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01/08/2019 - 2:05pm It's almost too late as the…

It's almost too late as the real gets are gone. First we need to open up our wallets and do our best to hang on to Don Brown and Partridge (long term). Then, because most of the college field is gone, perhaps we should be looking at the NFL for talent that has won something and has charisma. Because we need help with recruiting especially since our #1 and #4 recruiter has just went to help our sworn enemy. 

That's just on Defense. We need to move Pep out of the way because although I don't have anything bad to say, I don't have anything good either, after all the time he's been here. Move him upstairs and bring in an offensive mind who will put up numbers and make opponents work.

01/08/2019 - 1:39pm It's hard to say where the…

It's hard to say where the weakness is on a team that's undefeated. If its in the post, Chris Weber. If its outside shooting, Glen Rice, If it's controlling/managing the game, Trey Burke. To be honest if you add Trey Burke to this team they would probably go undefeated rest of the season. 

01/07/2019 - 4:38pm So it sounds like they were…

So it sounds like they were trying to push Mattison into retiring to free up some cash to spread around and or bring in fresh ideas. He didn't get an offer to renew his contract and gets pissed and says, I will go to the enemy and coach. 

Yes, he is very well off financially at this stage in life and could retire "a good ol Michigan Man", but if he can make an additional $4 million before retiring, he's got more to leave to his grand kids. Cant blame athletes or coaches for following the money. Leaving (possibly) millions on the table is just dumb no matter how you look at it. 

It seems that power 5 institutions are really sticking it to Michigan by coming after their coaches and best recruiters, year after year. It makes it hard to build programs with continuity because of the money or growth opportunities presented.

Once again, we're playing defense just to keep our football brain trust in place so we can build on things. Everybody Harb started with is gone. They've gone after Partridge, Brown and they're offering our Ace recruiter Washington a hefty raise to leave as well.   

I hope we start playing some offense and go after what we want. Open up the purse and start paying or we will never get over the hump. Will will remain vulnerable because the teams that see us as a threat come poaching every off season, and its not cute, its a distraction. 


12/22/2018 - 2:02pm Very good summary. Offensive…

Very good summary. Offensive play calling is still too conservative. Playing Bo Ball without linemen that have a 60 lb. weight advantage wont work when the heavy weights have speed nowadays. Harb. needs to make things easier on himself by going out and finding the number one offensive coordinator/mind in the business, (I mean one who can score points on anybody) just like he did with Don Brown and make him an offer he cant refuse. So as things are, we win 80% of our games. This fan base will only accept  80% if we beat MSU and OSU.

11/16/2018 - 4:30pm How hard do you guys think…

How hard do you guys think it will be to hang on to some of these guys. I cant imagine that very good programs will come offering millions of dollars to Don Brown and Warinner. Its hard to rebuild a program with so much turnover and particularly the offensive line needs to remain consistent because what Warinner is doing is working. I really hope Michigan pony's up the money the keep Brown in place because he is worth his weight in gold and everybody in the business knows it. 

11/15/2018 - 1:53pm I dont know about you guys…

I dont know about you guys but I want the revenge tour to go through Notre Dame. We lost week 1 because of a slow start and not properly preparing for a running QB who could throw. Second half I thought we dominated but it was too late. I need Clemson to lose so we get N.D. first.

11/15/2018 - 7:52am DPJ is killing it with TD's…

DPJ is killing it with TD's. I personally would like to see him catching the ball out of slants more and getting 100+ yard games but they are winning so what do I know.  I do believe Ambry is better at kick off and punt returns and I'm wondering when they are gonna turn him loose?????   

YES!!!! The Paul Bunyan Pose was probably the highlight of the season. It will go down as one of the best in Michigan history, like the Desmond Howard Heisman pose or the Charles Woodson pics with the roses in his mouth. CLASSIC!!!!!

