective about the REAL state of the respective cupboards.

11/10/2013 - 6:53am Rod's best production with

Rod's best production with Denard, 7 wins, and gave us the 3 historically worst defenses in program history while recruiting stupidly and FAR too many crappy kids (many good ones but too too many crappy ones).

Brady's worst production with Denard, 8 wins losing to 4 top 10 teams. Rod inherited Graham and a team two years off a #1 vs #2 showdown, Brady inherited a defense in an absolute shambles and the most incompetent offensive line recruiting maybe in FBS history.

11/10/2013 - 6:44am You've just pinpointed the

You've just pinpointed the key issue - worse than Borges.

There are no stars. Much as I want him to be, and much as I believe Gardner's a better quarterback - he's not Denard. We don't have a Kovacs, a Graham, a Hemingway, a Martin, an Edwards... It takes more than a year to build them too.

This is year 1 of this offense. No right-minded person would have done anything besides build around Denard, but we didn't build enough. This year is the culminating masterpiece of Rod's recruiting, and things WILL GET BETTER.

11/10/2013 - 6:37am Rod cried and begged for his

Rod cried and begged for his job after the worst three years in program history. You may not like hearing "we failed to execute" but it's the 100% truth.

What do you as a fan think we deserve? All we deserve is a clean program, and our team in position to win the game. Obviously we were yesterday. Last week, we needed more breaks, but last week was the second time in Hoke's tenure where we got beat up and down the field. Rod saw his second defeat like that before his first season was half over (okay admittedly I'm not convinced Lloyd had two (Tenn bowl game)).

Still, Rod was a delusional nincompoop - The one thing I'm absolutely confident about is that Brady Hoke is self-honest.

11/05/2013 - 7:22pm Rod 15-22, Hoke 25-9

Coaches are paid to win, not make excuses.

Hoke gets more time because he's won. Yes, he also gets more benefit of the doubt because of he's not actively trying to say the least popular comments possible to the Michigan fan base. Yes he also gets more benefit of the doubt because he had a remarkable first year. Those benefits are not unlimited. If he does not win games, especially big games, he won't be here. He's earned more time so far.

10/16/2011 - 5:40pm Look at how MSU played

Look at how MSU played yesterday.  If they repeat that vs. Wisc + @ Neb, they lose 2 SOUNDLY.  Then UMich is back in control of its own destiny to play for the B1G. 

Denard has nothing to do w/ how well the running backs play, and we're not getting enough.  Give him backs that can get another yard per play, so that defences can't cue all on him for running, and see if he can hit more lanes.

The loss yesterday was not all on Denard, he went back to pass and the O-line got manhandled.  The passes weren't great, but give him another second or two and let's see if they were better. 

"one dimensional" is a failure to respect that Denard has never been asked to be a good sound fundamental passer at this level - give him a chance.  He was forced to beat ND in the air, and regardless of what ND did, he succeeded.  There's a lot to hope for, and he is capable of winning the league.

10/16/2011 - 4:57pm Just to be clear

Just to be clear - Rod forced 3-3-5 on a coach who'd never taught it before, and didn't recruit to support any defence.  It is appropriate to say neither DC made the situation better, but it's still 3 years straight of record setting bad defenses.  Rod's reply was that he didn't spend time on that side of the ball, that's what he had a DC for.  Thanks Rod, then why aren't you an OC and let a real head coach worry about the whole team?

10/16/2011 - 4:52pm oh wait, it's you again,

oh wait, it's you again, didn't read the poster...  So you're capable of intelligent thought after all, huzzah!


Feel free to tag me down for being off topic...  I just wanted to acknowledge that I did realize after the fact. 



10/16/2011 - 4:33pm To start off with - my issue

To start off with - my issue w/ the OP is that he's advocating an idea that is patently stupid (running Denard 40 times for 12 games straight is not only impossible (he would be broken long before he got there) but stupid (we wouldn't win more games)).

My other issue is that he can't defend this position, he keeps coming back to me calling him names.  Sticks and stones and all that, make a point, make me wrong by NOT being a whiny coaching bigot, don't worry about what a guy he thinks (and okay probably is) is an asshole idiot thinks of him. 

