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10/04/2010 - 6:13pm The new broom sweeps clean. 

The new broom sweeps clean.  I would ascertain that a new AD (Dave Brandon) is going to make changes to improve the department, and as we saw in Practice Gate, things weren't all running on full cylinders.

You wouldn't expect a new CEO to keep every single person in a company, would you?

02/25/2009 - 12:40pm Appy

I was leaning over the table at a bar waiting for the last field goal versus Appy state, basically praying that it would go in to save at least some of the embarrassment.

As I watched it get blocked the waitress thought i was passed out drunk. Yes I was drunk, with emotion. I thought back to that moment as I watched them lineup for the kick against Toledo, to which i said out loud at the time "well, there is no way we are making this chip shot and saving this embarrassment."

I digress, Let the football revolution commence.

02/25/2009 - 11:29am interesting - please learn me more

So what is the difference between Bourbon and Whiskey then? I thought Bourbon was a sweeter blend that came out of Bourbon county, Kentucky, but is that just a myth?

Essentially, aren't Scotches, Whiskeys, and Bourbons essentially different variations of the same alcohol? I know there are differences in the ingredients in Scotch, etc, but are they truly different spirits.

To put it another way, when it comes to beer, Stout and IPA are very different but both come under the umbrella of Beer. Is this true for the Jack, Jim, and Dewar's as well? (for example)

02/25/2009 - 11:06am Go with some Single Malt

Go with some Single Malt Scotch instead. Or Wild Turkey. there you go, 2 price points, enjoy.