11/05/2018 - 7:58am I have noticed that Michigan…

I have noticed that Michigan tends to hold teams to ridiculously low numbers running for almost the entire game. I wonder what the stat line is on how long teams are on lock down when they play us?

I was at the game Saturday and it seemed like PSU had around -3 yards at halftime and was held under 50 yards rushing by the 4th quarter. My point is, I know the chart here has us at # 8 and 10 against the run but actually our opponents are getting garbage yardage at the end of blow-outs or when it doesn't matter. I'm actually surprised to learn we are #1 against the pass but I think the run defense stat is completely misleading. 

10/30/2018 - 2:09pm Sure he should accept…

Sure he should accept responsibility for being arguably the best player to wear the uniform. He owes no one an apology. We all understand that he, his likeness and the culture the Fab 5 brought was being exploited big-time by the university, Nike and everyone else. Sure Ed Martin gave them pizza money from time to time. It really falls into the de minimus lex category and our home grown hero should be able to come back and get all the love for what he left on the court as a player for Michigan. If anything, the NCAA is mostly to blame for still not figuring out how to stop the exploitation of players like him. That's why Kobe, Lebron, Garnett and a host of others skipped the f ____ing session and said pay me for my services and if the alumni here can't forgive him for his teenage indiscretions from 30 years ago F__ck them because he could have gone elsewhere or straight to the pros and we wouldn't have those great memories!!!!! GO BLUE.

10/22/2018 - 4:34pm Don Brown and his defense is…

Don Brown and his defense is carrying this team. I said it once and i will say it again. Kennel is a solid tackler but he gets beat on pass plays a lot and allows the catch. Our corners at times (especially Lavert) get picked on and beat too much for the likes of Bama. Really good receivers or really big receivers give our guys problems. Like Notre Dame's Chase did. We will see some talented receivers at OSU like Victor. I hope their up to the challenge because our secondary hasn't looked as good as I thought they would be.

Lastly, I hope we can hold on to Don Brown because everybody is going to want him and they will pay big money to get him.

10/14/2018 - 11:50pm Shea has been like a breath…

Shea has been like a breath of fresh air. The way he shows leadership and command of the offense has been missing for quite some time. He can improvise, run and throw on the run. Its been the missing ingredient. The O-Line is doing much better. Although Wisconsin's D-line is formidable, they arent as good and talented as the team we will see in Columbus this year. 

What's up with Nordin? I thought he was Mr. Automatic. I thought the personnel they put out there at times tipped the opponents as to who would play a major role in the play we ran. Also if the TE or Fullback gets a block or two we would see even more success. Lastly, on 3rd down, our WR's have to get to the first down marker so that we stop getting 5-6 yards when we need 8 or 9. Our drives are sometimes stalling because Shea throws to a receiver who hasn't reached the first down marker and gets tackled immediately. Like the growth.

10/14/2018 - 11:24pm  I would have liked to see…

 I would have liked to see Mone get out there a little more to stuff the run and stop the extra yards after initial contact. The jury is still out on whether we can cover big receivers or big-time receivers. Kinnell gets killed too often covering and Hill occasionally falls asleep but remains solid. Overall, very impressive defensive performance. Defense seems to be growing up. 

10/11/2018 - 1:16pm I think that under talked…

I think that under talked about Mone will hold us down in the middle against the run just fine. But for his constant injuries, he would be a legit prospect to play on Sunday's. If Gary returns to form and Chase keeps playing out of his mind, I expect us to significantly curtail the Wisconsin run game. Especially with Bush, Hudson, Ross and Kinnell plugging holes. Against the pass Kinnell gets torched and gives up the first down too often, despite being a solid tackler after the fact. We need someone else to play on passing situations if he can't get it together.

09/24/2018 - 12:46pm Fox news reminds me of the…

Fox news reminds me of the propaganda that the Nazi's would put out during WWII. They no longer allow an opposing view points on the air. They're just an echo chamber that keeps neanderthal hillbillies locked in step with their leader and his agenda. 

