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10/13/2011 - 3:44pm (No subject)

10/11/2011 - 8:08pm did your wife...

get food thrown at her and squirted with a water gun the day of the game?? That's incredibly dumb and douchey to do, but even more so if it was done during the week leading up to the game.

You were very fair to MSU in your post, but I disagree with you on about what drives us crazy about UofM. What drives us crazy is how (many of) you swear you don't care about us as a rival or don't take us seriously but then when this week comes around (many of) you are all about "PUTTING LIL BRO BACK IN THEIR PLACE, RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE."

Besides that I guess the only reason we have to not like you is because your school is the other big school in the state of Michigan, and  we like beating you and historically you have been better than us. Whodathunkit???????????

If you're wondering why the Spartan fans you encountered were idiots or so offensive towards you... it's because they're just dicks in general. You have dicks in Ann Arbor don't you?

(OP: Didn't mean to come at your directly, just my thoughts on the rivalry in general)

10/10/2011 - 6:27pm Slightly rational Spartan here...

Well, where to start....

I'm neither qualified or motivated to compare our teams' performances from earlier in the season. But I will say this about both of our games versus ND... MSU looked like shit, UofM looked like shit until ND looked like shit and shit shit shit, wow you won. (Disclaimer: I was shitfaced when I watched your game)

How do I feel about this game?

I think the odds of this game are just about right on... we get the +3.5 since it's being played in Spartan Stadium. However, this is the least confident I have been since Lloyd left UofM. Our o-line has showed little outside of the OSU game, if it's anywhere close to how bad it was against ND it will be a long day in East Lansing. Kirk Cousins has taken a lot of heat from MSU slappies about his non-stellar performances this season. But I think this can be blamed on the o-line, and in turn the diminished run game and Cousins' increased paranoia of getting destroyed like he was against Alabama. Also, we've been missing WR Bennie Fowler as a passing option, which has been forcing KR/slot receiver Keyshawn Martin to play outside of his normal role. I think Fowler will play this Saturday, which makes me feel a little more confident about our offense.

Your defense is good but not incredibly intimidating... but what is scary is how well it is playing for its first year under Mattison. And they played really well at NW.

Your offense does scare me... watching Denard scramble around and trying to break contain is probably the more nerve-wracking than watching my future child try to cross a freeway. Our defense forced Denard to throw the ball last year, and since he did it poorly we won the game by a much bigger margin then it should have been. I think the d-line should get some credit for last year, but most of it should go to our LBs. This year our front four is going to have to get consistent pressure with little help from the defensive backs so they can spy on Denard and drop back into coverage. I think everywhere on our defense is better this year than it was last year with the exception of the LBs. Watch for Denicos Allen to be spying on Denard a lot as he is our fastest LB.

I don't think you guys are overrated, just untested outside of the ND game. If you can handle us you'll win the division. I think home field advantage wins this one.

Go Tigers, Go Lions.