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06/22/2017 - 4:23pm Asylum!

Long time lurker, but this subject moved me to post.....

Asylum - support a Michigan man! The founder Tom Lazuka grew up in Allen Park, still lives in the Detroit area. My favorite is the Straightjacket, but Asylum 13 is definitely a go-to and inexpensive.

CLE - by Christina Eiroa, founder of Camacho Cigars  My favorites are the Prieto and the Eiroa 20

Montecristo - as others have said, the White #2 Habana is awesome, actually any White series. I dont' think i've smoked a bad one yet

Ashton Symmetry & VSG - awesome tailgate smokes

Cohibas - again, don't think I've smoked a bad one

H Upmann - The Banker

Romeo y Julieta - always good

Diamond Crown - expensive but for special occasions, an excellent choice

Greycliff - I visited the factory in Nassau, unfortunately there were no deals to be had. The smokes are good but not worth the price when there are cheaper options

My Father - like pretty much all of this line

La Gloria Cubana - on par with Romeos

tjohn 7 - appreciate any links to members only sites!

04/18/2010 - 11:10am Scheduling Contracts

How would expansion affect the contract Michigan has with ND to play them until 2027? I think Purdue and Sparty No! also recently reupped with them for some time too. If a 14 or 16 expansion is in the cards and they go to a 10 game conference schedule, I don't think that would be grounds to break a contract and tell the Irish to shove off. ND would say you've got 2 non-conference games, one is ours for 15 more years. As much as watching ND struggle with MAC teams would be fantastic to watch, I don't see it happening for a while

04/16/2010 - 5:51pm I second that

18 hours later my order finally accepted. I tried last night after I got home (had to get the wife's wish list in there) but the site was seriously worse than being on a 14.4k modem. Slowwwwwwwwwww, finally I gave up went to bed.

Tried again at 6:30am this morning. Speed was slightly better, however some items weren't showing up on the pages. I had kept the items in my cart from the night before, added 1-2 more in, went through the WHOLE checkout process (another 1/2 hour), and hit process order thinking I was home free. WRONG! Then got an error page: sorry, your order did not go through, some items no longer have quantities available. Well which ones?!? It doesn't say, you have to go through your whole cart and experiment.

Finally found the item in my cart that was no longer available in an XL (only M or L), took that out of the cart, another 20 minutes to recheckout and success. I noticed a LOT of the good deals from last night were gone by about 11am this morning.

Also tip - if you put in the TAX25 code and then make changes to your cart the code and $50 off disappears and you need to re-enter it before you go through checkout. I almost got to the end thinking my $50 would show there, then it looked fishy and I canceled out and tried it again with the code. Don't overpay!

03/07/2010 - 7:46pm Vogrich 2010

Vogrich needs to step up in a big way next year. Sam Webb hyped his shooting accuracy in endless recruiting roundup's on par with a Delta Force elite sniper, yet in the games I saw him in he wasn't hitting much and was a liability on defense. Now, given he is a freshman and I'm not ragging him, I just expected more based on his pedigree and reputation. Hopefully he makes a huge frosh-soph leap, we need him.

I also wonder what a game like today's does to Trey Zeigler's decision process...does he see the immediate need and playing time available at Michigan, or would he want to play for a perennial winner at MSU?

02/26/2010 - 12:04pm Mark from Novi...

...called into the Recruiting Roundup? Boy that hardly ever happens