My last issue is that he's not reading, he's just ranting.  Which in and of itself is probably reason enough I should've let it drop.  He's clearly overly emotional, and not going to be able to think about what I'm writing.  So yeah, I should've been the bigger man there, but I wasn't, I'll have to work on that.


You make a major mistake sir in using the term "people like you" - assuming you understand anything about me as an individual by merging me with a group you assume I subscribe to based on 4 forum posts... wow. 


You liked Rod's public persona, that's your opinion, and I understand why you say that, he was much more colorful than most of Michigan's coaches.  Hoke's not hired to entertain me, he's hired to win football games.  What would Lloyd have said after Mesko's failed fake field goal?  I predict he would have said something along the lines of, 'we saw something, and it didn't work."  He _NEVER_ threw a kid under the bus for a game decision.  That's what I mean about classy.  I don't want to get into relative skill sets of inherited player base, it's highly subjective - but let's just say Rod came in and made excuses for 3 years about empty cupboards, Hoke came in and is 6-1 so far.  Neither one had the skill sets on the field they might want, but one whined, while the other won. 

For Elite programs - you talk about national championships as the only thing that defines elite...  That's fine.  I will choose to disagree.  Michigan is 7th in win % in the 30 years the OP supposedly has had to "endure" (not once helped by Rod), Michigan is 8th in that span in total wins.  We've won league championships in what is (I hope even to you) without question an elite league every 2.5 seasons during that span.  Teams flash and then they go away until they come back.  That works for some, I'd rather know every year my team will compete.  That's a pretty simple disagreement though, and I'm ok with your opinion. 

I worry that chasing subjective championships leads to dirty programs.  You talk about Carroll (left before his program got hammered), Jim Tressel (just quit after cheating scandal) - if it takes being dirty to win, I don't want to win, but thanks.  Michigan wants to win every game, does win more than almost anybody, and pre-Rod had a legitimate chance to win every time they took the field.  I don't know why you think that's not elite.


I don't want you to take your fanhood elsewhere - you make legitimate points and have worthwhile arguments.  I disagree, but so what, it takes lots of opinions to make the best decisions.  I want the person making a patently stupid argument who's cussing at me like I've somehow offended his honor for pointing out that his opinion is in fact patently stupid to stop being a Michigan fan.  He makes this program weaker.  I don't care if someone prefers Rod, I care about having fans who represent Michigan well - which they don't.  I hope you don't lump yourself in with the OP again - just because you prefer the hope of what Rod was doesn't mean you're the same type of fan as them.


Last, for yesterday - Ok, OSU vs. MSU shouldn't be the only standard, but look at what MSU did to Denard last year if you want further justification.  Let's be clear - I wanted a run on 4th down.  I wanted more Denard runs.  I think Borges blew it yesterday - and have posted that above.  But assuming that running Denard 40 times would magically guarantee a win is just not good thinking.

10/16/2011 - 3:29pm Valid - I admit I let my

Valid - I admit I let my temper get away from me.

The kids playing now, a lot of them anyway, are Rod's recruits, and are "honest kids" - and I appreciate all of them.  They're Michigan men, no argument. 

What I think I was trying to get at with that comment, without successfully saying it, is that, going back over the last few decades - over the course of the 30 years that the OP has had to "endure", is that teams that have become consistent national title winners have almost all ended up in some level of NCAA heat.  Me, give me a team that controls what it can control - whether or not it wins the Big 10.  That will be enough. We will win some national titles, we will have our share of top 5/10 ranking finishes.  Trying for subjective titles is a pipe dream that leads to decisions I am proud my team has never made.


As far as Rod's style not working...  Allow me to clarify slightly.  I have nothing against the spread, or even the 3-3-5 per se.  I have a problem with the way Rod put himself (his style) above the team.  He came into Michigan with a team built for a pro style.  Instead of adapting and figuring out how to make use of the skills around him, he alienated players and forced us into something, and gave us something we couldn't be proud of.  He whined about "empty cupboards" instead of adapting to the skills at hand.  Then he got to year 2, still couldn't adapt, brought in a defensive coordinator who himself couldn't adapt to the style Rod couldn't get away from, and still couldn't get us to a bowl game.  He threw kids under the bus for decisions (Mesko's punt).  Then last year he had little left in the way of excuses and gave us a team that got embarassed against good competition, and had to win in shoot outs against even FCS UMass. 