09/08/2018 - 7:55pm Over-all strong performance…

Over-all strong performance by the Defense. They get an A but remember this was against a pretty good WMU offense. Not the upper level talent these guys are going to see. Actually WMU was able to move the ball, but they couldn't put points up. I think better teams will score if we don't sure up the soft areas (Safety).

Once again Josh Ross was fantastic, Bush great as usual, Hawkins is improving fast, Anthony snuck in a sack. Kemp, and Mone did a great job in the middle and that wasn't off side by Ambry BTW. I'm still waiting to see Gary have a monster game where he totally dominates. He gets 3 sacks 10 hurries, 12 tackles, a tipped pass, a fumble recovery, i mean he single handedly takes over the game and no one can stop him.

Go Blue!!!!!

09/08/2018 - 7:30pm Ambry should be returning…

Ambry should be returning kick-offs. DPJ is good, but we cant afford to lose another one of our best receivers to injury doing a job that frankly Ambry seems to be better at. They are both play makers but why risk it when you should be trying to find ways to get Ambry in the game because he's really that good?

09/02/2018 - 6:01am As much as I love the…

As much as I love the Defense and Don Brown, once again they got punched in the mouth by a bully and it took them too long to recover. We usually don't win, playing from behind.

1. Too many penalties, and a few extended drives, turned into points.

2. Corners struggled against big receivers and seemed outmatched.

3. NDs offense seemed to constantly capitalize on our aggressiveness and over-pursuit.

4. Several teams with mobile QBs have hurt us in the past by avoiding the sack and running.

5. Run defense was pretty stellar except when we over pursued and QB made us pay.

Shout-outs to: Ross, Woods, Gill and Watson, The entire D-Line did great, I think teams are simply using a game plan that uses our aggressiveness against us. This is a coaching issue that has to be fixed because slippery mobile QBs are killing us and it seems planned.

note: Kinnell is still inconsistent. Although he's a sure tackler, He takes the wrong angles, isn't a very good cover guy and gave up a few big plays as did the corners who always seemed to not know when the ball was coming. But for the big TD where he could have knocked the ball down, Hawkins was solid. (An ex-WR is supposed to catch that ball). 


09/02/2018 - 5:23am 1. The O-Line was getting…

1. The O-Line was getting beat all night. Must be fixed quickly.

2. The play calling is a bit antiquated and predictable.

3. Power football worked when we had 300+ lb OL and opponents average 275 lbs.

4. O-Line showed some improvement or Patterson is much better than previous Q.Bs.

5. Patterson needs to use RPO and make defenses respect his running ability.

6. Nico, DPJ, Perry, and Gentry could have had better games but we didn't stick with them.

7. Players in the zone single handedly win games. Make defenses stop players that are hot.

8. Ambry is a serious weapon returning kicks. N.D. couldn't stop him we stopped him.

9. Evans not involved early enough. Make defenses defend different run styles See Bama/OSU.

10. Time clock management a problem particularly late in the game.

Overall, its the first game against a formidable rival. Someone is going to lose. We didnt make enough plays to win.  I see bright spots. I like Patterson's command, quick release and WRs growth. We must let our play makers win games by going to them early and often.


09/02/2018 - 5:21am 1. The O-Line was getting…

1. The O-Line was getting beat all night. Must be fixed quickly.

2. The play calling is a bit antiquated and predictable.

3. Power football worked when we had 300+ lb OL and opponents average 275 lbs.

4. O-Line showed some improvement or Patterson is much better than previous Q.Bs.

5. Patterson needs to use RPO and make defenses respect his running ability.

6. Nico, DPJ, Perry, and Gentry could have had better games but we didn't stick with them.

7. Players in the zone single handedly win games. Make defenses stop players that are hot.

8. Ambry is a serious weapon returning kicks. N.D. couldn't stop him we stopped him.

9. Evans not involved early enough. Make defenses defend different run styles See Bama/OSU.

10. Time clock management a problem particularly late in the game.

Overall, its the first game against a formidable rival. Someone is going to lose. We didnt make enough plays to win.  I see bright spots. I like Patterson's command, quick release and WRs growth. We must let our play makers win games by going to them early and often.


