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09/28/2014 - 9:24pm No authority?!?!?

Coaches certainly could have said "this guy is hurt and not playing anymore."

That statement is insulting to my intelligence. Hoke and Brandon must go, and now.

09/28/2014 - 9:21pm No authority??

The coaches certainly have the ability to say "this guy is not playing the rest of the day." DONE.

That statement is so insulting to my intelligence. I rarely comment on here but was driven to after reading that absurd missive.

Brandon and Joke must go, and now.

10/10/2012 - 1:02pm Michigan - 27
Illinois - 18

Michigan - 27

Illinois - 18

03/28/2011 - 3:40am What about Pike?

Would love to hear his reaction....

09/10/2010 - 4:33pm Daughter


Tell your daughter I said what up

08/26/2010 - 1:51pm This is awful

"Its Michigan.  Ohio State.  Happy Halloween everybody!" - Brent Musberger


Holy Toledo...........

08/23/2010 - 2:47pm OPENER!

I'm flying in from LA for the opener!  I can't wait to see Denard shake these Husky-fools out of their pants!  AHHHHHHHHHHHH 12 DAYS!

08/11/2010 - 7:04pm Run. Away.

06/07/2010 - 6:32pm Angelique says a source was

Angelique says a source was saying that he could qualify at Florida State.   Gosh that makes my blood boil.  I'm sure RichRod et al are busting their asses to get this kid in. 

Also, there could be something else we haven't heard about yet...

05/03/2010 - 5:31pm What a sad story.  But get

What a sad story.  But get ready for the media to trot out the farcical Duke lacrosse case again. Already they're trying to link the two - apparently this kid went to the same prep school as some of the Duke guys.…

09/22/2009 - 2:07pm Tuesday recruiting?

What ever happened to Tuesday Recruiting? I like this Friday Night Lights feature, but that only pertains to our current commits. Is Tuesday Recruitin' dead?

09/08/2009 - 5:17pm Division fail.

Division fail.

09/06/2009 - 3:52pm I don't feel bad

No guys, I don't feel bad. The kid is obviously a practice all-star and it doesn't translate into games. Throw the damn ball away or take the sack, don't make another bad read and another bad throw. He's not talented enough to put the ball in the right place on the run like that.

Sheridan should see the field in mop-up time only.

09/03/2009 - 2:02pm Justin TV

Justin TV is the best - they have a constant ESPN feed. You can only get ESPN 360 if you have a cable provider that lists it.

09/02/2009 - 4:01pm As long as you're not quoting

As long as you're not quoting from the article, you're good.

09/02/2009 - 4:01pm Tell us

Tell us, the end.

09/02/2009 - 3:58pm Lightbox help


I'm having trouble viewing the vids in lightbox. Is it just me? Does it work well with Firefox?

07/17/2009 - 12:55pm Reading too far into it

I think you're reading too far into the "type of crowd" comment. I doubt very much that he has enough venom or intelligence to criticize kids based on social or location background.

More likely, he was making excuses for not enjoying his time there. The end.

07/13/2009 - 5:20pm You left out some info

He also said this, FWIW:

"I can give you about six to eight of the schools he is considering. You have to keep the Gophers in there in case he decides to stay home, but I'm not real sure where that stands. There is Minnesota, Florida, Florida State, Oklahoma, Michigan, USC, I know Notre Dame's been on his list and Ohio State."

06/25/2009 - 6:38pm Where are the Pistons in all of this?

Joe D better wake the fuck up and realize what's going on around him. I know the free agent period doesn't start til next week but damn - the Cavs gave up basically nothing for Shaq. Admittedly, I'm a big Shaq fan. And now this?

If Joe D signs Ben Gordon I'm skipping next season and you can wake me up this time next year.

06/05/2009 - 1:22pm Am I Missing Something?

How the F can you play a team from your conference and call it a non-conference game? Is this an oxymoron or am I missing something?

04/22/2009 - 1:07pm 10.66 OK?!?!!?

Maybe my sarcasm meter isn't registering the "it's not bad for a junior" comment. Seriously? 10.66 is wicked fast.

03/12/2009 - 2:02pm YES!

This is an important commit. Lets just hope he stays firm for the next 11 months.

02/05/2009 - 1:55pm How about

Oh, I don't know, how about what the coaches had to say, presser bits, surprises both for Michigan and around the country, etc. Also relevant hoops and/or hockey information would've been much better than a list of communist one-liners.

Oh and save the "read the diaries/board" comments. Thanks.

02/05/2009 - 12:05pm Thanks Tim

I just think that for those of us who don't read WLA, it was a pretty big shock to the system.

I think Russian rev. jokes suck and was hoping for a more informative update immediately following signing day.

02/03/2009 - 12:28pm YES!

It's always great to pick up a quality OL prospect!

Now lets all hang on for D-Rob!

01/30/2009 - 12:25pm WTF?

Maybe I'm not getting your sarcasm wile, but guess what, it's almost signing day! This is the big news right now. I'd be disappointed if Brian didn't address it.

01/21/2009 - 12:52pm Oh no

This slight tuft of air that lifted us up after a horrific football season is thinning rapidly.

Does Greg Oden have any eligibility left?

01/20/2009 - 2:27pm NO!

Mile, you're quoting stats from 10+ years ago. This guy is a disaster. In not being to attract a decent D coordinator, I hope this is not a sign that we're losing our luster.

This is not good.

01/19/2009 - 8:37pm Classless

Major dick move. I can remember reading a quote from Carroll in which he said the majority of underclassmen fail in the NFL. Ouch. You want your coach to be there for you, no matter what. Sometimes an elite program with 5-stars coming in every year has some juniors that take off to the NFL. As coach of that team, sometimes you have to deal with it in a way that doesn't make you look like a jerk.

In an unrelated footnote, a buddy of mine works for a media company here in LA that was selling tickets to dinner with Pete Carroll at the opening of the new ESPN Zone near Staples Center. He said he was having to offer big discounts because nobody cared.

01/19/2009 - 8:31pm LA BLUE

We must band together Wolvin. There is no need for a rivalry, only unity.

01/19/2009 - 3:56pm Rising Sophomore?

How can they possibly call him a rising sophomore? I think people tend to idealize a player after the season's over and forget just how truly awful our QB play was this year. Threet is the 4th QB on a decent team.