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03/20/2018 - 12:40pm Well

Well come on Syracuse beat MSU by 1 point I mean that has to be more impressive than any of Michigan's victories.

Yep before the tournement ESPN: "we need to take in account all the games all season" 

ESPN after first 2 games: "we need completly ignore the first 35 or so games and base these seedings off of the last 2 games"

03/16/2018 - 12:28pm This

Sure Houston looked good but they only scored 6 more points then we did and we did not look so good. 

I trust Belien will have them ready and we will see a much better game than last night, kind of like the difference from Iowa to Nebraska in the Big10 tourney.

01/17/2018 - 2:37pm This has to be

one of the best / most informative double posts that I have seen on here in a while..........seriously. Kudos! and Thanks ;-)

01/05/2018 - 7:32pm Stephen King

Stephen King called her the greatest make believe villain since Hannibel Lecter.

12/22/2017 - 9:12am Low 4*

I'm a low 4* at brewing beer with a ton of upside. 

5* at stock pilling beer to age

5* at falling asleep at Mr Dooleys after 10 or so Murphy's

11/15/2017 - 9:04am Maybe

Maybe people ask because they would like to watch with other Michigan fans not on thier tablet or TV in a hotel room?


I am going to Maui for the Maui Classic and will be theire for both Wisconsin and OSU, I found a couple bars that open at 7am, but wondering if anyone else is going and if there would be any kind of meet up somewhere?

Go Blue!!!

10/27/2017 - 9:21am Done

Bad thing is I normally like SVP

10/27/2017 - 9:04am I've used Uber

Once we just got our tailgate all setup and ready to go on the golf course and I crack open my first beer and am like FUCK I left the tickets at the hotel. Installed Uber set it up they picked me up outside the golf course took me to the Red Roof and then back probably only took around 30 minutes. This was around 8:30ish am for a 3:30 game.

Enjoy the game Go Blue!!!

08/25/2017 - 7:39pm probably at a bar

I will probably go to the bar down the block. 

I'm a pretty big boxing fan so I watch most fights. I don't see anyway McGreggor can win I figure he will come out swinging for the fences Mayweather will be defense and just jab for 1-3 rounds then I figure Floyd will start to do damage and fight will end around 5th round. Floyd may not have great power, but it is there he just never really needs it, I just figure the constant pounding will take its toll. Everybody who fights Floyd always talks about how they are going to bring the fight to him and be aggressive and they always end up throwing half as many punchess as normal. I think Coto was one of the few who actually was aggressive and he got his ass kicked by trying. 

One thing I think would be funny would be if the Mayweather camp makes McGreggor shave before the fight which is within their rights if they think it can give him some padding. Doesn't happen often but I have seen it happen, and the last thing you want before a fight is to irritate your skin. I could see Floyd do this just to annoy Connor.

08/24/2017 - 12:44pm My take

Where did Eoron get all the wood and such for 1000's of ships? He lived on islands called the Iron Islands not on the forrest moon of endor? Also where did he get the 10-15 thousand people to man those ships?  Going into this season I figured he would somehow get these ships/people since they had to give Cersi some kind of chance but still....

Everytime Bran is on the show I wish that Jamie could throw him from another window. "I'm the three eyed ravon now" oh so that means ;you are an un-emotional asshole that drags each scene down and can't show any kind of emotion??

I still like the show for the most parts but certian things have been a little anoying and confusing.

They should just have a spinoff with Arya going around killing people, maybe have Lady Mormont as her side kick?

06/01/2017 - 11:34am Simple

Marty McFly

05/16/2017 - 10:24am Thursday or Friday

I think Thursday and Friday night games are fine for lower tier teams since it gets them a chance to have a national audience. Though it should be up to the school the conference should not force teams to play on Friday nights.

Not realizing their would be complaints is like George Lucas killing off Darth Maul, yet keeping Jar Jar in a prominant role. Really people didn't love Jar Jar Binks?????

05/02/2017 - 2:54pm Kind of related

Have been thinking of this recently when watching or reading about our LAX team.

Started thinking about Penn State and how they seem to be able to take teams that had little to no success or new programs and in seemingly no time at all have them competing at national championship levals.

PSU wrestling has won 6 of the last 7 national championships, before that they had a total of 2 top 2 finishes.

LAX PSU was ok but now they are a top 10 team.

Hockey in 5 years got ranked #1 and made the tourney and won a game, Also watching them since they entered hockey they improved each year.

Hopefully whoever takes over for both LAX teams can take them to national relevance.

Go Blue!

04/12/2017 - 12:55pm What?