08/20/2018 - 10:50pm Any chance we can get…

Any chance we can get Terrance Davis or others to transfer?

08/13/2018 - 2:13pm This is pretty flimsy…

This is pretty flimsy evidence if you would call it that. Third party communications sounds like hearsay. For all we know, this could be Sparty or those OSU criminals again trying to stir up trouble. 

07/26/2018 - 2:06pm If Tyrone Wheatley stays at…

If Tyrone Wheatley stays at Michigan, Najee Harris would be wearing Maize and Blue. 

06/27/2018 - 11:42am Will his commitment have any…

Will his commitment have any impact on Cine's commit. I'm sure we make room for him but how many of this type of player (Safety) do we have room for

06/01/2018 - 2:47pm This is hard but here

This is hard but here goes:

QB: B. Griese                                                       LB: J. Irons

RB1: T. Wheatley                                                 LB: L. Foote  

RB2: Hart/Morris/Thomas/Biakabatuka                LB:  D. Bush

OL: T. Lewan                                                        LB:  M. Mallory

O: S. Hutchinson                                                  S: J. Peppers

C: J. Elliott                                                            S: M. Jackson

OL: J.Long:                                                          CB: J. Lewis    

OL:  W. Paris                                                        CB: T. Law

TE: J. Butt:                                                           DE:  L. Woodley     

WR1: A. Carter                                                     DE:   S. Peoples                                  

WR2: D. Howard                                                  DE: D. Jones              

WR3: Edwards/Toomer/Manningham                  DE: B. Graham

FL: D. Robinson:     





05/29/2018 - 12:30pm I feel you, and no sense in

I feel you, and no sense in beating a dead horse because we all know he's not coming back. I think beside me giving him his dues and propers, the bigger point was that we needed a recruiter who could appeal to "that" demographic. Sparty, OSU and Bama will always win those kids because they have recruiters and a perceived culture that speaks to them. Its pure marketing. I know their is a demographic that Partrige speaks to and one that Pep speaks to. The double edge sword is that Michigan is already perceived as the prim and proper ivy league type of school that parents and high academic minded athletes would really fall in love with. Hence we compete with Stanford, and Notre Dame for those guys and we win our fair share. Unfortunately the athletic freaks from the other side of the tracks, we dont appeal to as much because 1. we aren't winning like OSU and Bama and  2. some of those athletes are more interested in playing and being able to shine on ESPN, than putting in that work in the classroom that goes along with big-time college athletics.


I get it, and I think in a lot of cases, we go for the guys who we know will adjust to the rigorous demands of our academic standards and not all of those guys can balance it well enough. But there are guys who come from Inkster, King, Robichaud, Carmen-Ainsworth and other schools who make the grade and do very well (Tyrone Wheatley and Jourdan Lewis for example).  However we miss out on others because the mindset is, I dont want to work that hard, I just wanna play Football and be on TV.  I was saying that Wheatley and Jourdan Lewis types, speak to those guys because they have done it and have been very successful and have received big contracts in the NFL. To your point, I think Wheatleys RB's would have gotten better #'s with better OL play and a time proven system of developing them (continuity).  Althogh it appears that Jay Harb is doing a good job for not having coached RB's or playing the position himself, I dont think he's better suited for developing and preparing RB's for Saturday and Sunday than Wheat.


More importantly, is there a plan in place to bring in someone, or elevate someone like Bush to reach those kids? or have we written those kids off as "Thanks but not really our type"? No disrespect to anyone, I just love Michigan Football and want to see it back the way it was.

