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01/12/2009 - 9:14am Big 33

I have been going to the Big 33 since I can remember, and there have been some very memorial games. First I just want to start off by stating over the course of the Big 33, it has always consisted of the "elite" players from Pennsylvania going against All-American high school squads (teams consisting of players from all over the nation vs. PA), PA East vs PA West, Texas, Maryland, and most recently Ohio. I have seen some big names come through this game ( especially loved when Steve Breaston played and Chad Henne (who I got to play against at a 7 on 7 camp!)). As mentioned, the SuperBowl has never gone without a football player from the Big 33, so it just shows the caliber of athletes that participate in this game.
Last year my sister was able to get a spot cheerleading for PA, and after the game we were allowed on the field. I was decked out in my Michigan gear, and saw Michael Shaw being interviewed for Ohio Offensive Player of the game, and afterwards I approached him and was able to talk to him and told him how excited I was he was going to become a Wolverine. He was very laid back and down to earth guy and promised a bright future for the Michigan program (which did not happen this year, but the future looks brighter and brighter each day). Definately my most cherished memory of the Big 33, and hopefully a lot more good times to come!
Go Blue!
Also, Pryor did not play in the Big 33 game last year, but he did tear up Hershey in the AA State Championship Game against Dunmore!