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04/27/2018 - 10:40am He started 26 games as a soph. and Jr.

"Played all of 6 games there at Arkansas?" 

He played in nine games as a true frosh, started all 13 as a sophomore, and started all 13 as a junior.  The fact that he sprained his ankle in the middle of his senior year after THAT kind of a start is hardly a knock.

04/20/2018 - 12:10pm We'd just take Hurts for a little spin...

...maybe show him off to a couple of friends...

03/28/2018 - 4:43pm Fire Beilein

Back in 2013, as we were coming off a loss to Wisconsin in the B1G Tornament I clipped and saved some VERY choice takes from some of our illustrious MGoPosters regarding Beilein and his monumental inability to coach.  His lack of recruiting prowess.  His softness.  The way he gets nothing out of his players.  Can't coach defense.  On and on and on. 

Of course, that season ended in the NCAA title game.  

I wonder if I still have those...

03/16/2018 - 11:57am The Man-Bun

Dialogue with my 9 year old daughter after having a waiter with a man-bun deliver us our food at the local Mongolian BBQ:

HER:  Is he a samurai?

ME:  No.

HER:  Aww.  This place would be a lot cooler if he was.

03/16/2018 - 11:49am Good to know

Folks, it goes without saying that you shouldn't hunt down this person just to vent at her, let alone threaten her.

Now, having said that... let's all hunt down and threaten whoever it was that put a mic near her!  That guy needs to pay for being such a moron!!*



03/05/2018 - 10:12am T-Shirt

The Underground T-Shirt crew needs to get on a Back 2 Back shirt design of some kind.  Can't find one anywhere.  That's the one I want.    

Has anyone seen a B2B shirt?

02/06/2018 - 1:34pm Not good at recruiting?

Just can't agree with that. 

Results on the field are the single biggest recruiting tool any program has.  We could have Tom Brady himself personally visiting every recruit on our board and the OSU guys would just yawn and say "score board" and still take their pick.  

Our coaches recruit very well considering they can't point to a whole lot of results in terms of bowl wins, conference championships, playoff appearances, WINS OVER OSU. 

Hell, MSU can actually point to a lot more recent success then we can, and our coaches STILL outrecruit them.  There are players on MSU's team right now that have B1G rings they can show off to recruits, and they still can't real in the occasional Jabrill Peppers, Rashan Gary, DPJ, etc...

Now, if you want to criticize our coaching staff's ability to put a product on the field that will line up and beat elite teams... well then, okay.  That might be legit.  I personally believe that it was always going to take 3 or so years for Harbaugh to get to that level, but I'll listen to the argument.  

But saying our coaching staff "can't recruit?"  That's a bridge too far for me.

02/06/2018 - 8:50am MSU Rose Bowl

Well, to be fair, the 2008 class didn't end up playing in the Rose Bowl (if my math is right) and the kids that they were touting from that class, Fred Smith, Tyler Hoover, Caulton Ray, Charles Burrell... didn't exactly light it up for them.  Kirk Cousins was in that year though, I think, with Cunningham, Rucker, Winston.  

They did "lay the foundation" so to speak, I guess, as this class came in just after the first of the 9 game bowl streak that was snapped last year.  

Obviously, intimating that Little Brother was going to continue to bow down to the might of Rich Rod was, well, not accurate.  But honestly, the last decade was not something anyone could have predicted. 

The signs that MSU was going to flip the script on us weren't there at all... until all of the sudden it was happening and we went back and looked at things and went "oh yeah, well, sure, I see it all now."

02/01/2018 - 12:38pm Great.

Now I'm going to spend all day looking those up and going "oh my god!"  ...then looking up the next one...

02/01/2018 - 12:36pm The Road

The Road.

It's not, like, over the top depravity (which I can usually dismiss), it's just sad.  Very.  Sad.


Great.  Now I need a hug.

02/01/2018 - 9:25am Are you new here?

