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01/14/2010 - 6:46pm Woodley

at ILB? Is that right?

01/09/2010 - 5:53pm Meyers leave of absence

is actually just going to be him taking 3 or 4 months off in the summer. There is not a chance he isnt back on the sideline for their first game next year.

My dad and I lovingly joke that Joe Pa will die on the sideline during a Penn State game one year (honestly, its the only way for him to go out). Well, now I believe in all seriousness that Meyer will actually drop dead on the sideline during a Gator game.

12/27/2009 - 4:44pm I would be shocked if anyone

I would be shocked if anyone but Meyer is coaching the Gators for their season opener next year. I also agree with the sentiment expressed earlier about Meyer being a dick on the field and with the media. Florida coaches are the new Brett Favre. I'm leaving the university... for a day.

Also, some of the quotes his daughters gave the media were beyond depressing. Would be interesting to get quotes from them today. I'm torn as to whether this is sad or frustrating.

12/19/2009 - 12:42am Pretty Much

Yeah. I can only find four avatar sized pictures on Mike D's picture pages, there are no videos of it on Youtube, the only video is a forty minute torrent which I'm hoping someone will post screencaps of because I'm legitimately interested to know the quality of the footage. This thread has been up for a day and change and still no one has posted multiple quality pictures or streaming videos. People have yet to disprove my point.

Everybody keeps saying it was covered heavily but can't post pictures or video links to support their stance. I'm open to being wrong, and if I am then so be it, but getting four or five people to say that it was heavily covered then not be able to show proof doesn't make it true. The fact that there is nobody posting pictures or posting links to videos helps to prove MY point. I can find more copies of Budd Dwyer killing himself than I can of Woodson winning the Heisman. Just sayin.

12/18/2009 - 11:21am Challenge

Find the best quality picture and video possible from that night. Then find a second quality picture and video. It's tougher than everybody thinks. For being 1997, there is hardly media out there for the first and only defensive player to ever win the Heisman. Even the video ESPN always shows during the Heisman hype sequences are sketchy.

12/18/2009 - 1:34am In Woodson's day there were

In Woodson's day there were not even close to a million TV cameras anywhere near the Heisman presentation. I'm pretty sure the award was presented in a rotary club with maybe 100 people in the room. It was nowhere near the event it is today.

11/12/2009 - 5:18pm Magnus, hold on...

Let me take my balls out of your mouth, I couldn't understand you.

Oh there we go, you giving up already? Well thanks for the challenge, hope we can play again sometime soon.

11/12/2009 - 5:04pm Would you expect a four-year

Would you expect a four-year starter in any school to not set records? It's damn near a given that a four-year starter will set records, especially at a school such as Kentucky, which as we know has produced outstanding QB talent... never (lol, Tim Couch).

And wow, a 57% completion rate as a senior. Hold on boys, he is coming for the Heisman. A freshman should be throwing 57%, not a four-year starter. 2nd team All-SEC where the only decent starting QB at the time was Eli Manning (lol, Jason Campbell). That's the equivalent of saying that Mike Williams is 2nd team All-Michigan safety behind Kovacs. What an honor.

What are the NCAA records he holds? Turnovers during a career? Most interceptions in a game? I don't know, but find out what they are for me, I would honestly be interested to know, but I'm willing to bet they are not important.

Seriously, you cannot make the argument that Lorenzen didnt suck. He went undrafted for a reason, he was a third-stringer for a reason, he threw four career passes in the NFL for a reason, he was on an AFL practice squad for a reason. Lorenzen sucked at Kentucky, he sucked in the pros, but I'm sure he is good at whatever he is doing now.

You said it yourself, "he latched on to a pro team for several years". LOL, yes, he certainly did latch didnt he. And why the hell would I be a Kentucky fan, does Kentucky even have fans? Your argument that he was a good QB at any point is his career is laughable at best, and your "stats" just go to prove it.

Thanks for playing Magnus, now go fuck yourself.

11/12/2009 - 12:17pm Yes, he was a third-stringer in the NFL.

With a career total of 4 completions, 28 passing yards, and 2 rushing yards in a grand total of 4 seasons. Watch out for him! And, no he is not better than I give him credit for. He sucked at Kentucky and he never broke the two-deep in the NFL, I think I'm giving him the credit he deserves. He is way more famous for being a fat-ass left handed quarterback than for anything he ever did on the field. People think he is good because they recognize the name, not because he has any real talent.

11/12/2009 - 9:33am Lorenzen also sucked balls.

So maybe we should not think of him as hefty-lefty with speed and instead think of someone talented to compare him to. Its like saying JT Turner is Johnny Sears with better hips.

11/09/2009 - 12:21pm Nice idea for a thread

but we played this game last week:…

11/05/2009 - 4:30pm And horrible

for the soul.