"Michigan football" in my opinion - has nothing whatsoever to do with a given style, system or format - it has to do with playing intelligently, playing great fundamentals (fundamentals that don't change no matter what style a team uses), and being able to adapt and out think opponents in order to win football games.  Jan. 1 '98.  Lloyd wasn't scoring on WSU with the offense that had worked well enough all year, so we threw the 2 longest (in the air) passes all year, and got the points up.  It wasn't Lloyd's instincts, but we did what we had to.  My issue with Rod isn't the spread or the 3-3-5, it's that he gave us poor fundamental football, wouldn't adapt to the players or to situations, and no - those things won't work in the SEC, or in most conferences. 

If you want me to admit I went too far, yeah, you're probably right, but I stand by my pleasure that Rod is gone, and my belief that we will be a better team under Hoke.  

10/16/2011 - 6:02am yeah, shouldn't post a

yeah, shouldn't post a second, but I just reread, and I'm still stinging on the game, so I'll lament by poking holes in your words -

"You don't know which single play is going to knock him out of the game."

That's why running him 40 times can't work.  Every run has a potential to injure, and thus a 40 carry game puts those chances into the 99% range.  Your plan doesn't work in any sane sensibility, and history proved it.  Why else did he miss time in almost every game last year?  I don't need to, "Check (my) ... memory" sexual or otherwise.  He didn't make it to 40 carries because he COULDN'T.  He's not superhuman, he's just very talented. 

"WHY ... are we continuously putting Denard in positions that don't suit his skill set?"

Three reasons.  1. because being one-dimensional doesn't work.  OSU vs. MSU proved that.  2. because Denard wants to win.  Given that #1 is fact - then only running him means we lose more.  3. Just because something isn't one's specialty doesn't mean it's not within their skill set.  Clearly logic isn't your specialty, and yet you keep replying.

"before he had a legit chance to win with his guys."

Whiny excuses.  The cupboard wasn't empty.  Good coaches win, period.  Rod is a coward.  Reality was there, he stood his ground on his system that was't working and whined for 3 years about getting the right kids for his system.  You're being a hypocrite again, btw - you're blaming Borges for not being successful w/o giving him a "legit chance".  Hoke doesn't have the right kids for his system, and is winning.  OMG how could that have happened?  You mean a coach doesn't need 4 years of whiny excuses before we can start expecting something out of him?  We're still in  a decent position to challenge for the Big Ten championship.  Did Rod finish in the top half of the league any of his 3 years?  Good coaches win.  Everything else is excuses.

"I ... hate people like you"

That the only things you know about me is that I have better reading comprehension than you and that I don't suffer bad fans (and that I disagree with you) - I have to assume you're just trying to help me prove my point now.  I said you're a coaching bigot.  You're not willing to give Borges or Hoke a chance, you want Rod back after 1 loss.  I called you whiny and you're throwing f-bomb strewn temper tantrums at me.  Names are only inappropriate if they're inaccurate - otherwise they're just adjectives. 

"being an elite program"

We ARE an elite program sir.  It's fans like you that don't understand what that term means that brought Rod in, and cost us the bowl streak, and got us penalized by the NCAA, and made me lose faith in my team.  During my time as a fan I never once went into a game expecting to lose.  Under Rich I didn't start out that way, but especially after the first year, and as things continued decending, what did Rod give me to expect besides to assume every 3rd and short against us would convert, and be surprised when they didn't.  To expect that I would be embarassed by our tackling and fundamentals.  To expect to lose, embarassingly at times, including his only bowl - if you went into that game thinking anything besides "please don't let it be lopsided" you weren't watching that season.  Rod made us a joke sir - and if that's what you want, then I repeat my other post - go elsewhere, you don't deserve to be a Wolverine.