One of the basic tenants of this site has been to thoroughly debunk the notion that "stars don't matter."  It has been done thoroughly and repeatedly on MGoBlog and elsewhere.  Not only is it not an accurate opinion, it definitely isn't an original one.   

For those who care about things like data, statistics and, I dunno, PROOF, it's pretty clear that, in the aggregate, recruit rankings are often an excellent indicator of future performance.  Team's that stock up on highly rated recruits invariable do better than teams that don't.   

For those into anecdotal evidence, yes, we can all point to the five star bust and the two star all-pro and say "see, stars don't matter."

At the 10,000 foot view, the recruiting services are definitely providing worthwhile information.  On the individual player level, you can point to any number of players that they didn't evaluate quite accurately. 

Hence, as a prospect, I take my ranking with a grain of salt.  However, as an individual interested in guaging the trajectory of any given program, these rankings are a significant indicator.    

We've had this conversation 1000 times.  

01/10/2018 - 8:23am Made me think of DPJ against Wisconsin

The thing that really just... ugh... chaps me is the fact that the same basic thing applied to the DPJ touchdown against Wisconsin.  If you went "pixel by pixel" his trail foot hit in-bounds before his lead foot hit out of bounds, but, in that situation there "wasn't enough to overturn the call on the field."  I sort of understood that... they probably didn't want to go down the rabbit hole of frame-by-frame analysis.  I'll accept that hi-def slow mo can sometimes raise more questions than it answers and that you should only take it so far.  But then, last night happens...

I mean, okay, different sports, different refs, etc., that is all absolutely true and I'm not expecting any sort of informational carryover from a football game in November to a basketball game in January, even if it happens to involve the same leage and one of the same institutions.  

But that being said, goddamnit this sucks.

01/04/2018 - 8:38pm Yes.

I won’t say it’s “common” but it’s not uncommon. Under Moeller we had a C/G coach (Les Miles) and a tackles/TE’s coach (Mike DeBord).

12/08/2017 - 1:25pm Wait, wait, wait...

so this "lawyer" thinks he has a Constitutionally protected free speech right to post whatever he wants on your PRIVATELY OWNED AND OPERATED blog?

Matt Mann folks.  Hire him.  

12/08/2017 - 1:15pm There are no bright line rules

Someone has to complain and someone has to investiate.  Evidence has to be compiled and an argument has to be made in front of the entity in charge, in this case, MHSAA.  The evidence would include answers to questions like "where do you get your mail?"  "On which property do you claim a homestead exemption?"  "What were the reasons for the move?"  "At which property do you spend the majority of your nights?"  

What you have to understand is that the MHSAA is an association that schools can choose to belong to or not.  It's not "the state" or an entity that is governed by the state.  School of choice law is "the state" and has nothing to do with athletics eligibilty per the MHSAA.

MHSAA is its own entity and has its own guidance, by laws, rules, etc.  Again, a school can even choose, if it wants, to not be an MHSAA member.  You'll recall a movement a few years back where volleyball folks actually wanted to create a whole new association because they couldn't convince MHSAA to move the volleyball season to a time of year more to their liking.  

Where the MHSAA has you is that they "own" the tournaments.  Clarkston could play this kid all they want in conference play (assuming that the conference has no rule against it).  The problem is that it would render them ineligible for the state tournament... which has become the whole point for teams: "winning states."  But, in truth, the MHSAA only governs their sanctioned events, their tournaments.  As far as the MHSAA is concerned, their stance is "play any kid you want, but don't enter any of the events we control if you're using a player that doesn't meet our criteria for eligibility.  This is our tournament and we have the right to control it in any manner we choose."  They have history and precedent behind them, making them pretty much the only game in town, which is why their tournament is, for all intents and purposes "the state tournament" even though, technically any athletic association could come in and set up something similar.  It would merely take other schools "jumping ship" to make it viable.  

