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08/11/2016 - 2:35pm Good luck

I'm a new teacher in Boston area.  Compared to NY it's almost as expensive with almost as long commutes.

I did not have a license when I started, and I don't think you have to.  I don't even have an education degree, it's a science degree.    I have to take a few classes, do some training, it's not too bad compared to a Ph.D.    You have to pass a test.  What Bluesalt said.  It's an easy test - if you have a brain you'll pass.


  The district I'm in had a lot of competition, about 15 applicants for every job, though I t hink it's easier for sciences.  And it's an "urban" district with some behavior problems. 


Boston itself is supposed to be a very bad district to work for, according to my fellow teachers, badly behaved kids, bad work conditions for teachers.   Newton has bratty rich kids with obnoxious parents, but pretty good otherwise.  Cambridge is in between. 


Usually you can find information about pay online.  My district pays for Ph.D. and I think most districts do.  Beyond that, it's pure seniority system where you get higher pay every year you're in the system. (EDIT, my district starts Ph.D.'s at around 62k)



lol senior/AP though.  You won't get that until you've been there a while.  Also she has to take AP training, so it's not happening for at least a year.


Good luck.


11/13/2013 - 11:20pm agree with Seth's take

I too appreciate SC's post, but it doesn't hit home for me.

Imagine if we played everybody out of position on the OL while sitting Gallon and Funchess in favor of more OL.  In theory the play design could gain yards if people execute. But in practice, we are not putting people in position to do their jobs.

Borges has basically done that all year.  Fitz can't block DE's but is repeatedly being asked to do so.  I'd rather take my chances that the OL will catch on to the scheme.  Or throw Hayes out there and have him go out for a swing pass.   Fitz can't run from I either, but is asked to.   Williams can't block at all or catch; he plays over Dileo who can catch (usually).   Funchess and Butt can't block either but are asked to.  Kerridge is plays OK, but not great, and plays over Dileo or Norfleet.


  And for what, so we can play "power"?  M has a tradition of shotgun passing too.


08/12/2011 - 9:42am QB Iso!

QB iso at 4:18, great to know it's in the playbook.

08/10/2011 - 12:10pm the 2013 seniors

Some of the2013  serniors may not be given a 5th year, and their scholarships used to get us from 22 to 26 in 2011.






Stonum (depending)


In that case, we'd have fewer scholarships available.


03/07/2011 - 1:16pm thanks much.  If I had the

thanks much.  If I had the ability to upvote I would!

10/29/2010 - 3:26pm who else was supposed to play

who else was supposed to play FS?

Van Slyke?  Walk on.  Emelien?  Slower than Cam. Carvin and Ray?  True freshman.

At least with Cam, you had a guy who played in the spring and had one year with Barwis.

Coaches were probably hoping that that would make up (to some degree) his lack of speed.

Carvin's probably too slow to be a true FS also.  So do you bulk him up to play LB/S or speed him up to play FS?  Probably taking a chance on bulking him up.

I think the coaches were stuck with poor options before and they're stuck with poor options now.












10/17/2010 - 12:53pm nice

very nice and creative

08/13/2010 - 11:17pm thanks!

thanks for the report!

07/23/2010 - 4:21pm thank you

Thank you compliance guy.


Related, it would be really great if anybody here was

a member of 4chan.  Fight fire with fire.

07/07/2010 - 6:36am they also

they also dropped Rosenberg's book, at least for a while.


Great stuff and great fans of M.

07/06/2010 - 8:56pm stats say yes, but eyes say no

I think Henson also had some ridiculous 9 YPA that season.  By the stats, I don't think there's any question that Henson had the best season.

But my eyes told me something different.  Henson had the chance to beat Purdue, but didn't play well in the 4th.  Henson tore a fingernail against MSU, and folded.  Henson led us to 51 against NU, but played soso in the 4th.


Part of being the best is being great under adversity.  That's why Ali is considered the greatest; that's how Brady, Montana, and Elway are considered the among  greatest.


  Drew Henson under adversity was not the greatest.

06/25/2010 - 10:10am Braxton MIller?

112 rushes would indicate dual threat.

06/22/2010 - 1:35pm no need

Why do we care?  Posting anything Freep-related supports the Freep.

06/17/2010 - 10:44am OOoh yeah!

Ooooohhh Yeahhh Randy Macho Man Savage has taken a new gig as Minnesota AD. 



06/16/2010 - 7:07am why?

Why are we reading the Freep article at all?  Why discuss it?

Every time we discuss the Freep, every time we link it, we help keep it in business.

05/14/2010 - 5:28pm one more point

Somebody also asked her about online learning.  She said that learning was also about meeting people, learning about diverse backgrounds, saw online learning as a niche thing.  So she didn't see M going that direction, and got a bunch of applause with that.