No one has suggested to take the 6 year old to skeeps on Friday night for their weekly "shots for tots"???


04/06/2017 - 2:56pm Not bad

Though it doesn't stop the fouls completely. Say the Clippers are leading 100-98, so the winning score would be 107, the team trailing could very easily foul DeAndre Jordan on the first 2-3 trips for the clips odds are he only makes 1 or 2 of the free throws, if the team trailing gets 2 baskets it is a tied game, if they get a three or make 3 baskets they have the lead.


04/04/2017 - 9:37am Injuries

Well Izzo would win every year if he wasn't the only coach to have to deal with injuries. He always manages to slide the fact he has some injuries into his comments whenever they lose or underperform.

03/31/2017 - 10:42am Weather is warming up??????

We are supposed to get up to 12" of snow today through tomorrow, just where the hell is this warmer weather you speak of?

01/10/2017 - 4:48pm Smith

I think Smith was a very good RB. Problem was he is a very straight ahead runner and if he could have played behind a better OL that could have gotten him to the second level consistently I think he could have put up 1000+ yards. 

Problem was everytime we faced a team with a solid front 7 (Iowa, OSU, FSU) our OL couldn't open holes so he was consistently getting hit at or behind the OL. In these games Evans out performed him since he has more agility and can make something out of nothing. Look at Delvin Cook, FSU's OL is not good yet his style of play can overcome an average OL.

I do agree that in our 3 losses we should have used Evans more, though Smith did have some very good games. I just think it is more situational with RB's unless you truely have an elite RB.

11/29/2016 - 10:37am refs

They should never let refs from either home state ref a game, even if they are completely un-biased and fair if there are some bad/iffy calls everyone will point and complain about about a ref being from that teams home state.

This is a sparten bob situation all over again. I doubt sparten bob went into that game saying man I am going to screw over Michigan, yet when he had a chance to give msu a couple extra seconds he took it.

I see the same things as these ohio refs when presented with a crucial call that would favor Michigan they let it go. The fact that the obvious 3 non PI calls and the 2 PI calls against Michigan were all on 3rd down, majorly effected the outcome of the game, not to mention all the holding penalties they "missed", the two guys behind me kept yelling for a holding penalty to be called, early in the 2nd quarter I turned to them and said they are just not going to call holding against osu, it pretty much wasn't called all year why would they start now. 

It is hard to picture Glassgow without an arm reaching accross his chest holding him.

People may say that refs are proffessional and such, but it is impossible to be un-biased if you grew up a fan of one of the teams playing. The more I think about this the more I get sick about this whole thing. The fact a ref actually explained a call by saying it is a tech in bball, then shouldn't osu been given a free throw and the ball? What about all the times the Michigan running backs traveled? Don't even get me started on the fact that it clearly took Michigan more than 10 seconds to get the ball over half court......

11/28/2016 - 12:02pm Slim chance

I really think we have a slim chance at getting into the playoff. I figure if Clemson and Washington both win they will be in with Alabama, then it comes down to winner of Big Ten championship game and osu, if it is Penn State would be very interesting to see how they could put osu in over psu since psu would have 2 check boxes for what the committee seems to value, in head to head and conference championship.

I do think we are 1 of the best 4 teams in the nation but that probably won't matter unless someone on the committee really pushes for us by fighting for the 4 best teams overall durring the season.

We do need either Clemson or Washington to lose best case would be for Clemson to be upset since that would remove ACC champ from playoff consederation. Then would need psu to win and hope the committee would put us and osu in over psu.

What happens if both Clemson and Washington lose? Could the Big Ten get 3 teams into the playoff? Or would they put Colorado/Oklahoma in to keep 3 teams from 1 conference getting in? I could see Oklahoma get in, in that case since the love affair with Oklahoma via espn already started last week.

11/07/2016 - 12:44pm Question

Not to hyjack the thread, but a couple of us from Boston will be in NYC to watch the Michigan Basketball team Thuraday/Friday before the IN game and will be staying the weekend.

Anyone in NYC what time should we plan on arriving at Professor Thoms? Only 2 of us.

Thanks and Go Blue!!!

11/02/2016 - 3:04pm Friday nights

I always saw Thursday/Friday night games for teams looking for a national audience, something Michigan does not need to seek out.

If Big Ten teams want to play on Friday nights that should be up to the team for non-conference and be agreed on by both teams for conference games. The Big Ten should not dictate who plays on Friday nights.

11/01/2016 - 7:55pm Rankings??