12/08/2017 - 11:33am Two different organizations

Yes, school of choice exists, but MHSAA has it's own rules separate from those, dealing with eligibility.  Sports eligibility is wholly separate from what school you can attend as a student.

12/04/2017 - 4:28pm The "takes" from our rivals are interesting

With so many opinions on the RR hire, its inevitable that a few are going to hit close to the mark, and a couple did.  Brian, and probably most Michigan fans, were dismissive of anything that declared the hire a mistake, but a few of the reasons actually ended up being accurate.  

Black Shoe Diaries:

What happens if Rodriguez starts ignoring cherished time-honored traditions? What happens if he fails speak of Bo Schembechler and Fielding Yost as if they were saints? What happens when he loses to Ohio State and says "Win some. Lose some" in his post game press conference?

Yup.  That was an issue.  It got to the point that no matter what Rich Rod said it was interpreted as proof that he didn't "understand" Michigan.  This was surprising to me because, at the time, it never would have occurred to me that this could be an issue.  To see someone actually predict this as an issue was kind of impressive... although, had he actually WON, we'd have been more inclined to "pretend we didn't notice" his faux pas's... faux pasez... faux paws?  I have no idea what the plural is for faux pas.  



12/04/2017 - 1:51pm I remember

I posted occasionally, especially during the Year of Infinite Pain.  We thought that was the floor for the program!  If only we didn't know now what we didn't know then.

I think I found mgoblog through Mike Desimone's stuff.  I then moved to Texas in '08 and basically didn't start being an "active" person again until 2012 when I moved back to Michigan.  Brian's stuff then, as now, was just a cut above.  I just remember reading his missives and thinking "Yep, that's it.  You nailed it.  Right there."  Everything else at the time was (still is?) an mlive message board:  

"Lllloyd sucks!  We need to fire him and hire... Bob Stoops... Pete Carroll... Les Miles... Urban Meyer... whoever else is the current hot name in coaching..."

I remember when comments could be rated as "insighful" and "flame bait" and the like.  I always thought that was helpful.  

12/04/2017 - 11:57am Personally

I think some unifying group (which *should* be the NCAA but HA!) needs to get together and start treating the sport like a collective as opposed to these little fiefdoms.  What college football really needs is a reorganization from the top down.  We've got to get rid of this "conference first" mentality and look at what's best for the sport as a whole.  Especially with all of the other perssures that are coming down on it (CTE, etc.).  

With 65 "Power five" schools at present we need six ten team conferences.  The five historically worst power five teams get relegated.  Each team gets 9 conference games and two non-conference games.  The two championship teams would play 14 games total. 

(You could also add a power five school and have six 11 team conferences... but whatever.  There are already too many Kansas type outfits out there, we need less of them, not more, and we're trying to keep the number of games manageable.  Fifteen is too many and everyone should play everyone!) 

With all of the realignment that's been going on it wouldn't be TOO hard to make that work.  Eliminate conference championship games, winner of each league gets a spot with two at large spots left over.  Seed and go.  Higher seed plays a home game until the championship.  keep the bowl system intact for anyone else who finished with at least 6 wins (we've already proven with a 4 team playoff that the bowl system doesn't end up too "diminished" just because a playoff exists).  

Obviously there's too many "special interests" for this to happen, but it would be a huge step towards upping the integrity factor... that and having a centralized refereeing system with FULL TIME officials.  

12/02/2017 - 6:52pm Pretty much.

Glad I didn’t have HBO back when it was on or everything that came after would have felt flimsy by comparison, maybe with the exception of Breaking Bad. I wouldn’t have stuck with Sons of Anarchy for nearly as long as I did if I’d seen The Wire first.

Every so often the show reminds you that it was set in the early 2000’s but otherwise it feels as fresh and relevant as anything on right now.

12/02/2017 - 6:37pm Personally

I welcome the break from Sports. My life used to just go from bowl game to Red Wings to Tigers to Michigan football again with a smattering of M hockey and basketball in there as well.

