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02/09/2013 - 3:31pm Where's the Home Cooking in AA

I know I am looking at this with my Go Blue glasses on but I have clearly seen some serious home cooking in Crap-lumbus, Indiana and today in Wisco in recent weeks, and is it me or is it true that I just don't see the same degree of home cooking in AA in favor of the Wolverines?  I mean I could argue that when O-lie-O just came to town it seemed with the officiating was more like the game was in Crap-lumbus.  Now I am not saying there is no home court advantage at Crisler but it seems to come from the stands and the energy that provides for the most part, I surely do not see such blatant bullshit from the refs with such consistency in AA - this morning while I was watching this I am saying to myself maybe if Michigan did get these kind of BS calls going there way in AA, I could accept it with "hey part of playing on the road", but because I don't see the same shit happening in AA - it drives me fucking Crazy!!!  Like I said I am trying to be unbiased or at least as unbiased as possible but hell I really do not see such blantant BS when teams play in AA.  Honestly, I would rather there be NO BS on the road or at home but if there is this Unwritten Home court in the B1G with Home Cooking, could someone remind those MF'ers when they come to Crisler. 


What a terrible way to start a Saturday -

02/07/2013 - 2:36pm Test

If you can create and test something that can mute Dick Vitale and all Aaron "The Hack" Craft love, then I would say it works perfectly.

02/06/2013 - 4:34am Agree [email protected]!< Vitale- my ears were almost bleeding

Sorry for the length of this but I am so confused, I have read on so many blogs and been to so many site's and even read on this site people praising Aaron "The Hack" Craft (as I refer to him) for being such a great defender while many times in the same post admitting that he is a foul machine that basically gets away with murder or putting it in a very PC manner describing Mr.Hack as a "hands on", "very physical" player?? Dick Vitale almost made my ears bleed tonight talking about how great a defender Craft is to stay in front of Burke and others while the TV screen is showing The Hack impeding the progress of Burke and any other offensive player with his hands and upper body EVERYTIME. Look almost anyone and - ANYONE who is talented enough to play D1 BBall - can play great defense when they are allowed to use their hands to "body up" and slow down the opposing player’s progress - That is not good defense that is ILLEGAL defense that should draw a foul EVERYTIME. If anyone else would consistently play like that they would foul out 5 defensive possessions into the game. So I know I am preaching to the choir here but NO Craft is not great, Craft is a hack, he is a player that for some reason beyond my comprehension is allowed to do continuously what no one else in the game is allowed to do. The one thing about I will give to The Hack is that he has heart and competitiveness, and seems to be a pretty honest guy, when asked what the key to his defense is, from what I understand he said that he just fouls the other player on every play, stating "they can't call a foul on every play." Well I can admire his honesty and how hard he plays, but to praise him for being such a great defender, is to praise the guy that gets away with robbing the corner store at gunpoint - for being such a Smart Shopper.

Once again sorry for the length - just had to get that off my chest -

Go Blue