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08/10/2018 - 6:50am That's just it.  A receiver…

That's just it.  A receiver needs to A) get open on a route and B) catch the ball.  We are not deep enough in WR talent to be able to carry a roster spot for a guy that can only run jet sweeps.  And if you look at the numbers, those sweeps weren't that effective anyhow.

It's always too bad when a kid doesn't pan out though. I hope he has success somewhere.

06/06/2018 - 4:26pm Yeah, somehow Andre Drummond…

Yeah, somehow Andre Drummond doesn't strike me as a 5 that can shoot.  Very thankful he is staying but the Pistons would have been an awful job for him.

06/06/2018 - 10:08am Beilein leaving makes no…

Beilein leaving makes no sense to me, but then again, a lot that the Pistons do makes no sense.

04/27/2018 - 5:47pm Welcome

Great news. Let's hope he fits as well as we all anticipate.

04/24/2018 - 9:59am Well

Considering the talent level on this team, they are overachieving. 

04/24/2018 - 9:53am Don't get me started on Brandstetter

Sadly, I'd guess he quits the Lions' gig before the UM one.

Very good color guy who shouldn't be doing play-by-play.

03/25/2018 - 1:48pm I get it

I am pretty sure that was what he told his team to do. But once the best FT shooter has the ball, you either have to get the ball out of his hands fast or foul. And you need to do it quickly. What's the difference if you lose by two more points?

03/23/2018 - 10:51am True enough

But by that point, up 20+, we are very content to trade buckets. it's not like we were playing the same kind of intense defense and trying to expand the lead.

03/23/2018 - 10:41am Yeah well

We have a heady team that is able to get good shots.  We have gotten good shots all throughout the tournament.  If, in the first 2 games, we shot passably well, those games weren't close.  If we shoot like last night, obviously, we won't lose.

I like our chances a lot.  We are playing well.

Plus, in Beilein we trust.

03/20/2018 - 6:47am Hope so

Then again, we had a lot of open looks the last 2 games and didn't bury them. 

Oh well, the way to look at it is that we won anyhow and we are too good a shooting team to continue to miss at that rate.  

03/19/2018 - 6:27am Really enjoying that though

I pointed out to a Sparty friend or 2 that A) it can't feel good to get the nod to play in Detroit and then lose, essentially in front of a home crowd and B) at least they can spend the next few weeks rooting against us.

03/19/2018 - 5:59am True enough

But I look at it as, the more losses a team has, the more weaknesses that Beilien will find on film.

That being said, we can't look past anyone, not for a second.  The 2 previous games should teach that.

03/11/2018 - 7:58pm Hey

If we are going to win this thing, we can expect to beat someone really good along the way.

We can do this. Go Blue.

02/25/2018 - 8:00am Thanks Coach

It seems like every year, we are somewhat underwhelmed with Beilien's recruiting classes. But damn near every year, you can look at several kids on the roster and the development is amazing.

02/16/2018 - 5:55pm In all fairness...

...they get rid of Pep and go 0-16.

Just saying. :)

02/08/2018 - 12:51pm Saw that too

I was surprised that nothing came up during the presser about McElwain possibly coming on board.

02/07/2018 - 2:25pm That's it for me

I like the kids we got.  I wish we could have got a few OT's but we didn't. We move on and play with what we got.

02/07/2018 - 12:16pm you're right

A lot of people are coming and going.  I'd hope there is a plan here.

Odd though, that a OC elsewhere takes a job as an analyst.  That's not really even a lateral move, is it?

02/05/2018 - 8:05pm I like the Eagles team

Like the team but can't stand the fans.  They are a close second to Columbus in obnoxiousness.

02/01/2018 - 4:34pm Freep article

My first reaction was, "great, now that MSU is getting crucified, it's our turn, in the interest of 'balance'"

As I read it, it becomes clear that this is an issue that should be fairly easy to resolve, provided there's openness. Alas.

