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09/22/2013 - 12:42am Also

Frank Clark was the one dropping back in coverage as an adjustment to receivers finding seems, correct? Was that the same adjustment that got Wormley burned for the TD?

09/22/2013 - 12:18am Countess at nickel

- He has more opportunities to make stops there but teams are going to continue targeting the long ball that should have been a TD against Avery.

- That said, I'm glad Avery is back.

- Bolden is also being targeted in pass coverage for the second straight game

- 4th and 30, why did our coverage guys all play on the line of scrimmage? Serious question.

- I don't know which play but at one point it looked like we had two linebackers standing at the line of scrimmage spying the QB with no eligible receivers within a mile.

- Unfortunately, a very quiet game from Ross


09/22/2013 - 12:11am more

- Lewan is < 100%

- Morris is going to get some serious playing time this year if we have to keep using DG like this

- Seeing Green in the backfield soothed my heart

09/22/2013 - 12:02am Since I can't do worse

than the comments already here...

- Can we just skip straight to second down?

- Oline still not picking up blitzs. Kalis should know Fitz is behind him to chip a man. Gardener sacked on a 3 man rush?!

- Toussaint didn't frustrate nearly as much today

- I liked the short yardage 1st down where they brought in Magnusson (a'la goaline play) faked to Fitz and ran Gardener right.

- Maybe Borges doesn't actually like unleashing the beast or maybe we lose yards on half of our first downs.

- Hate getting down but the fact that this team came back says something about their character

- Glad Borges refused to become 1 dimensional.

09/09/2013 - 4:47pm Ahhh

Memory lane. Thanks fella.

08/29/2013 - 9:41am One word


08/27/2013 - 3:03pm mmmmmm

A recruit reduction would hit the spot right now. Dribble it on this week's previews. Serve it up with an opener in Ann Arbor.

08/27/2013 - 11:27am Better way

There has got to be a better way to reward high achievement.

08/27/2013 - 8:44am Color me

not convinced. DustomaticGXC's friend wins.

08/26/2013 - 5:18pm Trust me

Coaching has nothing to do with it.

08/25/2013 - 9:06pm +1


08/24/2013 - 11:43am Ohhhhh yeaahhhh

Ohhhhh yeaahhhh...


/Kool-Aid Man voice