10/16/2011 - 2:35am all the amazing ignorance

all the amazing ignorance spewed forth, and it all comes down to one thing.  Rod will never coach for this school again, so go pick a different school to root for, Michigan will be better off for it.  There's lots of schools that love Rod's style, and play in leagues where they don't play defense so it could even work.  Good luck to you,

You endured?  You endured 30 of the greatest years of college football ever with the greatest program in college football.  How awful that you had to endure conference championships in 82, 86, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 97, 98, 00, 03 and 04 - one every 2.5 years, HOW AWFUL.  How terrible that you had to suffer through those 26 straight bowl appearances, part of the second longest streak ever.  Such pain that you had to watch Michigan be able to compete with anyone, anytime - there was never an assumed loss.  SHAME on Blue for only giving you two Heisman's and kids you could be proud of, and a program beyond reproach. 

Then in came Rod.  Who drove off a Heisman caliber quarterback because he wouldn't even try to adapt.  Who gave us the three worst defenses in school history because he wouldn't consider anything but his own system.  Who put himself above, "The team, the team, the team."  Who failed us sir, FAILED US, the fans.  He whined too, and made excuses, and didn't deserve to be here.  But at least he was clearly your coach - he thought just by wanting something to be true he could make it so. 

If that's what you want sir, then go be a fan elsewhere.  I'll sit and watch my team play honest ball, with honest kids the right way.  It's impossible to prove, and so what, but I'll tell you now, Michigan will win a national championship again playing Michigan football before it ever would have with Rod at the helm. 

If you've really "endured" 30 years of Blue, then it implies you're what in your 40's?  50's?  whatever, you're old enough to know better, and to have a little more self-respect, that last post was really quite difficult to endure reading.

You do get the fact that Denard was out of almost every game last season for injury, yes?  That he couldn't endure the pounding he took with the carries he got, yes?  So I'm going to ask again - in what reality could we win when we'd have to have the fullback literally throwing his broken body forward towards the line of scrimmage to make it to 40? 


But hey, what do I know, I think winning more conference championships than anybody, more consistently, more victorys than anybody, more national championships than anybody, 6th most NFL players, gives the Blue a certain amount of right to make up its own mind about the best course to accomplish our goals.



10/15/2011 - 11:23pm "Commenting about something

"Commenting about something you don't like is the purpose of having a forum."  Well, you're wrong again, its purpose is for intelligent discussion - if you just want to vent your spleen without anyone commenting, go outside and vent to the universe.  But on that one we'll just have to agree to disagree.


Most of your reply here is whining about me disagreeing with you, and calling me a name (bully).  Hypocrite much?  Defend your opinion, I'm willing to listen - hell maybe you're seeing something I don't.  I'm not always right, but at least I have a reason for my opinion before I put it out there - you're mad because I asked you to understand forum implies comment AND reply.

Our offense was anemic last year against anything resembling a quality defense, as it would have been this year.  Our defense was unforgivable last year, and (opinion) gave me no reason to hope it would have gotten any better with another year.  So what you're saying is that you'd like more of last year?  Defend that, please.

Here's my opinion - Borges blew it today, he had a bad game.  He's also a better offensive mind than Rod, and gives us a better chance in the future against EVERY team, when we have more kids to suit.  Play today's game 5 times - we're going to come out on top 2 of them - Sparty this year is a more complete team (even if, probably because they include dirty criminals) - but they did try to hand us the game.  Play it under Rod's staff, we come out 0.  Play it 20 times and we might win once w/ Rod.  Thanks, I'll stick w/ Hoke. 

Let's get back to your initial opinion - you'd like to become a one-dimensional offense where we expose our best weapon to 40+ potentially devastating hits every game for a whole season...  In what black hole universe do you exist where you think this could possibly win us more games?!? 

So thanks, I'll opt not to take up that last suggestion of yours. 

10/15/2011 - 8:44pm Coaching Bigot

"trying to keep an open mind...".
<br>Clearly you've been looking for an excuse to whine, and finally found one. I'm not going to defend Borges, this was his worst game of the season, Coach Hoke was right, we got out coached today. However, running Denard 40 time last year didn't work, and made him less able to function going forward. There's nothing even defensible in defending plans which have already been proven don't work. Play smarter, adapt better, win more.
<br>No offense, but Ohio tried being on dimensional against Sparty already - being blind to reality is a hallmark of the last coach, not this one.