05/13/2010 - 5:16pm I was at this same event

I was at this same event.  reposting my comments that I originally posted at Rivals.


Attended a donor/alum function where MSC attended, spoke, and answered audience questions. Overall, MSC was extremely impressive, speaks well, high energy, and a sense of humor. Would've never guessed she is 68.

Here is summary of what she said

- on Obama's visit. A year in the making. M sent applications to white house every month. Every month, white house would say "got your application". Secret weapon was number of M grads in white house pushing Obama to come. Mentioned 3 in particular. Said even the President of College Republicans said that they didn't agree with Obama, but glad he came. Said this was the happiest she's seen students with their speaker ever.

- On B-school expansion. B school got a new building. Old building (Frieze?) was too old, torn down. Said "facilities matter" (!!). Said saw acceptance rate rise to 80% after new facilities, unprecedented.

- On Peace Corps - Said M will have a commemoration of JFK Peace Corps christening later this month.

- On Supercollider - some idiot asked what impact the supercollider will have on M. Without missing a beat, MSC mentioned the physics staff working at the supercollider and the grad students publishing papers based on its work.

- on Big10 expansion - Said she loves Jim Delaney is a forward thinker looking ahead to the future. Said 2 teams maybe, or a 16 team big10 is possible. Said Big10 channel (she said channel) has been big success. Said no offers out yet, all that is false. Said all big10 schools are part of AAU (??) where we are all top tier research schools. Said any additions would have to live up to that. Said one big hurdle is that no existing big10 school wants to lower their share of Big10 network money, so she thinks it'll have to be a buy-in plan or else some change in how money works.

- on state budget cuts - Said budget cuts were coming no question. Gave credit to past president Shapiro for diversifying M's money pool Said 7th biggest (or so) endowment in USA. Thanked alums again for donating. Said made a number of budget cuts to help with things. Asked for examples, she said 50k in fewer flowers by her house, 7M in consolidating two parallel IT departments, turning some department facilities into a central service organization, 50k in moving a ceremony from outdoor tent to indoor facility, other savings in custodial stuff with no loss in service. Said that M is tough on granting in-state tuition, because this will really lower revenue stream. Noted that M went to a 7-year payout rather than 3-year a few years back. Others thought M was nuts, but M saw no dip in endowment funds during this entire recession. Noted importance of improving student experience, since this is what keeps people returning.

- On sanctions - said numerous times that M was wrong. Said though that QA coaches want to be real coaches, players want advice, and this makes it hard. Said violations were ~2h a week, which was wrong but not ridiculous. Of nature of reporting strength+conditioning as practice or something like that. Said she felt coaches asked one questions, compliance answered a different question, and there was ships passing in night. Did not believe coaches intentionally cheated. Said self sanctions were coming, to be announced May 24 (I think), same day as NCAA will make some findings public or something like that. Said this situation is common in D1, predicted number of QA coaches at other schools will go down next season. Noted many times we were wrong, but again noted the difficulty of a player who wants advice and the QA coach who has to tell him no. Seem to indicate that RR would NOT be fired over this. Said need to give RR a chance, but in the end it comes down to winning (people clapped here). A few people heckled the person who asked the question and said he was a RR supporter; a few supported the question asker.



*edit* this was not in my original posting, but I remember the same thing about not changing the name of the Big10 if we go up to 16.

05/07/2010 - 6:04pm Larry Coker

Gotta be Larry Coker.


I don't know how anybody could say Switzer.  If you only looked

at his college record you'd say he's a great (if dirty) coach.


That alone makes him better than guys like Coker.

05/03/2010 - 12:28pm book is boring

The book is boring.  How anybody could take the most exciting subject ever and turn it into watching pain dry is beyond me.  I got through 25 pages and that was enough.  TIger Woods should've used this book instead of Ambien.


04/07/2010 - 2:19pm Northwestern

great post. I wonder if you took this further back how would Northwestern, OSU, M appear. M for obvious reasons. Northwestern and OSU because it seems like Northwestern has been getting lucky like this for YEARS. The whole 2001 OSU national championship seemed ridiculously lucky and Tresselball in general seems to get really lucky.

04/05/2010 - 12:14pm senior

Is he a redshirt Jr or is this is final season?

Agree, much respect to the walk on that plays for the love of
M and the TEAM.

03/21/2010 - 7:17am great story

Great story. Makes me love Pat Fitzgerald even more.

02/12/2010 - 5:58pm Letter

Your letter is the kind of stuff that keeps the Free Press going. Without attention, there is no reason to write stories.
Basically, you help the Freep.

Thanks a lot.

