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08/20/2008 - 3:35pm sigh...

I’m a little surprised to on me the Mr. Bold list- heck, my top twelve is pretty close to the actual poll. But in defense, it seems to be from four factors: 

I like OU/Texas to win the Big 12- not Mizzou 

I have four SEC teams in the top ten. I just think that League is ahead of its peers. That is not an unoriginal opinion. And yes, perhaps it is shaded by the awful and repeated beatings SEC teams have put on Tulane since I was in my cradle. 

I have Boise State in the top ten- I think 12-1 is real possible there- they’re a real threat versus a Wake/Pitt style BCS League Champ in a BCS game. 

I have Pitt to win the Big East, not WVU. The Tulane fan believes in Coach RR- heck, he ran things in reality and the Wave was 12-0 in ’98. At Tulane. Let that sink in. 12-0. Tulane. Coach RR. WVU will see a decline. This is my ballot top fifteen from last year- versus the final AP.: 

1 Florida (finished 13)
2 LSU (finish 1)
3 Southern Cal (exact)
4 Wisconsin ( finished 18)
5 Texas (finish 10)
6 Michigan (MISS)
7 Auburn (finish 15)
8 Virginia Tech (finish 9)
9 Oklahoma (finish 8)
10 Ohio State (finish 5)
11 West Virginia (finish 6)
12 Tennessee (exact)
13 Georgia (finish 2)
14 Penn State (finish 27th- other receiving votes)
15 California (MISS)

Honestly, is that bad? I candidly think it is pretty good. I missed with Michigan bad - but many did. And Wisconsin pick wasn’t so great. But the rest is pretty good. Lastly, my blog does cover stuff other than Tulane. But you know, it is hard covering a non-BCS school. For example, you write on UL-Monroe for two weeks big guy. There just isn’t as much stuff. I wish I had named my blog something else- but it started as a fund-raising thing, people who needed to find me knew my name (particularly post-Katrina) and I dunno- at the time it seemed to work. I’m sorry you suffer me, I serve solely at Brian’s discretion. The day he fires me, I thank him (‘cause I had fun and I think the blogs on this list rock) for the opportunity and will continue to serve my small community the best I can.