So what is better:

1. Play say pre-season #12 beat them 49-10, then said team falls apart and finishes 6-6 and out of the rankings.


2. Play unranked team beat them 49-10, then said team finishes 10-2 and ranked in the top 10?

Doesn't make any sense you have to look at who they played this year and how said teams are this year.

I'm not overly upset at us at #3 there is an arguement for Clemson, but atm really?

10/17/2016 - 3:51pm Indiana State Championship

My dad and I went to watch the Indiana state championship between Warren Central and Hobart his senior year. Hobart were constant runner-ups, they won something like 80+ straight regular season games and 50+ overall not counting the state championship game that they lost 3 or 4 straight years in a row.

Well all we heard about was this great QB at Warren Central, well Hobart beat the piss out of Jeff George that day, he had only been sacked like 10 times in 4 years, Hobart sacked him 5 or 6 times in this game and hit him pretty much everytime he dropped back. He had a horrible game and you could see once he got hit he wanted nothing to do with throwing the ball anymore. Of course the Hobart offense coudn't do anything and the Warren Central RB went off and WC won something like 28-6.

08/30/2016 - 10:00am No escape from reality

No escape from reality

08/26/2016 - 12:30pm Worth it

Oktoberfest is worth it, been 3 times and just a great time nothing else like it. If you have the money I recomend buying lederhosen so very comfortable plus you will fit in with everyone.


08/03/2016 - 11:21pm Website/store

My friends brother opened a store in South Lyon MI, if anybody lives near there.


08/03/2016 - 11:19pm Anytime

If you live near Boston anytime my friend.

08/03/2016 - 2:15pm Setup

I just moved to an electic all grain setup from extract brewing. I live in a condo so I need to brew inside.

HLT: 8 gallon Mega-pot 1.2

Mash Kettle: 11 gallon Bayou Classic with 240V heating element and recirculation for mash with a Blichmann auto-sparge.

Boil Kettle: 10 gallon Blichmann Boilmaker with 240V boil coil.

Tower of Power electic power controller. 2 Chugger pumps for transfer between kettles. 

Carboys: 6.5 Big mouth bubller for primary and 5 gallon big mouth bubbler for secondary.

I have a 2 keg kegarator. 



Primary/Secondary/1 gallon:


Zombie Dust clone fermentation and finished product:

08/03/2016 - 1:23pm Northern Brewer

I started by purchasing the Northern brewer 5 gallon kit with the big mouth bubblers 6.5 and 5 gallon carboys. Kit was I think around $160. Gets you everything you need except bottles. comes with a choice of I believe 4 kits. 

Would recomend starting with extract kits, don't let anyone tell you that you can't make good beer using extract. This way you get the process of boil to finish down and get used to it. 

A big chunk of brewing is getting the process down and taking good notes.

Make sure to plan the time it can't be rushed. First 5 gallon extract from start to finish (cleanup) took something like 4 1/2 hours. I eventually got it down to just over 3.

Northern Brewer also has a really good forum for questions and concerns. Watch as many videios as possible. 

if possible find agood home brew shop nearby and get to know them they can answer many questions. I also joined a home brew club that has monthly meetings and events, also a great place for info.

Enjoy it will be addictive. I started July 15, once my second beer was in primary I purchased a kegarator. I just upgraded my equipment to all grain, have done 3 batches and each one made some mistakes but learning.

07/14/2016 - 2:53pm answers

1.)    Which of the following players averaged the most yards per punt in his Michigan career?

a.)    Blake O’Neill  b.) Will Hagerup   c.) Zoltan Mesko   d.) Tate Forcier  


2.)    Gerald Ford replaced Richard Nixon as president.  Whom did he replace as Vice President? (this question is inspired by current events but is in no way an endorsement of a political party or of being vice president)


3.)    Which of the following players led the MBB 1989 national championship team in rebounds per game?

a.) Glen Rice  b.)  Loy Vaught  c.) Terry Mills  d.) Rumeal Robinsion  e.) Sean Higgins


4.)    What Michigan running back gained 128 yards against Ohio State in 1990 and coached Michigan safety Jarrod Wilson in high school?

Ricky Powers

5.)     Michigan women’s basketball team last made the NCAA Tournament in what year?

a.) 1999 b.) 2004  c.) 2009  d.) 2013  e.) they have never made the Tournament


6.)    Michigan’s softball team last failed to win the Big Ten regular season championship in what year?

a.) 2002  b.) 2007  c.) 2011  d.) 2014  e.) they have won it every year


7.)    Who started at quarterback for Bo’s last Rose Bowl winning team? 


8.)    Who were the last two left-handed quarterbacks to start for Michigan?  Morris and Taylor


9.)    Sierra Romero won Big Ten Player of the Year how many times?


