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04/08/2011 - 8:20am No guts no glory

I love it when an underdog wants it more and pulls off a gutsy performance like that.   Multiply that X 5 million for a Michigan team doing it.  Absolutely outstanding.  And why are any of us surprised that a fan from North Dakota is acting like a douche?  That's about as surprising as hearing a Steve Spurrier-coached team is having issues with players' off-the-field behavior.

03/18/2011 - 3:01pm Just What I Needed

That was simply all kinds of awesome.  All we'll hear about is all about the Volunteer offcourt distractions but Michigan played their butts off and the halftime adjustments were excellent.  "So you're telling me there's a chance...."GO BLUE!

01/12/2011 - 10:10am The way this firing and

The way this firing and ensuing coaching search were conducted further damaged the reputation of the program and that's my major problem with it.  It appears to everyone in the country that Hoke was the third choice and he was only chosen because he's a "Michigan Man", a phrase now more vomit-inducing to me than "don't go there", "don't worry be happy" and anything including the name "Geico" put together.  The fact that the notion of a "Michigan Man" was emphasized by someone who wasn't a "Michigan Man" himself to begin with makes it even more idiotic.  This coaching search seems orchestrated solely to satisfy the old school alumni in this regard and that the safe hire is reverting back to the conservative, sit-on-the-lead-and-pray-we-don't-lose Carr days.  I totally agree with not bringing Miles to Michigan in the shadow of our own NCAA infractions given the willingness he obviously has to screw over kids and their families evidenced by the whole scholarship revoking/grayshirting fiasco.  I think this is absolutely a better hire than Les would have been.  But I agree the hire does seem disasterous at first glance, mostly because of the less than stellar W/L record and lack of solid coordinator experience (clearly Chizik=apples, Hoke=oranges).   However, I think the misgivings and doubt have been turned up to 11 based on how this firing/hiring took place and the timeframe in which it occurred.  And that falls on Brandon, someone who should have the business sense to know better.

01/09/2011 - 10:23am Unfortunately you have to talk to the girl on the right first...

It's amazing...I can't get left!  Look kids, Big Ben, Parliament...

12/30/2010 - 3:27pm Pryor Pryor Pants On Fire

Good post, although it's my opinion that contending Terrelle Pryor is somehow beyond reproach for his asinine behavior and comments (over the past year particulary) simply because we also recruited him aggressively out of high school is ridiculous.  Especially since the quarterback from my alma mater has to date handled himself humbly in good times and bad and hasn't made a name for himself nationally with stupid comments like the ones Pryor made regarding Michael Vick and how he's such a world class quarterback who's only hindrance is the OSU Tressel-ized offensive gameplan (the latter of which was of course efficiently and thoroughly statistically debunked by this very blog).   I have said numerous times this year how glad I am that Pryor doesn't represent my school and I continue to feel that way, win or lose.  It also isn't hard for me to connect the dots between delaying the suspensions and money.  If the star players play, people watch the bowl.  If they don't, viewership/revenue goes way, way down.  End of story.  But, most importantly, I too fondly remember my 20 minute CRISP window and frantically checking the course guide in line for a still open 3 credit class that wouldn't require getting up before 11am.  GO BLUE!

11/29/2010 - 5:05pm I'd like to make it a big

I'd like to make it a big F-you.  I totally reject any football "analysis"  from someone who has very arguably made more horrendously bad management and draft decisions than anyone else in the history of professional football.  And how has no one commented on the fact that he was wearing a scarlet and gray tie for the broadcast of The Game??!!  At least I'm 95% sure--my Dad's standard-def TV is pretty awful...

08/31/2009 - 7:37pm Any headline on a newspaper

Any headline on a newspaper page that includes the headline "Lions: There's a Reason to Smile!" should be immediately disregarded with extreme prejudice. Ah little brother, the consistency and vigor of your inferiority complex is oddly comforting in these trying times...