05/29/2018 - 8:44am I agree and said those exact

I agree and said those exact words when he left and also said it would be hard to replace what he brought to the table. I like the guy from Jersey and I thought they made a great 1-2 combination on the recruiting front.  Wheatley was the answer to OSU's Larry Johnson. A guy who players and and parents (particularly those kids from rough inner-city upbringings) could look at and relate to because he lived it. We need someone like that that has a swag that the kids feel. Pep may be good at what he does, but his swag doesn't translate well with that demographic because he's more like Obama than Deon Sanders, and trust me there is a difference (lol). 

I always thought that Bush senior would  move up and become "that" guy but perhaps he's busy doing more important things for the team (I really dont know) but he shares a lot of the same qualities in terms of his pedigree as Wheatley. He's a proven winner has street cred and looks the part. No knock on the Obama types like Pep, because they probably make great recruiters for the prim and proper Catholic/prep school kids but those angry, raw super athletic hard nose pit bull type guys relate better to guys like Wheatley. Someone send him a text and tell him we miss him and to please come back.     

05/29/2018 - 8:10am No shade on him, but best

No shade on him, but best football player to come out of Flint makes me think of Andre Rison.

05/21/2018 - 3:53pm "Detroit Players" both Ambry

"Detroit Players" both Ambry and DPJ will have break-out seasons

05/07/2018 - 3:27pm Definitely Penn State. We

Definitely Penn State. We need to get a little get back from those tree jumpers, when we ride on our enemies. 

04/27/2018 - 3:52pm I saw that one. its was

I saw that one. its was incredible how these guys were playing this music 3 years before the sex pistols.

04/26/2018 - 2:59pm Hard to argue with any of

Hard to argue with any of your lists. I think there are 5 or six that you cant list in any order because of their success past and present and I think there are newcomers to the scene that you can't rank above the body of work of someone like Izzo or Few. but here goes.

1. Coach K

2. John Calipari

3. Bill Self

4. Jay Wright

5. Roy Williams

6. Jim Boeheim

7. Tom Izzo

8. Mark Few

9. John Beilein

10. Bobby Huggins/Greg Marshall

Hon Mention: Smart, Mack, A. Johnson, Alford, Hurley, E. Cooley, Bennett, Painter . . .

04/26/2018 - 11:53am Thats a bit harsh. I think

Thats a bit harsh. I think Peters did a good job last year to not hurt the team, which is basically how our last 3 QB's have played, although some better than others. When he had to play against serious competition, he struggled to improvise and it was not enough to simply not make mistakes. 

I still believe that Peters has the potential to be a great Q.B. He just needs to get more experience and comfortable enough to make plays and safely improvise. When he does, look out, because he's physically got the tools. 

Lastly, We make too much out of the QB competion. Nowadays, you need two good QB's to make it through an entire season. I cant think of when the last time was, when we didn't need at least two QB's to finish a season. With that being said, we dont want a dramatic drop in quality from 1st to 2nd to 3rd string. The top 3 QB's will likely get an opportunity to play, during the course of the season. If you are great when they call your number, the coaches might decide to ride the wave and let you keep playing but most importantly, be ready.  

04/24/2018 - 3:10pm On one hand I think-how could

On one hand I think-how could anyone allow this guy to coach even a pick up game in the neighborhood and as much as I dislike all of the controversy surrounding him, I would love for UDM to get him. It would mean that UDM would quickly become elite in their conference as he would attract big-time talent.  I could see them makking frequent tournament appearances in a few years. Like him, or love him, he's a historically popular figure in the world of basketball and the city of Detroit could use some added excitement downtown.

04/23/2018 - 1:23pm OK I get it. You're saying

OK I get it. You're saying that ND punked out of their last game against Michigan, when it would have been in Ann Arbor and since they "punked out", the series should have resumed with us getting that game back in Ann Arbor or it should have at least been a 3 game series with two games in A.A. 