Then my kids started getting older and I had to pull back... never from Michigan Football, but definitely from everything else. I’ve got more time now, but I don’t think I’ll go back to where I was. I kind of like the winter/spring time to work out more, watch movies, play board games with the wife/kids and read. Oh, and more video games. I love getting on line with my buddies and playing The Division, Halo, etc.

12/02/2017 - 6:26pm The Wire

I started binging The Wire on HBO. If you haven’t watched that, there you go. If you have... then you already know. One of the very best TV shows ever made.

12/01/2017 - 3:09pm and yours amount to...

... to a hot take without anything.  "Conjecture" or otherwise.  You're just pissed at the world and want someone to blame, so you're looking at what we know NOW and blaming the coaches for not knowing it THEN.

That's not how it works.

Unless you were at every practice, personally, and saw Peters clearly outperforming O'Korn day in and day out, then this assumption that you're making is just as much conjecture as anything anyone else is saying... and I know that these calls aren't as easy as you seem to think they are.  

12/01/2017 - 1:56pm Unfortunately...

...yeaaaahh... you're right.

12/01/2017 - 1:49pm I'm not sure what "by default" means...

Peters didn't start playing because of an injury to O'Korn.  He replaced an ineffective O'Korn and was then named the starter the following week.  So, if Speight was the "starter, but for injury" then Peters became #2 based on performance, relegating O'Korn to #3, where he stayed until INJURY allowed him to become the starter.  That's QB's #1 and #2 being down due to injury thus necessitating QB #3 to start.  Thus, John O'Korn is our #3 quarterback as of the OSU game.  

The staff had their reasons for keeping Peters on the bench.  Based on what they saw in practice they must have thought that it was at least a push with respect to which of the two gave the team a better chance at a win.  Experience counts for a ton and JOK had all of it.  Also, JOK has an escapability aspect to his game that is a plus.  After his performance in the Purdue game there was no way they were going to start a RS frosh over him in the MSU game.  The staff couldn't have predicted what occurred there.   

After that... I'm sure they continued getting Peters ready as fast as they could.  They probably figured that either of them could beat Indiana (they were *barely* right, but they were right) and then: I don't care how bad O'Korn looked against Indiana, are you really going to throw a red shirt freshman out against a #2 ranked PSU, on the road, at night?  That's a lot to ask of a kid who, according to what we know, wasn't coming in with a Forcier background of tutors and gurus and Trent Dilfer on speed dial.  Remember, the coaches don't have the Rutgers/Minnesota/Maryland data on Peters at that point.  All they have is practice data and, in practice, JOK apparently holds his own, plus he's played in real games before.  

As soon as Speight went down I bet the plan was to give Peters his shot against Rutgers if JOK struggled, and before that only in the event of a total disaster.  O'Korn's outings were not good, but also not out-and-out disasters, so they stuck to the plan.  Peters came in against Rutgers and performed well against them and two other tomato cans, showed his inexperience a bit against the Badgers, and then got injured. 

I'm not sure many other coaching staffs would have played this out any other way.  We can't assume that the coaches were seeing "Indiana" JOK every week in practice and "Maryland" Peters at the same time and were just being like "nah, we'll stick with O'Korn."  What we know now is that a lot of O'Korn's problems were gameday, heat of the moment problems.  Meanwhile, Peters is apparently one of those "better in the game than in practice" types.  

12/01/2017 - 1:15pm Wow.

Seth... this writeup is just phenominal.  Truly.  The X's and O's are great, sure, but it is your ability to convey these concepts that makes it worthwhile. 

Ya, sure, actual coaches know all of the nuances to a degree that you might not, but have you ever tried to have the average "genius" coach EXPLAIN these kind of things to someone other than a fellow coach?  I'm sure you've seen the outcome of that more than once.  Therein lies your true abilities.  Most of them aren't capable of putting these concepts into terms that would allow the average fan to grasp 10% of what their saying.  Meanwhile, you may only be delivering 75% of the "whole story" but because of your talent with crafting a narrative we can understand 100% of that 75%. 

