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07/10/2008 - 12:18pm Well Done, But... Well done, although: 1) Don't give RR too much credit or discredit for the 2008 recruiting class. With the exception of few last minute players, the recruiting class was 95% set months before Carr retired. 2008 is really a Carr class and that in the long run may not work well with a RR offense. MSU is doing much better so far with 2009 which is an eye opener. 2) Don't assume Boren was the only upset player. He is the only one stupid enough to give away the free ride. Based on comments from the spring practices, he is not alone. Breaking with past history and closing the spring game should have sent up red flags (Saline has more than enough seating, parking, and overall space to support the game). Personally I think RR is a good thing for Michigan, but, that first game this fall will be the true test. The rest of the ongoing soap opera is just BS in the wind.