I get it, but of course, we have to look at things in the context of their timing:

First. ND was on a high as they had been cheating and had enjoyed some success so they were "reading their own press clippings". ND and Michigan have always been seen as "Midwest Ivy League" so they compete for the same type of players. ND saw this as an opportunity to take a shit on us, while closing the door on a falling dynasty and their biggest threat. ND got dat azz tapped against Bama that year. (I'm reminded of the story of Icarus) 

Second, we were in the middle of our struggles with winning games and finding the right guy to lead this team, so Michigan's entire football program lacked an identity and no one seemed to know which direction the program was headed. Not Brady Hoke, not Dave Brandon, so we were struggling with management and allowed this ugly frog to stand us up on prom night.

Third, when we did get our guy (Harbaugh) he quickly asserted himself over the entire football program and left little room about who was running the show. It wasn' t as much that we got swindled, but putting them back on the schedule (at any cost) puts us in a position to rub their noses in it because they tried to snub us into mediocrity, even though they really hadn't had enough success against us, to honestly believe they could do that to us to begin. 

Finally, its personal. I can't wait to see the #1 defense in American shut their asses out at home and put the CFB world on notice that Michigan, the winningest program of all time is back!!!  So as much as I want Ohio State, Harb and everybody else who bleeds blue knows that it's only fitting that we serve them punks up first, "As we ride on our enemies".     

03/21/2018 - 9:28am SVG is a great talent

SVG is a great talent evaluator. He's spot on in that department, however he cant coach the talent once he gets it. He has a reputation of constantly turning over talented player after talented player but never settling on a roster that actually wins. He's been associated with many of the games greatest players but very few won much with him at the helm. It's been time for him to go (as the head coach).  

02/23/2018 - 4:08pm I would say that they go on

I would say that they go on like business as usual. They get through the NCAA Tournament and sweep this under the rug during the off-season (nice and quiet-like).  Face it, there are just too many big time players and programs (both past and present) to start imposing any sanctions right now, if at all. At this point, I don't believe  anyone can make this right. Id say, the NCAA is guilty of a lack of institutional oversight and/or control because they allowed this cancer to grow like it has.Seems like they would have to invalidate wins for teams going back 10 years at least and that means they would have to strip away National Championships from 8 of the last 10 years. Everyone knew it was going on and my guess is, they will probably take a page out of  DT's book and hope that something else more newsworthy happens and draws everyones attention elsewhere, so they dont have to do anything about it.

Commentators will get the memo not to talk about it during the tournament and like most things in politics no one will even know it happened. I know that some say, the Justice Department will come down hard but my guess is that the NCAA, these cash cow programs and their rich alumni will come together and force the feds to do whatever they are going to do, nice and quietly, and without harming the good name of programs like a Duke University etc. Face it, the institution of big-time college basketball is way too powerful. unlike professional sports, there are 100's of college teams not 10-20 teams and it will be damn-near impossible to apportion sanctions for all of the violations, so they will sweep it under the rug and not much will come of this except some kid's mom will become the poster child for scandal because someone bought her dinner.



If one or two of the big time programs start self imposing sanctions, then they all start falling like dominos. 


02/13/2018 - 3:37pm I just hope they hire someone

I just hope they hire someone who wants to stick around for a while. We need continuity not a revamp every six months with the OL coach leaving, then the OC leaving after the next 6 months, then the passing game coordinator . . . Maybe Harb needs to let some of these other guys handle the administrative duties and he become more involved in the actual coaching, development, offensive schemes and play-calling. At least that way the players learn a particular system and become proficient running it.

02/13/2018 - 3:20pm I'm just not as entusiastic

I'm just not as entusiastic about SEC Football as they are. To be such a big conference, only 4 teams tend to be any good with Bama being on a whole other level. Sure at Auburn, you get to play Bama in one of the biggest games in the sport but the Michigan Ohio State game eclipses that game. 

