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03/22/2012 - 9:34pm Had to...

Had a lot of things to respond to. Missed a lot of action.

03/22/2012 - 9:25pm Had to...

Had a lot of things to respond to. Missed a lot of action.

03/22/2012 - 9:08pm Words hurt guys....

After endless texts and tweets about me being crushed on here I decided to check it out for myself. I have no problems with anything said about what I said. I am a reporter so I have thick skin. That Twitter account is technically my work one so that's why it is the same photo. I am not the child actor but every December, my Twitter account is berated by people catching The Santa Clause on ABC Family. I loathe Mike Valenti. I am not a UofM grad but I am from South Lyon, just 15 minutes from AA, and gre up loving the Wolverines.

Now that that's out of the way, I feel I can defend myself a bit. I know it's not a popular choice. I love Denard Robinson. He has made me very happy many times. He has also made me very sad. I meant my tweet to be innocent and had to keep it short (damn 140 characters).

I just think that the best COMBINATION of Gardner/Denard is Denard at WR and Gardner at QB. I'm not saying to bench Denard. I'm saying to run him at WR, RB, KR, PR, a little trick QB plays and any other way. Get him the ball in the open field. Do not forget how many yards Denard threw for this year that were absolute prayers that Hemingway and Co. bailed him out on. What use will Gardner be at WR if Denard can't get him the ball?

Now yes, there is no reason to believe Gardner will be amazing. But while being recruited, I kept reading that he was torching QB camps, he had the best arm even out of the pocket passers. Does that mean he will be good in a game? Not at all, but I'd like to see them try. Gardner just seems to be MORE of the type of QB the coaches want for their system. He's more Shane Morris than Denard Robinson. Denard has no future after this year at QB so it would be in his best interest to go WR.

Like I said, I love Denard...he can do things that nobody else can but there are those vomit inducing plays that he makes (you can all agree). If they put Gardner at Qb and it works, I will be happy, but they both need to be on the field. It's all fun to discuss though right now.

P.S.- This is coming from a CMU grad whose best 3 players on his football team are QBs. Then the fourth QB is actually the starter. It's maddening.

P.P.S.- This post forced me to make a profile. Mind if I join the fun? Can we be friends?