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10/11/2009 - 8:54pm Mighty Michigan

I have followed "Blue" for over 40 years. I would like to think we could go 8-4, but this team has to play better on the road. Rich Rod's teams are scoring a lot of points, but they are giving up just as many. I was a bit suprised that TF was pulled from the game although DR did well, save the last interception. I agree with some of you regarding Rich Rod's play selection at times, but quite frankly the defense hasn't impressed me at all, especially the LB and DB's. And what's the deal with Cissoko? What's up with that? "Blue" has to win its remaining home games and hopefully "steal one" on the road. If I can share one thought with all of you it would be - Patience. Rich Rod will get it together. In a Japanese word - "kaizen" which means constant improvement. Hang in there boys, we're getting there unfortunately not at the speed we'd all lke. God bless y'all and "Go Blue!"