Great coaches can "coach" these things, but very few can "write" about them.  

And, you know, this post actually makes me feel BETTER, not worse.  I remember some of these kinds of reviews, key play look backs where the verdict was "this play had no chance."  The two point conversion against OSU back in 2013 comes to mind.  

I prefer to hear that it came down to a breakdown at QB and Center, rather than a systemic "we don't match up well at any position AND/OR schematically..." a la say, 2010.    

You gotta think... if our coaching staff can get a high concept offense like this rolling, something that requires and teaches skills that directly translate to many of the NFL offenses, this will be incredibly attractive to recruits.  



11/29/2017 - 5:11pm The results above don't "prove" he is or isn't doing anything

Trust me.  Clips are being sent to the league every week.  We did this when I was a manager back in the early 90's.  They definitely still do it today.  Every week they submit plays to be reviewed with an undertone of "why do we keep getting screwed?!?"  The problem is, EVERY team in the league does the same thing.  

Hence, it doesn't necessarily follow that because we're not seeing more calls go Michigan's way that our AD is somehow not making an issue of it at the league level.  You're can't  assume that him doing something would have to have some sort of direct result.  There are 13 athletic departments doing this every week (one for every team in the Big Ten!!). 

Addressing a perceived bias with the league and getting that to trickle down to the refereeing are two different things.  An AD can only effect this indirectly, he can't get out there and blow the whistle himself.  He can point it out, bargain, cajole and scream at league leadership all he wants.  It happens so much the league pretty much tunes it out.  They address each call and move on.  They'll never admit that a trend is emerging.  

An AD can't sit down and have a one-on-one with every individual referee whose ever hosed us... and even THAT wouldn't necessarily lead to some kind of "evening out" of calls.  At best, a crop of underperforming refs would get scrutinzed more closely, be given an opportunity for more training and then shown the door if they don't improve.  They would then be replaced by another group who may, or may not, be any better.  The best we can hope for is a crop of new refs whose random periods of ineptness would fall more disproportionately on other teams.

Just because things aren't improving within this "narrative" doesn't "prove" that our AD isn't doing everything within his power to address it.  Likewise, these stats could flip and Michigan could lead the league in holding calls drawn over the next three years and that wouldn't "prove" he necessarily did anything.  

11/28/2017 - 1:19pm DP

double post

11/28/2017 - 1:18pm I enjoyed Gus for basketball...

...for football, not so much.  His "excitability" quotient is great for the sudden big plays a basketball game can provide, but the often slow burn of football doesn't seem to suit him.  He fixates on certain narratives too long, at the expense of the live action, and doesn't seem to have a feel for what's important.  A defender will make an outstanding play to get to the QB and he won't stop talking about how good the O-line was last week to make note of the fact that the players he's currently praising just got their lunch handed to them. 

I was excited to see him call B1G football.  But after seeing him this year, I'm not impressed.  Maybe he'll get better. 

11/28/2017 - 1:10pm ugh

I actually emailed the athletic department about it.  I love Brandy... I really do.  He's a venerable part of the Michigan football tradition, a former player and all around awesome guy.  He spurrned his Spartan family heritage to come to play for M and has stayed true to it.  I've grown up with his color commentary, which is perfectly fine.

But... having said that, his PBP is atrocious.  I'd love for someone to go back and listen to him call our last TD against OSU.  The entire series starting at first and goal.  He can't identify the backs, calls Higdon PERRY at one point before then calling him Evans.  He gets so far behind trying to search for words that you can hear the crowd roaring (clearly signifying a score for the home team) and he doesn't actually declare a TD for another 5 seconds.  

