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03/30/2013 - 11:25am Shep does a great job

Would love to hear the call.

PS-Tweet from the best soccer commentator

Thank my sweet Lord that I wasn't calling Michigan-Kansas game! I'd have been deafening bats! MAJESTEEEERIAL MEEEEEEEEEEEEEECHIGAN!!!!!!!!

03/30/2013 - 1:43am two words

Trey Burke!


ps-Marv Albert calling this game was just awesome. Hands down  the best basketball play-by-play guy.

03/29/2013 - 5:19pm Still mad

We got robbed against Miami and did not get the chance to play at Ford Field.

03/29/2013 - 5:01pm Someone is selling it on Ebay

Someone is selling it on Ebay right now in size L. Can't post the link because of the spam filter but, if you search Michigan Wolverines hockey jersey its on the first page. I've been looking for small/medium for over a year with no luck.

I wish we still used this as a shoulder patch.

03/28/2013 - 2:31pm close up shot

03/28/2013 - 2:26pm Is there something that

Is there something that prevents schools from using a former players name on a jersey? It clearly states on MDen "Tiedman & Formby University of Michigan Basketball Glen Rice '89 Throwback Jersey" but, no name on the actual jersey.

03/28/2013 - 11:10am  
The reason Shero is (and


The reason Shero is (and should be) going after deadline trades now is that his Pens are in their relative prime.  The reason Holland isn’t (and should not be) going after deadline trades now is that Detroit is not in their relative prime.

Getting or not getting Iginla wouldn’t change the Wings likely outcome this year.

Yes, it’s fun to acquire a new player and then rock back and forth gleefully while one dreams of what might be.  It’s also really, really stupid to do if it doesn’t make sense… and right now it doesn’t make sense.

If Detroit’s two best players were 25 and 26 and their best dman was 25 and they had a 25 year old power forward in the making then sure… moving picks and prospects isn’t that big of a deal.  That team is young, and most importantly young in the critical positions, already.

Detroit’s best two players are 34 and a high-milage 32.  Their best dman is 32.  They don’t have a single player under the age of 30 on their roster I’d describe as a bona-fide top line/pairing player.  Given that, it is the absolute pinnacle of stupidity to suggest for even a moment that the Wings ought to move any of their legitimate prospects or future picks to goose their team in the short term.

That is reality.

Yes, it sucks that after 10-15 years of being fairly constant deadline-shoppers that Detroit is in position where they explicitly should not be, and that the league is in a state where it actively punishes those who are.

Oh well.  Welcome to a capped league and legislated parity.