02/08/2010 - 6:41pm Piano juries

I took organic chem, Math 417, but my piano juries were the hardest. Here's the case for them

- Nobody studies 4 hours a day for any course. Piano majors practice 4 hours a day and more for their final.

- 15 minutes vs. 2 hours. You can make up time or realize your stupidity in 2 hours, but not in the 15 minutes of a jury

- one shot. You can't go back if you screw up in your Piano final, whereas you can go back and fix your mistakes on a test.

- Win or you're out. At Junior finals, if you fail, you're OUT of the major and have to find another school to accept you! The fail rate is also a lot higher than chem or math or something like that.

12/31/2009 - 2:05pm great books

I have both books. They are both great books, but at the same time, they strip some of the BARWIS mystique away (if the season didn't already).

They are great workouts. And if you follow them, you'll see strength, agility, flexibility, and conditioning gains. At the same time though, you'll see the same things in other modern workout manuals. Everything BARWIS does is as modern as what is out there, but he's not necessarily a pioneer or anything.

12/04/2009 - 11:06am Big missing


You'd think he'd dominate the awards!



11/27/2009 - 10:42am Very nice work

Only thing I might add to the "football hater"
crowd is the "Northern Snob" contingent of that crowd.

This person thinks that RR is from WV = hillbilly.
Anything from the "uneducated south" = bad.

11/17/2009 - 10:41pm I challenge you to find one example of a team with a more deplet

Northwestern and Pat Fitzgerald

Jim Harbaugh's staff

CMU's staff

Iowa's staff

UConn's staff

Cincy's staff

There's tons of examples

11/12/2009 - 4:48pm yes

I hope THE KNOWLEDGE is correct on this




and MICHIGAN shall soar again




And THE KNOWLEDGE will bask in the glory of his correctness



08/20/2009 - 6:37am thanks

thanks for the report!

08/05/2009 - 12:01am another vote for Emanuelle Chriqui

Definitely Emanuelle Chriqui

07/27/2009 - 8:18am thanks

great analysis.

Denard is almost certainly going to end up in the 'running' category, by how he is used. Based on the injury frequency of that category, we may end up using Gardner as a freshman, whether we want to or not.

I would also be interested in the results of adding a few years and a few teams, for more data.

07/20/2009 - 7:26am Ryu

Ryu is easily the coolest character.

The guy doesn't care about anything except fighting.
When he beats Bison, he skips the ceremony because
he just want to train and fight the next guy.
"Ceremony means nothing. The fight is all"

What could be cooler than that??

04/12/2009 - 10:21pm thanks

did not see this, thanks!

04/07/2009 - 6:01am thanks!

great read!

02/16/2009 - 9:22am Hecky's

I went to Northwestern, Hecky's is pretty good!!

02/12/2009 - 4:18pm Terrific

And the Proleteriat rejoiced!

02/10/2009 - 9:38am thanks for the read

But I'm not sure. Namely

- A great long ball requires great *timing* too. I'm not sure you're going to get that shuttling WR's in and out

- A great long ball attack requires a great QB. You're only going to get that maybe 2/3 years at best.

- M QB's are going to be spending time learning read option. There's only so much you can learn.

- M QB's are going to be getting hit and hurt.

Lastly, UF also stockpiles talent all over the field and
especially at WR. At best, they run a balanced attack.

02/01/2009 - 12:35pm thanks for the update


01/31/2009 - 8:20am great post

thanks for taking the time to compile this list!

01/01/2009 - 7:15pm YES

This post is cracks eric_lanai up

THE KNOWLEDGE is the greatest diary poster on MGOBLOG
eric_lanai hopes to see THE KNOWLEDGE soar

12/18/2008 - 2:22pm sort of

the 1-1-9 can be successful too. But it's going to be harder than with a 3-4 or a 4-3 purely via schematic reasons. There's a reason nobody runs the 5-2 anymore.

Furthermore, part of whether a 3-3-5 is successful is the players you can recruit for the system. I think the WV example isn't totally irrelevant, but it's not close enough for my taste either.

And exactly as you say, the quality of coaches matter. If we get the 3-3-5, I want Casteel, Mr. 3-3-5 himself. Not a bunch of RR's cronies who don't have the same coaching ability.

12/18/2008 - 12:43pm eric_lanai

it's a poor test case because WV doesn't recruit well period and certainly not at Michigan's level. We recruit different people at different levels.

Variations in a WV-level class would not necessarily be the same as variations in a Florida, LSU, or USC class.

That said, there are no good test cases that I can think of.

12/16/2008 - 5:28pm one more

left off Hopson, which is maybe the most obvious choice. Not my pick, but there's a good chance he'll be the next DC (no inside info here, just common sense). Other options I'd be happy with: Greg Robinson, Ron Vanderlinden but I don't think they're as likely.