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01/24/2011 - 11:21am I don't think you folks can count

Even in the "worst case" mentioned above where we sign 15 players, including Rawls and another OP, we'd have more than 3 offensive players in the class.  Hayes, Rawls, Miller, Posada (that's 4), plus an additional OP (we'll say Bryant) is 5.  Plus, if Heitzman plays TE that'd be 6.  Basically, they aren't recruiting WRs because we have so many (evidenced by what they did with Lucien and Flowers) so all the class would be missing from an offensive perspective, even in "worst case" is a QB.  Nothing to worry about there.

01/21/2011 - 1:22pm BONUS: we should put together

BONUS: we should put together a pool for when and where the first column approvingly citing Borges's ability to adapt relative to Rodriguez by comparing their first seasons shows up. Bonus points will be awarded for the most irritatingly shallow glossing over of the difference between junior Denard Robinson with seniors around him versus freshman Threetsheridammit surrounded by fellow freshmen.


This is a really intellectually dishonest argument.  You are critisizing people for inevitably glossing over the fact that Rodriguez lost Mallet, Arrington/Manningham, and a bunch of lineman, when you are glossing over the fact that Rodriguez had something to do with losing all of them.  If you want to quibble over how much blame he should get for that you can, but to assign him no blame is you simply selecting the meme that Rodriguez was a good coach that did what he should have done and if we'd just waited he'd have been great, but he got screwed, and then selectively choosing data to support that.

One of the best things Hoke has done, your chicken little imitation ("oh no, the world is falling, Denard is definitely leaving.  What?  He's not?  Well then he'll definetly leave after spring ball.") not withstanding, is get all of Rodriguez's players to buy in and stick around.  He should get some credit for that, just as Rodriguez should get some blame for his inability to get Carr's player's to stick around.

10/06/2010 - 12:12pm Does Molk get any credit?


Any chance you can run the numbers for the first three games last year compared to the to this year?  Or maybe more specifically, the numbers up to Molk going out as compared to having him in.  I've read several articles down playing Michigan's competition to date and noting that MSU held the team to 28 yards rushing last season, but I think other than the obvious difference (Denard instead of Tate) another key difference that the media isn't picking up on is that Molk was out for the game last year and has been healthy this season.

09/14/2010 - 2:02pm Does this take into Account homefield?


Do your likelihood of win percentages take into account home field at all?  If so how?  Also, do you have PAN numbers for every FBS school?  Do you have a website where you publish them?  If not you should post them weekly on the site as a "rest of the FBS" segment after you put up your top 25.