I'm embarrassed, FULLY EMBARRASSED, when the national outlets play the "home call" for various schools.  You'll get, say, a TD call from the Texas broadcaster, then maybe an interception call from the Florida guy, then a big play call from the Clemson guy... all very clean and professional, then you'll get Brandstatter calling for Michigan:

"Backs are in the eye and the full back motions right, make that the tight end... And Speight, excuse me, O'Korn, hands off to the running back, he breaks a tackle... he's uh, he's running and, uh, he's at the 30, that's Evans, He's at the 35, 45, races to the sideline... it's HIGDON!  Still running!  *long pause* Knocked out of bounds inside the Michigan ten, excuse me, the Indiana ten yard line... first and goal Michigan!" 


They need to go get Champion, or Shepard or somebody, anybody, who is trained in PBP.  I understand that it's a delicate matter with Dan aboard now and all, and I'd be fine with Brandstatter and Dierdorf doing a little buddy schtick for the color.  That might be fun.  Keep them both, whatever, but, FERGODSAKES, get Brandy out of the play-by-play chair.  

11/28/2017 - 12:43pm Fox was NOT GOOD

I was really hoping for more from FOX, especially their OSU game coverage.  You'd think that they'd have their best (technical) crew working that game... but I certainly hope that wasn't the best they've got in the directors chair.  They seemed very amaturish. 

The game started with Gus Johnson narrating a set up that covered last year's "controversial finish" while showing highlights of the 2015 OSU paving we took.  Several times throughout the game the director seemed to fall asleep behind the controls, showing cameras that were focused on nothing (one instance had a solid 5 seconds of air time showing a camera that was being held by an operator who was clearly sprinting down the sideline to set up another shot) or staying with angles that were suboptimal for too long.  Some serious Pour-o-Vision.  

Also, going immediately to commercial was apparently way more important than giving us another showing of DPJ's very nice punt return.  They would then replay mundane plays while Johnson and Klatt would marvel over all of OSU's athleticism.  Meanwhile, something truly great would be happening elsewhere and it wouldn't even bare mention.

By the end of the first half I couldn't tell who wanted to bear J.T. Barrett's love child more, Gus or Joel.  I mean, he's a great player, but they got to the point where it felt like they were marveling at how perfectly he executed a kneel down.  He'd take a two yard loss on a great play from Bush, and all they'd talk about is how "smart" Barrett was for not forcing anything.  And I swear, if I hear Klatt call him "Bradenson" one more time... I could understand making that mistake once or twice, LAST YEAR, but c'mon man.  

11/28/2017 - 9:39am Chuck

Chuck wasn't called the "round mound of rebound" for nothing.

11/27/2017 - 5:12pm There but for the grace of God go I...

I too am 41.  I too was "enraged" but some things Saturday.  I too said things about poor JOK that I shouldn't have... I just stopped short of posting them.  I raged to my wife, in my living room, and then stopped when my kids walked in.  I then saw the press conference and felt immediate guilt, shame, and sadness for that young man.  I'm still sad for him.  

I also recognized not once, NOT ONCE in my life, have I ever put myself out there like these players do, for all the world to see, to succeed OR FAIL at something, in front of millions.  

We love success stories, but they're only sweet because failure is also an option.  And sometimes, people fail.  Sometimes these KIDS fail.  Sometimes it's in that Devin Gardner two point conversion on a bad leg kind of way; that "valiant effort" kind of way.  A way that we can accept.  Sadly, other times, failure is epic and across the board and can be hard to take in the moment for people who've invested so much but can't actually effect the outcome themselves. 

But hey, this kid put himself out there.  He was willing and able to put in the hard work and dedication it takes to be a quarterback at Michigan.  He laid it on the line and stepped up when called upon. 

Okay... so his effort fell way short.  Whatever.  I'm over it and I wish John nothing but the best.  He put himself out there.  So many of us, myself included, have never done even that much.

