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09/24/2016 - 6:56pm Jake Butt

did I miss something?
Where has Jake been?


01/04/2012 - 9:13am What a ride!

I've been reading some of the comments on the different news sites and I have a hard time stomaching some of them.
This wasn't a lucky win, it was a gutsy win complete with a beat up O line that could barely stand by the end of the game, A much maligned D stepping up big when we needed it the most, and a team that wouldnt quit all year long.

What a way to go Guys!

I'm so sick of games that pile point after point up with no one playing on the defensive side of the ball. This game reminded me of Bo's type of game, grind it out, and gut it out.

Congratulation 132!




12/30/2011 - 2:33pm Just one more

Reason to hate the SEC and it's Coaches

There is no excuse for this
It's a coach not even bothering to be human

Makes me sorry I live in Tenn



12/28/2011 - 3:22pm Outstanding!!!!



great job
Thank you


12/22/2011 - 12:21am We won 10 because of an

We won 10 because of an improvement in RR's worst areas, special teams and defense

I am hard pressed to see RR win 7 this year had he stayed
RR would have scored, no doubt, but he would not have been able to stop the other schools from scoring.

as I said earlier my whole problem with this is, RR's attitude that his offense could rack up enough points to make a defense unimportant

Ohio state would have run the score up on us again as we failed to stop them

Our D line has always had the tallent, they lacked coaching
How else do you explain the drastic improvement in one years time?

Blame RR's coordinators all you want but ultimately the head coach has to be responsible



12/21/2011 - 10:13pm My bad for the capitals in

My bad for the capitals in the wrong place

As for moving on my point was no matter how bad it was behind the scenes there are enough things RR was directly responsible for

We can judge him on those points alone and then move on



12/21/2011 - 9:53pm I believe the average fan is

I believe the average fan is ready to move on
I know I am

Personally, my problem with all of this is still RR himself

Even if, and that’s a huge if, everything he claims was exactly the way he claims it

RR still failed the Fans

He was at the helm when the sanctions were passed
The  exact same infractions as at his old school (Not too many He can blame for this one)

Even that doesn't bother me as much as his on the field mistakes

There is no excuse for his record

There is no excuse for his failure to coach a defense

There is no excuse for his failure to coach and recruit special teams


And lastly the thing that bothers me the most is his arrogance

He honestly still believes that an offense can score so many points a defense is unimportant

And to claim He could have won 10 games with this team is the Icing on the cake



10/02/2011 - 1:44pm AP has us at

AP has us at 12


A little high but The coaching and the rapid improvement have earned a lot of it

I think teams are a bit afraid to play us at this point. They just dont know quite how to prepare for an offense that is wisely coached and has an innovative coordinator

The defense has shown an ability to improve each weak and make adjustments at game time.


I would hate to have t o devise a game plan against us




10/02/2011 - 12:59pm I just can't agree with your


I just can't agree with your assessment that Rich Rod  "simply underachieved". Rich Rod was guilty of thinking his offense could outscore anyone and simply did not put enough emphasis on Defense or special teams. This was his fatal flaw here at Michigan.

This is a huge misjudgement on the part of any head coach

One of the reasons todays defense has done so much better is the coaching. We may be smaller and weaker than some teams but so far no one can say we have been out coached. Hoke hired some real top notch coordinators and it shows. They have shown an ability to make changes and devise a game plan better than any coaches we have had in a long time.

Hoke's personality and ability to relate to our young players adds the icing on the cake. Great coaching mixed with an ability to make players play above their ability and most importantly improve each week and in each game.

I admit I wasn't sure Hoke was the right guy at first, but boy have I been proved wrong so far. I also know full well we will lose at one point but I'm excited to see how Hoke will use the adversity and how his coordinators will adapt as the game goes on. Things certainly look brighter in Ann Arbor