If these donors are steering endowment investments to their own firms and then collecting fees on those investments, those investments better be netting a return way in excess of the market.

01/29/2018 - 10:29am Makes sense

Izzo never really denied anything yesterday. He was just careful in saying that he cooperated with investigations.

01/29/2018 - 10:26am Heh

Every tournament game they win just means one extra time for reporters to hound him, with more and more reporters after every round.

01/29/2018 - 10:24am You're right

You know damn well ESPN isn't going to let this go.  One of the top college basketball coaches?  They are going to send reporters out to every remaining MSU practice, presser, game, every chance to get access to him, and they are going to continue to hound him with questions over and over.  "You ready to talk yet,Tom?  When is that going to be?  You talked to any attorneys for the U, Tom?"  Or worse, questions with details from years ago.  

Eventually, he'll either say something inappropriate or inaccurate and then it is going to be over.

01/26/2018 - 9:30am Supposedly

Per M&B, enos had a non-compete clause in his Arkansas contract that prevented him from signing with another SEC team after leaving Arkansas.  By signing with Michigan, Enos gets around the non-compete clause due him not going to an SEC team directly out of Arkansas.

I'm glad this guy won't be around, regardless of the rationale. 

01/23/2018 - 2:53pm Gross negligence would be the way to go

It looks like there were plenty of complaints by students, going back almost 20 years.  Causation may be a problem of proof for the earliest allegations, i.e. the refusal to fire Nassar might not be the cause of damages until it became clear enough that he was a predator and until failure ot remove him rose to the level of gross negligence.

Also, if I am Bill Schuette and am running for governor, the last thing I want to have to tell my assistant AG's to go into court and argue in defense of civil lawsuits by Nassar's victims is that the women shouldn't collect a dime from MSU because of governmental immunity.  PR nightmare.

01/17/2018 - 5:30pm I am sure

I am sure that nobody at their parade complained about the soft schedule.

01/17/2018 - 5:26pm Heh

I still have an occasional moment of Zen when I try to wrap my head around a 14-team conference called the Big Ten.

01/13/2018 - 8:57pm How Tough?

Tough enough to beat your sorry ass... AGAIN.  By TEN.

01/12/2018 - 7:21pm Shooter's chance

There's no logical way for us to match up well with these guys.

That being said, there's always games where you just shoot the lights out ... as opposed to the games where nothing falls. I am not thrilled about this one based on what I have seen so far.

01/09/2018 - 10:23am Moreover

I would expect that these types of bets (who's going to win the championship?) don't draw a lot of action as opposed to other bets (who's going to cover the line this week?)

12/30/2017 - 8:50am Face painting

No man should ever paint his own face. It's a man card thing, IMO.

12/30/2017 - 8:48am Especially

Especially when the ref comes swooping n off the sideline and jams the ball into place in less tan a second.  Most often, the spot doesn't matter, but when it does matter and we are getting "screwed" , I think back to every quick, seemingly arbitrary spot and get pissed.

12/21/2017 - 2:46pm No kidding

Like it's a "whiff" if they don't get all the 5-stars they are in on.

12/12/2017 - 2:59pm I'm no doctor

But if his doctors are saying that he could play, I'd believe them.  But at this point, nobody knows, one way or another.

12/06/2017 - 11:02am Help me out here

I've never gone to a bowl so I'm thinking it's tough to tailgate for a bowl game out of town.  I mean, don't you have to buy grilling equipment, plasticware, bowls, plates, serving utensels, coolers, tables, tents, not to mention finding a place to park?  If you're an out-of-towner, you're not bringing that stuff from home on the plane.

12/03/2017 - 5:07pm Call the bookie immediately

Although, one with half a brain won't take that bet.

11/29/2017 - 2:19pm Um

So you think that when an official sees what might be a hold, he is thinking about which team is going to make the playoffs before he throws a flag?  Is that what the refs discuss when they huddle up over a call? 

Maybe I'm naive but I think that the officials try their best to call a game straight.

