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08/24/2011 - 2:33pm Chipati

Also, actual chipati (from India) is a flat brad made on a stove top (my mom makes it all the time). What Pizza House makes is more of a pita pocket than anything else. 

08/24/2011 - 2:31pm Ann Arbor Eats

Buffalo Wild Wings is my least favorite place in Ann Arbor. They never had beer specials during the two years after it opened. Also, when I lived there they still had smoking in restaurants, so the bar area, which is the best spot to be for game watching, was no good for me either.

Having vegetarian parents, I always enjoyed Seva. Those are still the best yam fries I've had (along with that dipping sauce), and they had really good nachos as well. Agree with those above, the enchiladas calabaza are excellent, as are the spinach enchiladas. Also, for meat eaters trying to get something that imitates meat is a terrible idea. Nothing tastes like meat. Especially not tofu, satan or whatever other options there are. Try something else. 

If you haven't been to Gourmet Garden on Stadium, you should give it a shot. It's one of the better Chinese places in Ann Arbor, though that's not really saying a lot. I tried the Great Wall once, but I'm not sure what I was eating since my friend's parents ordered everything. 

I went to Bar Louie on an NFL Sunday last fall, and I have to say I liked it. They had a really good beer selection and plenty of tvs. Also, it wasn't too crowded.