11/21/2017 - 1:31pm I've got two FRONT ROW, South endzone

I've got my two available.  Been holding off because I DON'T want them falling into Buckeye hands via Stubhub, Seatgeek, etc.  Tried Tidget, but no go. 

It never occured to me to just put them up for my fellow MGOBLOGGERS.  

These are in Section 12, Row A, seats 1 & 2.  Essentially right next to the flag pole.  Very front row.

Looking for face value.

They're awesome seats.  The entire flag ceremony happens pretty much right in front of you and whenever Michigan scores in that endzone (South Endzone) you're RIGHT THERE.  You also get to heckle Fox's Todd McShay equivalent if you're into that (Jenny Taft?).

These seats are too "visible" to end up going to folks wearing red.

EDIT:  These are now spoken for.  Thanks!

11/15/2017 - 4:58pm Evans

You're not crazy!  Harbaugh himself said that Evans was getting unlucky earlier in the year with the blocking seemingly always going haywire when it was his turn to carry the rock.

10/25/2017 - 12:00pm Ugh...

Just terrible, terrible news.  I ache for you and your family right now.

It's funny, getting all worked up about a loss here or there also works as a subtle reminder that things must not be too bad in my life.  I've been through those periods where so many other things were so overwhelming that how Michigan did on the field barely registered.  I never STAY there for that long, maybe a full season once, but I've been there.  

Eventually, as those other things faded, my passion came back, even to the point where I still lose perspective from time to time... although that happens less now than it used to.

Your situation puts me back to those times, reminds me of those times when things were bad and my perspective had shifted to deemphasize the success of my sports rooting interests.  

Thank you for bringining me back to earth for a bit. 

It's just a goddamn game played by a bunch of kids, under a lot of strange rules that are often arbitrarily enforced.  It's interesting and fun.  It's a diversion.  It isn't life.

Time for me to RELAX and count my blessings.  

A part of my thoughts that used to be devoted to the football team has been carved out and replaced by thoughts of you and yours.  

10/15/2017 - 8:45am Devin Gardner

We need to remember what happened to poor DG. You trot out a RS freshman behind this O-Line and you are going to wreck him. He'll be hearing footsteps until he's a junior. Remember that this is also the prevailing theory as to why Speight was less than great prior to getting hurt.

The fact that Peters isn't playing over O'Korn is not a sign that he's a bust. It's the byproduct of some very specific circumstances.

O'Korn may not be great, but he's at the end of his career, has played in real games, and if there's one thing he does have *some* innate talent for its occasionally making something out of nothing. His improvised gunslinger antics and his occasional Houdini act at least has to be somewhat accounted for.

All things being equal, the coaches probably figure that at this stage a "baptism by fire" for Peters isn't going to win us any more games than putting JOK out there and letting him do... what he does, while hoping our run game can produce consistently. Of course, for that to happen there has to be at least some threat from the QB position, and JOK is *juuuust* crazy enough that he can't be wholly ignored.

They'll continue to try to make O'Korn more comfortable by finding plays that work better for him while at the same time try to get Peters better in a more controlled environment (practice) so that he's not damaged goods for the future.

09/11/2017 - 1:45pm Shout out

Shout out to my guy TATE SCHANSKI!!!

09/09/2017 - 10:45am Wow.

10:43 am. Game Day. Logged in to say that I just rolled two fatties based upon this post; a Blueberry and a Mac N Cheese. I did the Mac N Cheese because I was a bit skeptical of the blueberry recipe. I shouldn't have been. What a hit!!! So, so good.

09/06/2017 - 3:06pm For my money

I'm sorry, but for my money, "Rudely Discarded" wins hands down.  I mean... wow.  

I don't necessarily agree with the whole "they physically whooped us" take, I think they were out schemed and out prepared... but then you see that gif and you think "Yeah.  That right there, that's a whoopin." 