11/27/2017 - 2:18pm IMO

I can't criticize a player who is giving it his all.  I certainly can't boo a player who is giving it his all.

O'Korn wasn't up to the task. I never saw that he had the ability for the job and it's not his fault that he lacks ability.  Leave the guy alone.

11/24/2017 - 7:41am Not that strange

As much as I loathe them, OSU is in the conversation for the playoffs every year.  As long as that keeps up, they will land the 5-stars.  Celebrity status gets us plenty of 4's and an occasional 5.

11/20/2017 - 3:02pm Thank you

The only time I would think about booing a player is if there is a pure lack of effort.

11/20/2017 - 2:40pm I thought that odd too

What exactly am i personally supposed to do to "distance" myself from the man? Turn off the radio when/if he is on? Or call in and give him grief about drinking and poor behavior? If he gets mentioned on a blog page about his athletic successes, do I post something along the lines of "yeah but he has addictions"?

People can make and broadcast their own moral judgments as they see fit. They always seem to.

11/20/2017 - 2:21pm It's on Harbaugh because it's his decision

But it was not a bad decision at the time. People here were elated at the time because we were terrified of the prospect of Morris or Speight starting.  Rudock and O'Korn looked like way better options.

In spite of what the sports-talkers say, the QB's have developed pretty well under JH.  Rudock worked out terrifically well, Speight was working out way better than anyone expected and Peters has been working out well in spite of a bad OL.  O'Korn is the only guy who hasn't panned out and part of his skittishness and happy feet may be attributable to lousy pass protection.

11/20/2017 - 2:11pm Broken people need help first, not judgment

Addiction is tough to beat, impossible if you don't recognize you got one. These people need support, not to be shown the door.

11/20/2017 - 2:04pm One problem

Customarily, it takes a little extra time for a guy to get deep enough for the QB to figure out where to throw it to him. The OL has to provide that extra time.

11/20/2017 - 1:30pm IMO

It goes back to OL play.  When your starting QB gets his neck broken on a play where a guy comes in unblocked, when you can't run the ball in a rainstorm.against Sparty, when you let a guy get a running shot at blasting Peters into a head injury you will lose games against decent teams.  And not many teams have good seasons having started 3 different QB's. 

Yes, a lot of guys are young but it's hard to establish an identity offensively when you have young WR's and RB's who don't have time to make plays because the OL is getting overpowered. Add in an understandably gun-shy JOK in the middle of it and you have a rough season.

I think the OL will improve next year but I'm still concerned that there is no apparent direction to the QB position.

11/16/2017 - 10:33pm Agreed

Lazybones is my favorite in the Metro area for BBQ.

11/14/2017 - 6:33am A personal favorite

Q: "Player So-and-so has looked really good the last few weeks.  Do you attribute his recent success to his athleticism, his effort, his parents or God?"

A: "All of them."

Or some similar variation where they give him an either-or on sucess and he answers "all."

11/12/2017 - 7:25am Tolerable?

More like invisible. They disappear after they lose and don't say a word when they crawl back out.

11/12/2017 - 7:20am We'll be competitive

But if I'm UW or OSU, I sell out big time on the run and force Peters to beat them. I think we have shots the next few weeks but I still have to work myself up to having faith that it's a good shot.

11/12/2017 - 7:08am I'm happy that we won convincingly

But I'd feel better about a good shot at the last 2 games had our offense begun to bring out and execute with regularity SOME elements of what we all presume is an infinitely deep playbook.  Tricky things like pass protection and the ability to complete passes downfield would have been nice to see.

But seriously, all you can go by in football is by looking at the past.  It's not rational to presume that things that haven't happened before are suddenly going to start happening, in football or anywhere.  Yes, teams improve (this team has) and lights go on inside heads but until you see the commensurate performance in a game, you can't predict that it will happen. 

And yeah, I know that some of us have a huge element of hope mixed with faith in this coaching staff.  I have some of that too.  But I'm not presuming that we are going to look much better in the passing game in the remainder of the schedule.