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02/24/2014 - 9:34pm Adding on to the

Adding on to the  BraveWolverine, I am an alum who had tickets each of my 4 years. We had priotity seating for major games in (I believe) 3 of my 4 years. I still think there should be something in place, but it is hard to do with so many students and so little premium seating. I did not start this just to "trash a thread", but rather to give a point of view from people who showed up when they were told to.  I never said there was enough communication or that anything was near perfect, just that an intiial guidline was indeed set through the Athletic Department. If you still think I came on here just to spite you that's fine, but I suggest taking your concerns up with both parties (AD/Maize Rage) so that something can be done in the future instead of just mulling of the same problem of what already happened. I believe everything will be improved because of this as long as people collaborate. 

02/24/2014 - 11:30am The "Maize Rage" is all

The "Maize Rage" is all student season ticket holders, hence when a student buys season tickets they get a shirt that says "Maize Rage". You are in the "Maize Rage" when you get a student ticket, because thats name of the student section, so one should probably start to care about these things. The "Maize Rage Line" is the line where these student ticket holders go in, hence the "Maize Rage Entrance" that all the students enter through. It wasnt just the core that got there at 7, but all the people who actually followed directions. I agree there wasnt enough notice beforehand, but they followed the guidlines in place. As I said before, ignorance cannot be an excuse. Obviously the consequences of lining up too early is not having that spot. 

02/24/2014 - 10:26am Swing and a miss...

Didn't get it.

02/24/2014 - 10:05am So just because you aren't

So just because you aren't getting paid means you shouldn't try to find a solution?? Yikes... How do you decide what to cook for dinner? Unless someone pays you to make that decision...

02/24/2014 - 10:01am No because then people get

No because then people get hypothermia and lawsuits arise. Do you people really not think these things through???

02/24/2014 - 9:53am But really though...

Who needs rules? Who cares if an email was sent out saying the line started promptly at 7am? College students should be responsible-enough adults to check email that may contain pertinent information so situations like this can be avioded. Ignorance shouldn't be used as an excuse. If you dont get why lining up early is a problem I can put it into a metaphor for you:

Lets say there is a canyon that people needed to cross to get the best seats. The bridge across the canyon will be done at 7am. There is no waiting before this because it would get in the way of the bridge builders and was made known to those who were crossing. There were some people that wanted to get a jump on things so they attemped to cross the canyon before the bridge was finished (only 10 min before, but still BEFORE). They ended up falling down the canyon and broke their legs in the fall, but still blamed the bridge builders for not having the bridge done when they wanted to cross. The people who followed directions got to cross the bridge first and got the best seats. The head of bridge building felt bad for the incompetent people who tried crossing the canyon early so he gave them a room to sit (because they had broken legs), free food, comparable seats, and paid medical expenses. Overall, everyone got in the game and we beat state, so just take a deep breath. 

The bigger problem is that people feel entitled to first row seats because of the time they line up. There should be a reward/seniority/loyalty system so you dont have these "fans" who have been to 1 game prior getting the prime seats. Obviously, not the place to discuss this, but it would be one of the best long-term solutions.