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11/20/2017 - 9:26am Great work here...

...helps to put some perspective around this season, compared to other "like" seasons.

That said, I would be curious to see what the correlation between season scores and the injuries (or lack-there-of) in a given season looks like. Certainly, this season is the exception not the rule, but losing 2 QBS, Multiple WRs, Multiple RBs, #1 CB, #1LT (Newsome) and #1RT among others I am forgetting for significant time/snaps, has got to play a role in how this season is graded or perceived. I don't want to make excuses for the on-field performance of this team, but the above injuries combined with the natural attrition from the previous year shouldn't be ignored.



11/01/2017 - 4:48pm Given All That's Happened...

10-3 sounds good. Not great, not bad. The easy comparison would be to look at the Hoke/RR years and point out that this could have easily turned into a 5-6 win season instead of 8-9-10 after the MSU dibocle. I want to get away from doing that, because under Harbz more can be expected. Next 4 weeks are huge for the program heading forward. 

10/31/2017 - 9:21am For Argument's Sake

I looked at the best wins for M ,tOSU, 'Bama, PSU and Wisconsin drawing from current S&P rankings. Currently, Purdue (#49) and IU (#55) are M's best wins. That said take a look at the others:

#1 tOSU - Penn State (#7); IU (#55) - Avg Opponent Rank: #62

#2 BAMA - Fresno State (#25); Colorado St (#38) - No SEC team they've played is ranked higher than #70 (Ole Miss) Avg Opponent Rank: #71

#7 PSU - Michigan (#26); Iowa (#43) Avg Opponent Rank: #63

#8 Wisconsin - FAU (#28); Purdue (#49) Avg Opponent Rank: #77

Point is, right now is definitely not the time to worry about posturing. Head in to Camp Randall 8-2 and we'll have a shot at picking up the best W of the season.  


10/26/2017 - 12:47pm Well Done...

This is the antithesis of Pete, Clay Travis and all those other clowns throwing up comparisons of Harbaugh's record to Hoke or Butch Jones. Also a good alternative to the "Conistent Underachivement" Diaries. While well written, those too seem to lack the needed context, and seem like more like a kneejerk reaction. No doubt, I am as disappointed in the season and play on the field as the next guy. That said, I am also flabbergasted at the "burn it all down" reactions coming up on this board. 5-2 heading into 3 very winnable games - is not even close to Hoke's 6-1 heading into November in 2013....