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05/03/2011 - 11:47pm I disagree

I think Darius made a wise decision because

1) The talent is depleted in this draft with  a lot of players staying in the draft. Also a lot of mock drafts have him in the end of the first round and near the top of the 2nd round and he can play himself into the a solid first round position

2) There is no guarantee even if he comes back that he would develop a 3 point jump shot. I think he will develop a left hand he was getting a lot better with his left hand toward the end of the year.

3) Also remember this Scouts can find more flaws in his game if he stays in college and he might not even improve his stock or he might make it worse

All in all I understand everyones frustration but I think Darius is entering the draft is a good business decision hes a  6'4'' PG and some team in the end of the first round will snatch him up.