...and then the icing on the cake:

The receiver gets back up after getting tossed to the side like a prom dress, only to get steamrolled by Marshall who then pounces on the loose ball that the kid probably would have been in position to recover, if not for his inability to avoid getting knocked on his ass twice within 5 seconds.

08/24/2017 - 1:31pm That game... WOW

That North Dakota game, NO DOUBT, was the most electric Yost had ever gotten in my experience.  The biggest thing spurring us, the fans, on was the fact that so many fans from other teams were cheering against us.  When ND went up 2-0 you had their fans, plus a smattering of MSU fans, plus quite a few OSU fans, cheering for them; like, IN OUR FACES, cheering for them.  They would cheer the ND goal, but would be staring at US while doing.  All purely to get a reaction... to rub it in.  

So when the team tied it up we were set to EXPLODE.  When Bobby Hayes scored the go-ahead we were all half cheering with excitement for the goal, but also half cheering just to go back at the fans from all the other teams that had been watching our team go down with such sadistic glee.

God that was fun.

08/08/2017 - 4:13pm Disco Dan!

Can't say I was totally attuned to this, but I defintely remember "Disco Dan!" giving way to "Disco Nix!"  ...but I don't remember any "Disco Clif" or anything.

08/08/2017 - 3:59pm My personal contribution

I can't remember what year, perhaps '93 or '94 and, at the time, the post penalty box chant went simply "chump, dick, wuss, dooooshbag, asshole, PRICK!"  

My buddy and I thought that, after that string of obsenities, it would be kind of funny to dial it back to something kind of gentile, so we started just yelling "cheater!"  "You big fat cheater!"  "You're a cheater!!"  We did this for about 3 games and then "cheater!" stuck!  

About a year later, the hive mind began to follow it up with "bitch" and "whore" and whatever else and it sort of lost its charm.  But, for a while there, that cheer ended with the simple "cheater!"

Ya.  that was us.

08/08/2017 - 3:06pm During the '98 season

In January or February of 1998 I remember Brian Griese came to a game and we were just killing... somebody... and the other team replaced their goalie and the chant became "Goalie, quarterback, sieve, sieve!!" as they would point to Turco, then Griese in the stands, then the yanked goalie now on the bench, and finally the goalie out on the ice.  

08/08/2017 - 3:03pm YES!

Wilkins.  Wilkins was considered flat out incompetent.

08/08/2017 - 2:57pm Shegos good?! That's not quite how I remember it...

I had season tickets from '93-'97 and Shegos wasn't beloved, he was hated.  It was the ultimate form of derision to chant "We want Shegos!" because as far as we were concerned, he was the worst.  If we were chanting for him, that meant you must REALLY suck.    

Piotrowski was known to be a good ref, not a bad one.   

07/19/2017 - 5:18pm Rod Payne

Rod Payne was an All-American multi-year starter at center. That was early 90's, but still, he's right up there.

07/12/2017 - 2:36pm TE's

Anyone have any insight as to what might make the OSU offense attractive to a high caliber TE prospect?  

I just don't think of Meyer's system as being one that accentuates that particular position.  What am I overlooking?

Obviously, it may just be the allure of OSU, which is fine, but for a top notch HS tight end who is looking to acquire the skills to make himself an elite NFL prospect, is there something about Meyer's offense that lends itself to that?  I mean, other than Jeff Heuerman from a couple of years ago, I can't even think of a single Buckeye tight end that has had a season of any distinction; and he didn't exactly light things up statistically.  

Maybe they're selling prospects on the idea that Kevin Wilson will be emphasizing the position more?

05/30/2017 - 1:46pm Jon Jansen

Reminds me of how Jon Jansen started out.  Good all around athlete, multiple sports, talented in basketball, started out as a TE then became a great tackle.  

03/27/2017 - 10:58am Guts and Glue

I grew up with my dad reciting that as one of his favorite Ufer quote:

"And here he is folks, the guts and glue of the Maize and Blue, our own Riiiiicky LEACH!!"