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09/01/2018 - 8:59pm A spark!

A spark!

09/01/2018 - 8:44pm Have we learned they are…

Have we learned they are going to blitz when we line up in spread formation yet?  Can we scrap that play since it has as many negative yards as we probably have positive?

01/02/2018 - 11:51am We need a Don Brown level OC

01/01/2018 - 4:22pm When do we get Don Brown level coaching on Offense?

The play calling on offense has been crap all year. The majority of pass attempts are to a stationary receiver facing the QB 5-8 yards deep wearing a defensive player on their back like a cape. We just witnessed Daffy Duck calling down plays to Goofy playing QB. We have Harbaugh doing his part, we have Don Brown bringing it every year on D (how many more years do we have him?), and we are squandering it with shoddy offensive play calling. Don't buy into the cupboard is bare on O, lesser teams are doing it with 2&3 * players. Shae Patterson is not going to be better in this system.

12/09/2014 - 9:18am Why not Briles or Patterson?

Could Briles and Patterson be approached with the argument that coming to the B1G could be an easier path to the championship playoff?  Co-champions of a lesser league did not mean anything in the eyes of the panel.

04/01/2011 - 9:01am Way to channel your inner "Step Brother"

"That's 'cause you fucking touched my drumset! 'Cause I know COPS doesn't start 'till 4:00!"

03/10/2011 - 7:16pm is Tim Biakabutuka in town?

It has not been this quiet in Columbus since that day at the Big House in 1995.  Being a Blue fan in C-bus since Tress has taken over has been frustrating, but I tell you the sun has been shining on this dogs ass all week!  Its almost impossible to hide the grin on my face to watch the magnifying glass tilt south 192 miles.  Whats more amazing to me are the responses I am seeing down here.   Its pretty much divided with 2 larger camps and 1 real small one.  For the most part its pure arrogance that what the players did was nothing, and that the coach was just protecting his players.  Its like OSU served up some perma-trip Kool-aide at the press conference that does not allow them to see any of the facts in the case.  This is the camp that I am convinced still watches the 2002 Fiesta Bowl at least three times during the week and twice on Saturday.  Then you have the camp that gets a pained pucker pinching look on thier face that immediatley changes to a glossy eyed stare.  This is the group that that cannot handle the truth.  They are completely repressing all of this into their subconscious memory.  This group will be in for some major "Tressell didn't love me as a child" therapy later in life when it finally bubbles to the surface.  That leaves the 7 total buckeye fans with the mental fortitude to comprehend all of this saying "OH S**T!"  They understand that what punishment has already been handed out is nothing compared to what is most likely coming.  Lets just hope the NCAA puts its big boy pants on this time.