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07/23/2016 - 9:15pm Princess Bride. inigo montoya vs man in black

Princess Bride. inigo montoya vs man in black

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07/23/2016 - 9:13pm I love the that they stopped

I love the that they stopped to grab a beer in the middle of it.

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02/24/2016 - 1:43pm "How Did This Get Made?"  is

"How Did This Get Made?"  is very funny. Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas talk about terrible movies.

12/04/2014 - 12:32pm Harbaugh PSA

I may start taking drugs if he doesn't come back to Michigan. 

08/08/2014 - 10:13am Very exciting

That sounds awesome. I hope that you have a great time. I took my 2 year old to the Indiana game last year and he loved it. He was so taken with the sights and sounds that he stayed and watched  the whole first half and wanted to go back for more but my wife had to leave to feed our 9 month old. I'm taking him to the opener as well. Things that I plan on doing to keep his interest are

  • Get there right before team runs out of tunnel
  • buy popcorn or other snacks (Like his dad, if he is eating he is happy)
  • bring my iphone with games that he likes to play if he does get bored


As far as tickets go I would wait for game week and look on stubhub. I think they are going to be very cheap. If you dont feel comfortable waiting has a family pack with

 Starting as low as $260, take

     advantage of 4 tickets, 4 T-shirts,
     4 hot dogs, 4 Coca-Cola products
     & 2 programs.

not a bad deal. 


Hope you and your kids have an awesome time. Go Blue. 

08/06/2014 - 11:36am Minnesota some time in the 90s

I don’t remember much from my first game other than Michigan crushing Minn. It was such a blowout the most exciting thing for me was when the Minn gopher kidnapped one of our cheerleaders and for payback the Mich cheerleaders racked his gopher nuts on the goalposts. 

06/26/2014 - 11:51am back to back world war champs


back to back world war champs

06/16/2014 - 4:39pm Landon Donovan video game ad…


Just saw this posted. Thought it was really funny. Guy has a good sence of humor 

12/13/2013 - 10:18am Big Chill

My dad took me to the Cold War game. I returned the favor and took him to the Big Chill game . Was hoping to keep the tradition of being at record breaking games alive but $133 is too expensive for me.

09/28/2013 - 10:23pm Quick question for you

Quick question for you football experts out there. Why doesn’t the DE always attack the QB on those waggles? Is it fear of opening up a cut back lane if it is a run?  I see Ohio is going after the QB on the waggle now and is forcing errant throws by Stave

08/05/2012 - 1:21am at kroger they are selling

at kroger they are selling bush light 24oz. for a dollar.  It feels like college again. 


10/10/2011 - 10:39pm  

Anyone else reminded of


Anyone else reminded of the glory days of Scott Mitchell.  In all seriousness Stafford is looking like the real deal. 

10/06/2011 - 12:50pm  

I hate that the word


I hate that the word “hacked” or “hacker” gets thrown around so easily. This was not some programmer at work stealing passwords or some mastermind scheme.  It would be like someone using a key to “break in” to a house.  There is not any breaking or hacking going on if you already have the key or password in the first place. 

10/03/2011 - 2:38pm Looking at the box score  

Looking at the box score   Persa had -3 yards on 9 attempts.  I know that Persa is a competent passer but his strength is creating plays with his legs, whether it is buying time to pass or gaining yardage on scrambles.  If his mobility is limited then I like our chances of shutting him down and getting to him in the back field. 

10/07/2010 - 12:00pm I'm glad Cam Gordon is

I'm glad Cam Gordon is keeping the play in front of him. I seen Cousins pump fake many times this season and dont want Cam to bite on it.

10/01/2010 - 12:03pm I'm not saying that Indiana

I'm not saying that Indiana will hang 44 on us but with our fast paced offense I'm guessing Indiana will have more chances to put up points on us then if they faced a more traditional offense that ate up clock time and limited Indiana's TOP.

09/08/2010 - 11:59am Just when I think the posts

Just when I think the posts on Mgoboard couldn't get any dumber,  you go and post something like this........ and totally redeeme yourself!!!!


08/29/2010 - 2:12pm Answer to your next

Answer to your next question. Bareback

08/29/2010 - 12:57pm I once open mouthed kissed a

I once open mouthed kissed a horse.

09/01/2009 - 12:48pm Why not have Greg Mathews return punts?

I was watching our bowl game against Florida the other day and remembered that we used Greg Mathews to handle punts back then, why not now? Just to have a guy who can secure the ball and fair catch it every time without fear of turning it over. I would rather no punts returned for touchdowns then have multiple game changing turnovers.

08/29/2009 - 10:07am Kicking

Not my biggest worry but I have heard that the kickers are having a hard time on kickoffs. Seeing the opening kickoff of the beanie bowl making it to the 10 yard line kind of worries me that we will be giving the other team good field position.

08/27/2009 - 8:21am Love it

would buy right now.

08/07/2009 - 1:59pm Barwis Gym shirt

I don’t feel like I’m in good enough shape to wear a Barwis gym shirt. But I will be ordering some of the others