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12/17/2008 - 8:10pm Something about a pot and a kettle

I don't have much to say about the post in question as I'm not super knowledge-able about SEC football, but as one of the guys who started Bleacher Report and longtime reader and admirer of sports blogs, I feel I have something to add about your take on B/R.

Whenever I hear a blogger deride B/R because 'anyone can post anything so it lacks all credibility', it's as if I'm hearing an echo of a mainstream journalist (ie, Bissinger on Costas) deriding blogs because 'anyone can start a blog so they lack all credibility'.

It's the same argument, and it's a b.s. argument in both cases. There are Bleacher Report writers who are uninteresting, bad writers, and lack any credibility. There are also hordes and hordes of bloggers who are uninteresting, bad writers, and lack any credibility.

On the other hand, just as there are great bloggers/blogs like the ones you have mentioned who have demonstrated a record of great writing and high credibility, there are plenty of Bleacher Report writers with the same qualities.

The "chore of wading through the crap" on Bleacher Report, as you put it, is no different from the chore of wading through the far more infinite crap on the Internet as a whole until discovering great blogs like MGoBlog, EDSBS, Dr. Saturday, etc.

Fortunately, at least on Bleacher Report it's all at one place and our "nice software" serves to help filter all the content on Bleacher Report and surface the best and most interesting posts and writers to the top.

So if you think of Bleacher Report as a microcosm of the blogosphere, except it's all in one place, it's all about sports, and it has it's own filtering mechanisms to surface good stuff, then is the problem really that it's a bad platform that lacks on credibility, or is it just that you haven't spent enough time on the site to get to know it and it's standout contributors as well as you know the blogosphere?

Curious to hear your answer, and I hope it's not a variation on broad and misguided proclamation that journalists have been making about blogs and their lack of credibility for years.

Incidentally, Bissinger will probably be posting something Bleacher Report early next year.