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01/10/2010 - 10:07am Not related to the

Not related to the northwestern game but an article of high interest. The high school player of the year (US army), an RB commit to USC is now reconsidering his commitment, and the only other school he had previously consider is M:

The most intriguing case is Baxter, who had no contact with any schools other than USC and Michigan. Baxter took an unofficial visit to Ann Arbor, but he never seriously considered the Wolverines. In fact, he said, he committed to USC so early to avoid the precise situation he finds himself in now. Baxter said he must finish a few tests, but then he plans to examine other schools. He said he still plans to enroll at his chosen school for the spring term.…

09/28/2009 - 12:06pm Line depth: I thought the

Line depth: I thought the biggest issue was the shotgun snaps, which was to be expected since we had our starting guard forced to play center. With good snaps I actually thought plenty of running plays looked good (see Brown, Carlos).

DEs playing the zone read: Did it seem as if the Indiana DEs were waiting to see where the ball went before committing? On several plays Forcier faked the handoff, only to be confronted with a DE who had been watching and waiting. Not sure what the proper read is in this situation, but I assume it is to hand the ball off.