11/05/2009 - 4:28pm Not signaling

his lane change and forcing other drivers into the wall. Then yelling at NASCAR officials for penalizing him after speeding through pit lane repeatedly.

11/05/2009 - 10:47am I'm not sure

that asking for people to list "realistic" targets and then listing your first two candidates as "longshot" and "another longshot" makes sense. Realistic and longshot would be on opposite ends of the hopeful spectrum.

Christian is the only one from the above list (wing's list) that I think we actually land. After that, Josh Furman comes to mind as does Aramide Olaniyan. I think we have legit chances with both of those young men. After that, who knows.

11/02/2009 - 4:56pm NONE

"Eye gouging happens much more frequently than the average fan understands"

Especially if you are a Gator. Florida LB/Pansy Bitch Dustin Doe:

11/02/2009 - 12:18pm The author also thinks

that the next high level draft pick on the roster behind Graham is Ortmann. Seriously? No love for Warren? Koger, Molk, and Martin are all far more likely to be high-level draft picks than is Ortmann.

10/31/2009 - 7:23pm At the end of the day

Its amazing that we are all fans of the same team.

10/29/2009 - 10:01pm Damn

Ohio State has 8 DE recruits between 3 classes, 2 of which are still ongoing (10, 11). They recruit DE like we recruit WR.

10/28/2009 - 9:47am I said it last year

Osgood's career has been an overachievement due largely to the caliber of players surrounding him during his time in Detroit. He is, in my opinion a better than average goalie, but nothing more. Of course he has had his moments and streaks where he has looked outstanding, but I've never been convinced that he is great.

10/25/2009 - 8:49pm Woodson

Also had a pick for Green Bay today. Always nice to see our guys doing well in the NFL.

Go Blue!

10/22/2009 - 7:29pm On a related note

Anyone living in the Pittsburgh/Western Pennsylvania area can watch the Penn Hills vs Fox Chapel game on FSN right now. Good chance to see Cullen before he hopefully commits.

10/19/2009 - 2:35pm That's very

Autumn Thunder of you.

10/18/2009 - 3:57pm A quote from the

A quote from the responses:

"They should have play Applachian State woops they did and their standings went from #1 to whatever. They also lost to APP STATE. Well!!! Next time pick a harder team.. just imagine if delelware would have beat them."

Yes, imagine if delelware had beaten us. Florida fans always come out in droves when there is a Michigan story.

10/18/2009 - 3:22pm Friend or foe?

Friend or foe?

10/15/2009 - 10:51pm Jerome Murphy

2.5 - Over/under on sure fire dropped interceptions. He already has two drops after they fluttered softly into gloved hands. I say he drops one more.

Edit: in addition to the two dropped interceptions, he has three personal fouls. Go Bulls!

10/15/2009 - 10:18pm Daniels

has got to learn to settle for 5-6 yard completions, he just waits out the long ball and then ends up scrambling every play and whipping it in the general direction of a Bull. Take a note from Peyton Manning and be happy with short but important completions.

10/15/2009 - 10:08am Hart

Hart is definitely the Ricardo Miller/Marvin Robinson as far as recruits go next year. Young man with long-term interest in the program, already beloved by fans, and despite whatever his rankings end up being all of us will be exceptionally happy to have him.

Can't wait until he (hopefully) commits.

10/15/2009 - 10:04am Great article

Thanks for posting, always nice to be reminded that its more than just a game.

10/14/2009 - 7:58pm On the subject...

I remember Carson Butler doing the cabbage patch at the end of a game in 2007 as well. Other than the fact that we won, I can't remember which game it was.

09/28/2009 - 12:37pm Yes

Florida public schools for 5 years, not my fault. Always proofread kids!

09/28/2009 - 12:24pm Cowherd

Is flavor of the week in terms of his opinions. He says nothing original, he offers no substance to his arguments, he just runs with whatever meme is hot at any given moment. He's like the guy that doesn't watch any games over the weekend, he just watches the 7 AM Sportscenter and repeats whatever the anchors said about a certain team or player.

A: Tigers are gonna make the playoffs this year.
B: Oh yeah, why?
A: Cuz Buster Olney says they are.
B: Oh, ok. Can you name anyone on the roster?
A: Yeah, the Tigers.
B: Fuck.

He shits on teams/players/coaches when the rest of the country is doing it and he praises whatever team/player/coach ESPN and the bloggers say is hot. He is a bandwagon fan in the truest sense of the word. No substance, no original ideas, Cowherd is the Peter Popoff of sports radio.

09/27/2009 - 3:27pm Excellent News

If this holds up then this is great news. Welcome to the Michigan Family Will!

Go Blue!

09/27/2009 - 12:15pm Awesome

The legend grows. Warren has truly been outstanding this year, he continues the tradition of great Michigan corners - Law, Woodson, Jackson, Hall.

