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02/19/2011 - 9:48am I have an idea...

I have an idea... Why don't you all stop giving your opinions on how Hoke is to be evaluated and use the same evaluation scale he is using for himself and Michigan Football.  Brady Hoke's quoto when addressing football team before press conference: "If we don't win a B10 Championship...WE FAIL. And we will work hard to get it to where we are winning B10 Championships!" B10 Titles and Rose Bowl appearances have been how UM coaches have been evaluated since FIELD YOST, THERE IS NO REASON THINGS SHOULD CHANGE NOW!!!!!!!!!!

01/21/2011 - 9:02pm setting the record straight

To set the record straight on why RichRod never went after this guy and never even offered him is because he doesn't know well the hell he is doing when it comes to recruiting DEFENSE and last time I checked, in the Big Ten you win with defense (hense why we couldn't win trying to outscore teams.)

Its irritating listening to you people talk about how good of a coach he is. If he was a good coach he would know how to recruit and how to fit his offense around his players (who tries running a spread option offense with Steven Threet and Nick Sheridan, OH YEAH RICHROD)!  And also he would know how to develop the players in the program!  And you may be asking yourselves why he hasn't found a job anywhere in America, its because he proved at Michigan he CAN"T win in BIG TIME college football. (BIG EAST IS NOT BIG TIME COLLEGE FOOTBALL)!!!!!!!! I have some insite for all you RichRod lovers out there, he is NOT our coach anymore, so quit posting on this site and go follow him to his next coaching failure!



12/28/2010 - 1:03pm i agreee

I agree with this prediction about breaking the streak vs MSU. In fact, despite Breslin being a tough place to play, I could see UM possibly taking both against sparty. 

Gotta take the Big Ten schedule one game at a time.  If Morris can continue averaging 15 points and 7 assists, along with 3 or 4 boards a game I also see an NCAA tourney appearance, or at least a high seed in NIT!

12/03/2010 - 2:33pm You don't me.. don't act like you do

No. I'm not trying to act like a UM historian.  I am just trying to figure how some many people think RR has the answers.  Well HE DOESN'T, so lets get rid of him and move on before he drives our program even lower into the ground. 

There is no doubt that our offense has improved but the you can't win in BIG TIME college football when your quarterback has to carry the ball 20 times a game.  If he had the answers he would have found a running back to go along with robinson and (last year) forcier.  Who ever thinks he is this great recruiter, my girlfriend is going to be a psychologist, I can set up an appt for with her and maybe she can figure out whats wrong with you cuz I sure as hell cant.      

12/03/2010 - 11:04am WOW!

You are yet another person talking about improvement.. Sorry but 7-5 isn't improving when you see who we beat.  Sorry but in 3 years under RR here is what he has done (IN THE BIG TEN WHICH IS ALL THAT MATTERS):

Illinois: 1-2

Wisconsin: 1-2

Purdue: 1-2

Michigan State: 0-3 (has happened since the 60s)

Ohio State: 0-3

Penn State: 0-3 (never happened since psu joined big ten)

Minnesota: 1-0

Northwestern: 0-1

Indiana: 2-0

Iowa: 0-2

WOW.. Yes all you people out there that can see improvement, I see what you mean. Oh wait the "wins" column comes first, so in fact I have no clue what any of you are talking about! YAY we got 7 wins, guess what 3 years in a row of losing records in big ten should never happen and hasn't in, oh, 40 YEARS..


12/03/2010 - 9:41am If he is afraid of

If he is afraid of competition... I don't want him on the roster.  I want guys that are willing to come in and know they have to fight for playing time and it just isn't going to be handed to you because a bunch of recruiting websites have you ranked as a top-ten back in the US.

12/02/2010 - 4:22pm why

First of all, I don't understand why there isn't more support of dxcookie.  All she is stating is well.... FACT! You here all the talk from Rich Rod and the media about the defense being true freshmen and redshirt freshmen (lacking experience) and getting criticized and injuries to Troy Woolfolk and JT Floyd is a big reason for playing the freshmen.  Fact is after 3 season Rich Rod STILL doesn't get it.  Defense wins championships in the Big Ten.   My question is why doesn't Rich Rod learn how to recruit defense, defense, and more defense? OH THAT'S RIGHT THE BIG EAST (when he was head of West Virginia), ACC (when he was Off. coordinator at clemson), AND CONFERENCE USA (when he was head coach of Tulane) don't play any defense at all. 

When my 19 year old sister knows more about football than our head coach @ MICHIGAN there is a problem.  Mary Sue(Michigan President) and DB cuts the ties with Rich Rod and bring in a REAL head football coach!