10.)    Which MBB player has the most triple-doubles in Michigan history?

a.) Gary Grant  b.) Darius Morris c.) Manny Harris  d.) Derrick Walton  e.) Caris LeVert

All tied with one

07/14/2016 - 9:50am Appendix burst

When I was in the Navy my last command was in Diego Garcia. We would get sent to go TAD to Masirah Oman (little island as you enter the persian gulf), pretty much nothing their at all. 

Well I started to feel very sick and having pains in my stomach, and was not able to hold anything down drink some water puke it up and so on. So finally they send me to the Omanie medical center, no real doctors only Oman coreman. The guy checks me out says it might be my appendix and should be sent somewhere to see a doctor. The command sends me to Bahrain on a wonderful 6 hour P-3 flight. Once I get their they check me out say my white blood cell count is about twice what it should be so my body was fighting something. They were not sure if it was my appendix or not so they kept monitoring me. After a couple days I started to feel better and a couple more days my white blood cell count went back to normal and most of my pain was gone. 7 days after getting to Bahrain they sent me back to Masirah.

About 5 days later I wake up in pain I can't even comprehand anymore. I had to get my roomate to help me get out of bed and get dressed and to walk into work. I went back to the Omanie medical center and he was extremely concerned and said there was a Omanie C-130 flight to Musqat Oman in about 2 hours and I could be at a hospital in Musqat in about 3 hours. I was all for this. My command said they were going to wait for a P-3 to come from Bahrain then take me back to Bahrain, which would take at least 12+ hours. I said I need to see a Doctor as soon as possible. So they decided to put me on the Oman C-130 but they called the US Embassy in Oman and they said i should go to this other private hospital and they would have a representative of the Embassy and a Marine to pick me up.

So I get to Musqat and there is an ambulance but no Embassy rep or Marine. I mention that I think they are taking me to the wrong hospital but they say the know where I am going. Turned out yep taken to the wrong hospital. Finally get ahold of my command and they talk with the Embassy and they get me to the correct hospital.

The Doctor gives me an ultrasound and right away notices a large mass in my lower right side. After a CAT scan he tells me that my appendix had burst and my body had basically walled it off. He said about 2% of people if their appendix's burst this would happen. He said that it would be too risky to operate as it is so inflamed, and they would give me medication and hope that it would reduce in size. After 4 nights they moved me to Ramstien US Army hosptial in Germany with a stop in Prince Sultan Air Force base in Saudi. When I got to Ramstien they said they would probably have surgery in the next few days, I let them know what the Doctor in Oman said and they doubted him, but after another CAT scan they realized he was correct. So after spending 10 days in Ramstien they sent me to NAS Cically. After a few nights they released me and scheduled my surgery. 

Finally on May 5th about 2 months after this all started I had my surgery. The Doctor said everything went well. He said my appendix was 10-15 times the size it should have been and he had to chip off the sack that was attached to my intestanal wall. My scar was about 6 inches long comparred to normal appendix removals that pretty much are 1 inch or only 2 holes.

05/11/2016 - 11:19am big 12

I think Houston is fine, plus being in Texas they have a great recruiting base. Though if I was the big 12 I would go after Boise State before Memphis. Boise has proved they are more than just a flash in the pan.

03/10/2016 - 9:27am Home Improvement

In Home Improvement the writers wanted him to wear clothing from all of the colleges in Michigan, which he did except he never put on any msu stuff.

First time I watched Last Man Standing I was wondering why he was wearing Michigan stuff living in Colorado, then a few episodes later they mentioned his charector went to Michigan.

03/09/2016 - 11:18pm Program and Air Force One

I remember watching The Program and when Michigan won the game I cheered, my buddy after the game looked at me and asked did you cheer for Michigan in that movie? I was like of course I did a win is a win.

When I was watching Air Force One and he asked about the Michigan nd game, my first thought was oh of course he is a nd fan, then bam he was a Michigan fan made the movie that much better.

03/09/2016 - 7:15am Mine

Operation Ivy - Energy - In my opinion also the best punk band ever.

The Clash - London Calling

Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine

Decendents - Milo goes to College.

Janes Addiction - Nothings Shocking

Sublime - 40oz to Freedom

NWA - Straight out of Comptom.

Public Enemy - It takes a nation of millions to hold us back.

PInk Floyd - The Wall

NOFX - Punk in Drublic

Just so my list can come full circle

Rancid - And out come the Wolves.

03/07/2016 - 2:38pm Irish Bars

Black Rose is good, though the best Irish bar in Boston is Mr Dooleys. Everytime I end up at Dooley's I stay till close and have the best times. Plus they are one of the only places in Boston that has Murphy's on tap.