09/26/2009 - 5:29pm Agreed

Odoms is tenacious, his blocking ability is unbelievable, and he seems to step up and make the big plays when we need them. Not to mention how versatile he is - he has had receiving, running, and special teams touchdowns. I think he is definitely an under-appreciated member of the team, but hopefully threads like this and his continuously impressive performances will get him some much earned respect.

09/19/2009 - 12:48pm Awesome

Thanks James. Much appreciated.

09/18/2009 - 5:00pm Bravo

Kudos to you sir.

09/14/2009 - 11:19am Best Wishes

Best wishes and good luck.

08/21/2009 - 2:04pm Big Ups!


In all seriousness, thank you for the time and effort you put into those videos. A true Michigan Man, you are an unsung hero of the MGoCommunity.

08/06/2009 - 11:47am My favorite quote from the

My favorite quote from the piece.

08/01/2009 - 11:55pm LOL

It's the second coming of Magnus. Say something rude, call someone a dick, tell them they dont know jack, go apeshit when someone confuses quick and spinner, then apologize for overreacting a few posts later.


06/21/2009 - 9:45am Welcome

Welcome to the Michigan family Courtney! Always good to see kids who are of high caliber both on the field and in the classroom. Keep working hard and cant wait to see you out on the field!

Go Blue!

06/09/2009 - 7:23pm Welcome Ken!

Glad to hear that you are a Wolverine. Welcome to the Michigan family and I look forward to seeing you out on the field within the next couple of years. Again, welcome and I hope you enjoy your time at Michigan.

Go Blue!

04/22/2009 - 12:40am The NHL needs

about eight less teams and more televised games. Better competition and more chances to view it would be nice. Does anybody really get excited to watch Phoenix, Atlanta, or Tampa Bay?

I mean I will watch ANY college football game that comes across my screen during the fall. I will watch any NFL game regardless of the teams playing. Hockey needs to better itself before anyone will care, there are too many teams and too many people who don't care because of it.

04/21/2009 - 10:46pm Wow

That looks awesome. Look forward to following this and can't wait to see the finished project. Good luck!

04/19/2009 - 3:07pm Always fun watching Scout eat

Always fun watching Scout eat their shit. They try so hard to be the first on everything and in the process have to retract a number of stories. It has been odd to see them break a commitment then have to wait a day or two to see the news show up on Rivals, or sometimes not at all when there isn't even a story.

04/17/2009 - 12:45am You sir,

are reasonable.

04/06/2009 - 12:34pm Thank you.

My point exactly.

04/06/2009 - 12:08pm I don't see where this is

I don't see where this is going.

Plus, for a thread stating that Michigan State has an inferiority complex, there sure as shit are a ton of Sparty threads on this board, nearly all knocking on them. Seems ironic.

04/04/2009 - 3:43pm He's more than likely a Hall

He's more than likely a Hall of Famer, but there are plenty of Hall of Famers that weren't outstanding, they were just good and were on great teams. Osgood is good, not great, not outstanding, not bad, but better than average. He's not dominating, opponents don't fear him, he has had a decent career with some excellent seasons, but he is no where near the best goaltender playing today, nor has he ever been. Hall of Famer doesn't mean the best ever, it just means that you had a good career with good teams. Ozzie is alright, but he's nothing that special.

Even if he wins another cup with us this year, you cant look back on this season and say that he was good. Osgood's career is alternating shots of him winning the Cup and skating with his head down after letting up his third goal on his tenth shot faced.

04/04/2009 - 1:37pm Traditionally...

the team with the hottest goaltending going into the playoffs win the cup more often than not. See Osgood last year, Giguere a few years back, etc. The Wings are anything but hot right now. Conklin has regressed tremendously over the last month, and Ozzie has never lived up to the way he played in the playoffs last year.

We actually has a pretty easy road to the Cup finals last year - Nashville with the exception of the last two years has been god awful against us, Colorado was so injury depleted and uncoordinated last year it was ugly, and no matter the situation Turco hardly ever beats the Wings. The real outlier and possibly only real test was the Pens who in the end are so one-dimensional that Malkin didn't even score a goal in the series until one of the last 2 games. So in reality, Ozzie did have a great post-season last year, but his true talent may have been inflated by the lack of competition we faced in the playoffs. There is a reason we traded him years ago and he ventured to a few different teams. He gets hot, and stays that way for a while, but in the end he gives up a ton of soft goals and is just better than average.

This year, we are a crap shoot going into the playoffs, there is not enough games left to really build up a ton of momentum and the goaltending has been way too inconsistent this past year, plus there are some legitimately better teams out there this year - Boston, San Jose, Vancouver has been very strong and very quiet, and this year especially we have been pretty bad against teams in the top of the league.

I hope for the best, but I am not as optimistic as least year.