I think unless you are playing out of your mind during the season, you have to believe that the Michigan connection to the NFL is stronger because relationships play a huge factor in who's attention you get. Michigan is looked at all season long whereas Auburn is looked at mainly when they play Bama.

Finally, Michigan is projected to do very well next season and when they out perform expectations everybody eligible will get a hard look for the next level. Without being biased, I really believe if he went to Michigan, and if he is good enough to beat out the guys already here, the teams success would thrust him into the spotlight among the nations OL talent. U of M could win a National Championship next year. I dont think Auburn or Texas wins 8 games.   

02/11/2018 - 7:08pm I dont care who calls the

I dont care who calls the plays if they work. Harbaugh should be calling them since it will ultimately be his undoing when we struggle. Honestly I dont think anybody wins national championships or enjoys the kind of success Les has had, if they arent very good coaches. Case in point. Steve Fisher was thrust into an interim coach position and he showed he had what it takes to lead a team from top to bottom. Winning at the championship level isn't luck. 

02/11/2018 - 11:43am Not sure about McElwain, I

Not sure about McElwain, I wasn't very impressed with what he did at Florida. Does anyone think we would have a shot at bringing Les Miles back as an assistant?

1. With his age, he might want to end his career at U of M as an assistant coach like Madison.

2. We might be able to hang on to him longer than a season or two.

3. He loves Michigan so its probably not a ladder to the next best thing. 

4. He's considered by many an offensive genius and our offense needs help bad. He would have used Peppers in ways unimaginable.. 

5. He could open up recruiting avenues down south as he has strong name recognition particularly in talent rich Louisiana where we get no love.

The only drawback I see is that Harbaugh might not want to have someone of his football pedigree looming in the background and constantly hearing whispers that he should take over when somethings going wrong.




02/07/2018 - 1:04pm I'm looking forward to next

I'm looking forward to next season being epic. We will have the talent to win a National Championship but will the development of the O line and Offensive playcalling be up to the task? IDK .

I have noticed a couple of things though . . .

It seems that the big powerhouse schools are going after Michigan in particular. Every recruit we identify first, (Reese, Petit Ferer, Friday, etc.) Bama, Ohio State, Notre Dame, etc. are going after hard. It's almost like if we keep Michigan from getting their players and we get our recruits, they wind up with a shitty recruiting class ranking (no disrespect to the guys we did get). 

Not only are they going after our targets, but they are trying to hire away our coaches as well. "It's a great plan Batman, but will it actually work????"

02/07/2018 - 11:37am Well I have to say this is

Well I have to say this is disappointing news. 

1. To lose our big prize LB recruit to Georgia.

2. To lose our OLine prospects to Notre Dame and Ohio State.

Urban Meyer really has it rolling and I dont see how we catch up. I know if we win games, that will help but we need the biggest, baddest, bestest recruiters to catch these guys. Now that I think about some of the guys we barely missed on, Wheatley is truly missed. I'm not sure what a couple of these million dollar coaches are here for because their work product stinks. So I can see we get beat out by those top 7 perrenial powerhouse teams like USC, Bama and maybe a few up and coming super hot teams like TCU. Our recruiting classes shouldn't rank in the 20's and 30's with the likes of Wake Forest or Vanderbilit no matter what. We're having an Austin Powers moment and we need to find our MOJO!!!!

02/05/2018 - 10:13pm CONGRATS TO BIGGS!!!!! Its a

CONGRATS TO BIGGS!!!!! Its a great opportunity to get a graduate degree from one of the top universities in the world and learn from one of the great coach's in the game today. Perhaps after some years of hard work and being a student of the game he loves soooo much, he might become a super coach from the Harbaugh tree and earn Don Brown/Tim Drevno or even Harbaugh kind of money. 

Its a great plan as many kids don't make it in the NFL because of injury and other variables that we dont consider nor appreciate. Big-time coaches make as much as big-time players and he truly bleeds Blue. This a great day for a Michigan Man and U of M.

