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06/07/2012 - 10:26am To me it tells me the coaches

To me it tells me the coaches feel really confident in their other commits and also that they have plugged a lot of holes from what RR left them especially on the lines.

They also must feel that snapper is a position that is needed badly and that a walk-on wouldn't be good enough as Michigan lost a walk-on snapper to Michigan State when they offered.

Tells me that the coaches are feeling pretty confident in the direction of the program and they are building and repairing all aspects of the team.

08/07/2011 - 1:18pm No he isn't a coach at Southview

Way to stay classy though.

He is at one of the premier teams in Northwest Ohio.

04/12/2011 - 10:37pm Will keep that in mind

Will keep that in mind. We will take your application anytime.

One last point --- the article that was copied and pasted here from our site was from a poster on our site -- not one of the guys that write for our site. Big Difference (IMO).

04/12/2011 - 10:14pm Wow ... some of you need to relax

Wow ... Some of you need to relax ... this was based off one report/practice. We have had a lot of other reports on practices.

First off ... For those people that believe we stole this information from others ... think again ... actually it was our group who gave the information to rivals -- Anison -- to post on their board and also to SteveDeace -- on scout.

Second ... We still attend practices ... if you don't want to believe it -- fine -- doesn't bother me.

Third ... What is funny is people believe Tom Beaver attends practices and he hasn't been to one EVER that wasn't open to the media or the fans.

Take a look at the past couple of weeks of practice reports and then look at other sites -- you will see something interesting -- they read our stuff and post afterwards.

One last thing ... What is funny ... The people making these claims sure do come to our board enough.

Thank You for your time.

11/14/2009 - 11:07am Well it comes down to they

Well it comes down to they want bigger fish ... that is all ... the longer he waits the longer they can hold him off to see if they get the bigger fish.

09/22/2009 - 3:30pm ziff

So your taking stuff from what we said 6-12 months ago and then trying to say we were wrong? WOW ... okay ... I guess players never get better, get worse, gets injured, or change attitudes.

Darryl Stonum had a bad attitude in the spring time and last year and most who went to spring ball saw it. Also you must not read much because we also said Stonum had really came on during fall practices.

Vlad has had another injury or should say swelling of his injury and the coaches wanted him to get it better. They have to decide if they should red-shirt him or not now.

Omameh and Khoury pushing kids in the spring and fall practice means what to you? To me it means they are on the two deep and pushing the starters and also creates more depth on the offensive line.

Stokes we said the kid was doing well and ahead of Gallon and T-Robinson. In the summer when the players were working out they all take turns going up against each other. Do not recall saying he was running with the first team when fall practices were around?

T-Robinson is a player we have been saying since the spring time that he would be a player to watch out for after the season to possible transfer. We still feel that way because of his hands and where he is on the depth chart and the fact we only use 1 "true" slot at a time on the field.

Brandon Smith comments I guess you took from the spring when we saw him in practice. Well if you seen him playing safety he was a monster there. Not sure if you noticed, but the kid changed positions and sometimes it takes awhile for a kid to adapt to that position.

Craig Roh in a normal year would probably red-shirt if we had depth. Like we said many times he would play this year. If he was at Ohio State he would probably red-shirt. In a few years when the depth issues are fixed a player like Roh coming in can learn the defense and hopefully not be counted on like he is this year.

Demens "As you say tearing apart the weight room" ... okay ... how does that translate onto the field. Please explain? Many times we have said players are "work-out warriors", but need to show it on the field. Again so your taking information that we give in the off-season and try and spin it to make a point.

Here are some tidbits I went back to look at in regards this situation. Went back as far as July.

Sept, 5, 2009 Tidbits:
"Hemingway has been the most consistent WR, he will start. Matthews will be at the other WR, but Stonum has come on the last two weeks" and also in that same article "Roh and Herron will split time, Roh has been more effective rushing the passer" and in the same article Odoms could be our ST specialist, he seems much quicker than one yr ago and is catching the ball, (at least in practice).

Aug, 24, 2009 Tidbits:
"Am not sure if Coach Rod was sending a message, but when he says you earn playing time daily, in this case it (the message) seemed to be directed mainly at the wide receiver group.

Darryl Stonum, who basically stunk in the first week of practice but has shown great progress lately, was in the starting line-up next to Junior Hemingway.

Greg Matthews was delegated initially to the third team. The wide receiver group continues to be the most competitive group in camp, mainly because no one has really separated himself, although J. Hemingway, as of now, looks to be at least one sure starter."

The offensive line groups remain basically the same.

First Group:
Mark Ortmann, Steve Schilling, David Molk, David Moosman, Mark Huyge.

Second Group:
Perry Dorrestein, John Ferrara, Rocko Khoury, Elliott Mealer, Pat Omameh.

Aug. 23, 2009 Tidbits:
Vlad Emilien: Probably needs more physical maturity, but his "football smarts" and position of need puts him in the two deep.

Craig Roh along with Vlad Emilien maybe one of those kid who just has "it". And his specialization at a skill that is so needed puts him in the two deep.

Those who really have no business playing Je'Ron Stokes: Lack of depth and top production puts him in the top five or six.

Aug. 21, 2009 Tidbits:
Just in ... Stonum has had back to back decent practices including making a very tough catch over the middle while getting slammed by Michael Williams. Competition is a wonderful thing.

Aug. 20, 2009 Tidbits:
Remember when Roth played at Iowa? That is Craig Roh almost identical. The guy is relentless in rushing the quarterback, really quick off the line.

Here is something to watch for. What do you do with Fitzgerald? He is behind Ezeh and Mouton (more on Mouton later), but Fitzgerald is really a good athlete and needs to play, but where? Barring injury, he could be behind these two for the next two years. Our thought is this: depending on what happens early in the season, if the goal is to get the best players on the field, then Fitzgerald has to play somewhere.

Aug. 13, 2009 Tidbits:
Most improved linebacker (Fitzgerald) his footwork (quickness has been obvious) the linebacker who needs additional work (Smith) seems awkward at times with his footwork. We do understand linebacker is new for him.

Aug. 1, 2009 Tidbits:
Herron has been one of the top performers in the off-season workouts, but he needs to take his superior athletic ability to the field. Nobody really knows how good Herron will be, but he will certainly be under a lot of pressure.

Mike Williams: As much as we like Vlad, William’s ability to hold on to the strong safety spot will enable Vlad to develop as a situational player at the start of the season and not be thrown into an immediate starting role.

July 31, 2009 Tidbits:
T. Robinson: Yes, T. Robinson is only a red shirt freshman and has a long way to go at Michigan. But, this fall will be very important, even critical, for T. Robinson.

Without early progress, it is possible T. Robinson gets passed up by all of the above and he may never recover. Sometimes it is a matter of just getting opportunity and T. Robinson had every opportunity to make a move this spring and did not. So clearly for young Mr. Robinson, fall practice is critical.