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11/29/2010 - 6:20pm Or maybe....

there are many genuine UM fans that happen to disagree with your point of view, and after watching (and reading the blogs) the last three years, they finally decided to weigh in on an obviously huge decision point in your school's football program.  Just a thought.

11/29/2010 - 5:02pm Injuries and S & C

I have a question regarding injuries as related to strength and conditioning.  Has any analysis been done comparing pre-Barwis "total games missed" by starters (or even two deep) vs.the past three years under Barwis.  As an avid College er Big Ten er OSU fan, I read many tOSU and UM blogs (this is definitely one of my favorites!) I recall many posts trumpeting how much stronger, faster, endurable, and most of all, reduced injury prone that UM was going to be with the OMG Barwis S & C program.  And, when those infrequent injuries did occur, how much less severe they were going to be.  I must admit, that I was just a bit jealous, (Geeze Louise, just think of how great tOSU could be if we had HIM!)  In any event, with nothing to back it up, it just seems like UM has had an exoribant number of injuries, both minor (miss a game) and major (miss a season)

As for the Strength and Speed part of the equation, are the UM players stronger, more enduring (play more minutes without huffing and puffing) and are they faster than when they came in. (please do not use DRob as part of your analysis...he is so completly off the charts when it comes to speed, but he was faaasssttt when he got there)

The bottom line question is..."Does Barwis give UM the edge that all (most?) UM fans believed that he would?

07/31/2009 - 10:04am Ease of scheduling...and ND

Your comment "I don't think either school would have problems lining up other opponents to replace one another." does not appear to reflect the reality of the situation. UM has apparently had a problem lining up even 1 quality opponent for a highly visible game, i.e. the renovated stadium "dedication"! This whole fiasco boggles my mind.

And as far as ND goes...(I hate ND and have for at least 40 years, going back to my days in Norfolk Virginia while in the Navy. Back in the days of 3 channels to choose from, and the only college football I could watch while on duty was the "Notre Dame Football Network" as the announcer called it! Never a Big Ten game...zilch...nada!) But I digress. A point I would like to make regarding the ND - UM match up is that Michigan has gone a long way towards perpetrating the awesomeness of ND by signing up for this series. If ND was forced to find some lesser program to play, some of their luster would be lost, they couldn't continue to have that "special" arrangement with the BCS, and they may eventually be exposed as the Posers that they are! (Okay, I may have oversimplified it, but, hey!) Go Buckeyes!

06/25/2009 - 10:39am Comparing RR to Cooper

Michigan could only hope that RR ends up being their version of John Cooper! Cooper had one of the best records at OSU...he just couldn't beat UM! If given the choice of going 3-9 year after year with one of those wins being against OSU, or consistently winning 10-11 games, but always losing to OSU, I would guess that most UM fans would pick the 10-11 wins. At least for a while. Either way, RR gets fired eventually. Which comes first?

"I know John Cooper, and Rich Rodriquez is no John Cooper!"