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06/24/2011 - 11:02am Greyshirt Explaination

I know its way down the discussion but I want to clear up a what a grey shirt is and the options this kid has. I work in the field so I have experience. 

The instituiton can provide aid for the student for his summer classes, he will take 6 hours or whatever the equivalent is at Michigan due to it being a quater school. His financial aide agreement signed prior to summer will become void in the the Fall and he will actually beome a "prospective student-athlete" meaning the coaches can not freely contact him.  Much of the contact during this time is intiated by the student.

He can take classes in the Fall as long as he does not become fulltime (12hours) because  this would start his clock. (5 years to play 4).  He can take those classes at Michiagn, Eastern or wherever but its on his bill. 

Some students choose to go home and train, so take classes at that instution or take community college classes because it is cheaper, again as long as they are not full time.

Entering the Spring semester the student-athlete signs a new financial aide aggreement. Often he takes the place of a scholarship Senior who graduated at the end of the Fall term, opening up a scholarship. 




02/09/2011 - 4:53pm Come on TATE!

Tate recieved incompletes and failed a few classes in the Fall .  He may have just given up. He was ineligible for the Bowl game because he did not pass 6 certified hours (NCAA Rule). He was also on suspension from the Univeristy. His eligibilty at Michigan has nothing to do with his standing at the U. He may have some work to do to catch up with his NCAA eligibilty depending on how his credits transfer.  I wish him luck at the U but I not sure how he will fit into the culture.

12/14/2010 - 10:38am Goldern Bears?

Avery Walls is a Cal Bear.  On to the next one.