03/07/2016 - 11:41am Boston

As far as Fenway avoid the seats along right feild (pesky pole) the seats face directly to the Green Monster so you have a great view of Left field and if you want to watch the infeild/pitching/batting you must have your head turned to the left all game. Other then that just make sure you verify you are getting a non-abstructed view. Bleacher seats are fine.

As far as things to do in Boston there is the freedum trail I recomend starting at the Bunker Hill part and working into Boston. The USS Constition would be the second stop and it closes at 3:30, so if you time it right you would get to the North End around lunch to get some good Italian food. Then end in Cheers for some beer. Or if you have time split it up into 2 days.

I highly recomend spending a day in Salem, it is very cool. There are some great seafood resteraunts that you can eat at along the water. There are a couple fo witch museums the main one is very cool also there is one that has acts out a play of one of the trials. Probably want to see the main one if going to only 1. Also there is the house of the 7 gables which is worth the tour. You can take the comuter rail to Salem, but a little easier if you have a car.

Boston also has some cool Islands you can take a ferry to Goerges Island has a Cival War fort on it which is pretty cool.

Also pretty cool to spend some time at Harvard, they have 3 museums that you can visit that are pretty cool, and you could always end the night drinking on the beer garden at Charlies. 

02/04/2016 - 5:58pm Yes

This should be our new helmet stickers.

01/28/2016 - 9:02am Just go the Peter Griffin method.

Before you hand the birth certificate in just change the name:

01/25/2016 - 4:52pm Thanks

Myself and 3 others are coming from Boston and were wondering what we were going to be doing between games.

Go Blue!!!

12/11/2015 - 3:52pm Crown Point

I will never forget going absolute ape shit at the bar watching a kid from my home town kill it in the championship game. I remember earlier in the year when my friend said a kid from Crown Point was on the team I was like what we sucked at basketball how did a kid make it on Michigan.

And here I am some 2 1/2 years later with tears in my eyes as his career ends too DAMN early.

I will miss you Spike thanks for the memories......

Go Blue!!!!

12/03/2015 - 5:39pm Shawn Hunwick

Shawn's story is just too good not to be told. Damn ref's taking that goal away in the first that would have given us a 2-0 lead. 

08/22/2015 - 12:19am McGreevy's

In Boston MA

07/11/2015 - 11:50pm 3 floyds

just had a 3 Floyd's dark lord. yummy....

12/02/2014 - 10:07am QB Coach

We need a dedicated QB coach, I couldn't agree more.

What about Todd Collins he was basically a QB coach for 15 years in the NFL.

09/22/2014 - 10:42am Honestly 2008

I remember after that Wisconsin game we played so bad in the first half but completely turned it around in the second half then looked great in the first haf against Illinois the next week at that time I really thought we had a very good chance at winning the big ten. Of course then the second half happened.

Only real hope for this year is that the big ten is so bad that somehow we are even a 7 point favorite over Minny. 

I do think we have more talent now, but I just don't see that talent being developed. I guess if maybe we could start converting some 3rd downs, stop shooting ourselves in the foot whenever we get a good drive going and if we stop turning the ball over so much, who knows...

09/05/2014 - 11:01am ESPN

Of course they put something out like this they don't want people watching this game they want them watching 1 of the 2 games on ESPN or ABC.

ESPN has become such a joke with all sports not just college football. There was a time where they would cover all games and break down upcoming matchups. Now it is all about whatever is the latest buzz, be it Labron, Manzell, Tebow........

I was really hoping that fox sports was going to be a serious sports channel, but then they came out and said they were going to be more laid back joking.....


06/04/2014 - 11:46pm Mad Magicians

I would go with Crisler, Denard, 2010 O, 97 D, and 85 sched.

I just think it would be pretty awsome to see Denard running an offense designed by Crisler.

Just think Crisler is one of the most original/forward thinking coaches/football minds that ever was and man what he could do with someone of Denard's talents.

I go with the 2010 offense because of Denard and closest thing to the single wing for Crisler to work with.

The 97 D is just too damn good to say no too, plus that would enable Chuck to have some plays on offense.

That leaves me $4 so I guess I go with the 85 sched.

05/24/2014 - 12:28pm All mountain ski

Go with a solid all mountain ski. I have been west to ski many times sometimes with lots of powder sometimes with none. You may get 1 maybe 2 powder days out of a week, and normally the all mountain ski will do the job.

If you take say a helicopter skiing trip they rent powder ski's that you can use.