12/12/2017 - 5:39pm I have been experiencing it

I have been experiencing it too. Running Chrome.

12/11/2017 - 7:31pm This is masterful recruiting,

This is masterful recruiting, using non-traditional avenues. great job Harbaugh and staff for getting  the #1 QB in 2015. It's really "in your mouth". Don't be a hater 

12/11/2017 - 7:16pm We will be title contenders

We will be title contenders if he is eligible or if Peters starts. I  think if we get him qualified we might be pre-season favorites.

12/11/2017 - 7:10pm The future is very bright in

The future is very bright in Ann Arbor at QB. I saw Patterson play his Senior year at The Opening and he was fantastic. IMO he was better than Fromm, Eason and Peters. Because Peters and McCaffrey have more experience in this system, they have an edge on Shea but lets be clear Shea Patterson is a beast and from what I saw, he is clearly the better QB. He has mobility, a quick release and shows a cool leadership confidence that Peters has yet to show me.Although Peters has great arm talent and McCaffrey has that confident leadership quality, neither has shown me the entire package, like Patterson. Not to mention, Dylan needs to put on 20 lbs. so he can be more durable. Peters has the edge right now but cream rises to the top and whoever wins this QB battle will be the real deal. The season is long and brutal, which is why you need two very capable backups. 

Someone asked why would Shea commit to transfer here, when there is no guarantee he will start or even play? Because he is the real deal and he is confident in his ability to take the starting job. Thats why I fully expect Shea to be the starter at UM sooner than later, and I expect us to play for a National Championship next year.

Go Blue!!!!!

11/22/2017 - 4:28am He looked like the best QB as

He looked like the best QB as a H.S. Senior during the Open Finals and some of the All Star games. I would loe to have him Go Blue.

10/21/2017 - 11:58pm I was kinda always blah blah

I was kinda always blah blah blah about the offensive coaches. I admit, I still believe Harb can coach up the QB's but frankly all the other guys are underwhelming. I said all along that Ty Wheatley's impact on the running game would be felt. I couldn't be more honest, these guys need someone who really coaches RBs not a fill in guy. Not impressed with Pep or the Frey guy or Drevno. We should bring in Les Miles as the O Coordinator to make the offense more dynamic. He is a phenomenal recruiter, has a great offensive mind and would probably jump at the chance to retire here. The Offensive play calling is too conservative and is very limited in their looks.We have all seen this coming for weeks yet we were hoping something changed. It hasn't and we looked terrible.

Defensively we had a rough night as James Franklin and co. clearly did their homework and developed a gameplan to counter the #1 Don Brown defense. We got spanked and it shouldn't have been that bad. The Safeties and a couple of the LB's got torched on slants, mismatches and they failed to keep containment all night. The blitz was completely neutralized and D. Bush was turned into an average player because he was forced to play a different facet of the position (chasing runners who have broken containment because he has over pursued while blitzing). Confident the Defense will rebound. because Brown will tweek the D to overcome the problems but teams will all try to game plan their offense around our blitzing tendencies and neutralize D. Bush. 

10/21/2017 - 10:27pm Our Safeties are really being

Our Safeties are really being exposed tonight. Kinnel, Hudson and Mettelus aren't keeping containment on the runs and they are getting killed on the slants. James Franklin has done a great job of planning for Dr. Blitz by taking advantage of over-pursuit and anticipating our tendencies.

The offense is too conservative or lacks enough innovation to move the ball consistently. We clearly have the athletes but the offense is way too predictable.It's ok to say "you know what I'm gonna do, try to stop me" when your'e playing against Hawaii. But if were playing top 10 programs, we have to have better playcalling and a game plan. The game plan seems to be the same for all of our games. (Let the defense grind out a low scoring game where we have a chance to win by scoring 10 points). Works sometime not all the time.  We need offense.